By: Brian Evans

President Trump announced last week about how the Administration is combatting out-of-control drug pricing. It was buried by much of the Mainstream Media, but President Trump announced a new bold action to bring down the price of prescription drugs.

He said that the gag order that forces pharmacies from telling clients how to get the best pricing on prescriptions will be officially ended. Also, he said that other countries have rigged the system, so that Americans are overcharged on medications, so that other countries can get them at much cheaper prices.

Also, President Trump said that the United States Middle Class has funded the entire research and development of medications and drugs, for the benefit of the entire planet, yet then pay the most, in order to subsidize other nations citizens.

For example, with eye medications to prevent blindness, in the United States, Medicare pays over $1 billion per year vs. $187 million for other nations. Ultimately, Americans could save MORE THAN $800 BILLION on medications by simply paying what other nations pay.

The President pointed out yet another problem. Medicare pays whatever prices the drug manufacturers set, without negotiation, and without debate. As a result, the drug companies have taken advantage of America and Americans. Regardless, our nations leadership has failed to fight for ‘We the People’.

HOWEVER NOW WE ARE UNDER NEW LEADERSHIP, and the President says…NOT ANYMORE! He said under the new plan, HHS would allow Medicare to determine the prices paid for drugs, based on the prices that other nations are paying. ‘Favored Nations Clauses’. He said that the United States will NO LONGER ACCEPT THE INFLATED PRICES CHARGED TO OUR SENIORS! The President pointed out how a Congressman explained how drug pricing is even more important for seniors in his district, because they so desperately need the medications, but simply have not been able to afford it. The President said that drug pricing is about to change.

President Trump said that we will no longer allow physicians to be reimbursed more, if they prescribe a more expensive drug, rather than a cheaper drug. Instead, he said that under the new system, doctors will be paid a flat rate.

This will help to protect Medicare, Medicare Part D, and Medicare Advantage by lowering costs substantially.  President Trump then talked about the ‘very socialist’ healthcare plan that would destroy Medicare, terminate Medicare Advantage, and outlaw the employer sponsored healthcare plans of over 157 million Americans.

We will always protect Medicare for our seniors, and always protect Americans with pre-existing conditions. Furthermore, he said they would always put AMERICANS FIRST, and this does just that. The President concluded with saying that they would soon be revealing some healthcare changes that they would be doing to help Americans.

The following is his complete statement to Health and Human Services last week…