By: Brian Evans

After authorities closed in and arrested Cesar Sayoc on Friday, Americans around the nation are now asking…who is Cesar Sayoc, and what led him to terrorize Americans by sending fake bombs to Democrats and Mainstream Media outlets like CNN.

Sayoc was born in Brooklyn New York, grew up in North Miami Beach Florida, and has been recently residing in the very staunch Democrat area of Broward County Florida. He has a long history of financial troubles and criminal entanglements including his being arrested over the years for charges including grand theft, possessing a stolen vehicle, battery, fraud, bomb threats, and tampering with evidence.

For example…

  • In 1994 a woman named Viola Altieri filed a civil complaint against Sayoc for domestic violence. She later filed a request to dismiss the complaint.
  • In 1995, he was charged in Minnesota with theft and possession of crack cocaine.
  • He was charged in 1999 for possession of stolen car in North Carolina
  • He was charged with Petit theft in 2002
  • He made a bomb threat in 2002, and vowed an attack that would be worse than the 9/11/2001 terror attack in New York, and he pleaded guilty.
  • In 2013, he was arrested and charged with Grand Theft Auto, and again for felony battery
  • He had his home foreclosed on him in 2009, and filed for bankruptcy in 2012.
  • Petit theft in 2014, when he tried to steal a cart-full of items from Wal-Mart totaling $239.
  • In 2015, Sayoc was convicted of stealing a heavy rolling briefcase and a garment bag from Walmart worth $58.

Interestingly, Sayoc has proven himself to be a career criminal and felon. Then, he got out of prison most recently in May 2015, where he quickly started up his online fake identities, and various identities and emails like: Also, according to Dade County Florida records, he registered as a Republican on March 4, 2016.

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 9.02.07 AM

Interestingly, although the Dade County records show that he registered as a Republican to vote, under Florida law, felons are not allowed to register to vote, or vote in the state of Florida. Therefore, how was he able to register to vote, and why did he get out of jail and become a so-called pro-Trump groupie? More on that later…

In May 2015, Sayoc also said he that he was the victim of a robbery, according to a Broward County Sheriff’s report obtained by NBC News. The report says that 11 items of clothing worth roughly $7,000 were taken from Sayoc. Strangely, the police report has listed under the “make” section of the report, where it is describing the nature of the clothing, was the president’s name…“Donald Trump.”

The 2002 mug shot of Caesar Syoc when he made a bomb threat, in Miami.
The 2002 mug shot of Cesar Sayoc when he made a bomb threat in Miami.Miami-Dade Police Department

The suspect also appeared to have money troubles as well. Records revealed he had a property foreclosed on him in 2009, and filed for bankruptcy in 2012. At the time, he was living with his mother and was employed as a grocery store manager. However, most recently, Sayoc has been living out of his van and showering at the gym where he works out, according to NBC News.

Sayoc seemed obsessed with gore and violence, and posted gory and graphic violence on social media, despite not having a huge following. Some of the gore included radical jihadist propaganda photos, yet at the same time he appeared to be adamantly opposed to Islamic terrorism. Also, he subscribed to the 9/11 conspiracy theory, and blamed George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and “Zionist forces” for 9/11, instead of Al’Qaeda.

Apparently, Sayoc has a history of making violent threats against politicians, since as early as 2002, which is well before President Trump even took office, and records show that he had recently began following another Facebook account called “KillGeorgeSoros”.  However, few people interacted with his social media accounts, and he posted some pretty gory and graphic things.

For example, Sayoc would post on twitter things such as…

  • crocodiles eating people
  • fatal snake bites
  • men decapitating a goat

In addition, Sayoc would contradict one online attack with another, as it appears that he was becoming more and more irrational and unbalanced. He posted memes that accused George Soros of controlling left-wing activists like David Hogg and Andrew Gillum, as well as Soros controlling George W. Bush. He also portrayed Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Nazi.

In addition, Sayoc appears to have lived a fantasy life online, as he tried to portray himself as an entrepreneur by…

  • Posting promotional material for Florida International University’s Executive MBA program.
  • Posting a flyer for a gentleman’s club named “Cesar’s Palace”, which doesn’t exist. He would then take photos of himself with younger women in clubs.
  • Presenting himself as involved in some business with the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, fashioning both of his Twitter usernames around the brand.
  • Presenting himself as a Minnesota owner of an Italian restaurant named “Randazzo’s Minneapolis,” and a male exotic dancer establishment called “Chippen Fellas.”  He would then copy pictures of food on his computer and publish them like they were from his so-called restaurant.

Soyoc would also take pictures of himself in front of businesses, in an attempt to make people believe he owned them. He also tried to live out his younger years, as he would post older pictures of him working out when he was young. According to his online accounts, he seemed fond of bodybuilding, soccer, Native Americans, and Brazilian women. He claimed to be Native American himself, but according to the Associated Press, it appears that he likely does not have any real claim to Native American heritage. A Seminole tribal spokesman says he is not a member, and records indicate that he is likely Italian and Filipino.

Ultimately, Sayoc appears to have been lonely, shifty, and in search of a life he never had. In fact, it is apparent that he wanted to appear to be a successful, attractive male, who was in search of attention. In addition, not only did he subscribe to numerous conspiracy theories, but he seemed to become incensed with Democrats and the Mainstream Media’s constant barrage of “threats” and attacks.

Furthermore, although he had made threats dating back to as early as 2002, well before President Trump entered the public arena, and it wasn’t until 2018 that Sayoc began directing his violent threats against well-known figures like left-wing politicians and Mainstream Media figures who opposed President Trump. It also appears on his social media sites, that he was becoming more and more angry at the vile threats and hate made towards the President and his supporters continued to escalate by top Democrats like Maxine Waters, and Mainstream Media pundits like John Brennan. But that is just the beginning of what is so unusual about this man, and the case surrounding him. For example, Cesar Sayoc had a fake name online identity by the name of Cesar Altieri Randozzo. This identity that he used did not have any posts prior to 2016. Also, Cesar has down that he registered as a Republican on March 4, 2016. This is interesting because that should be impossible under Florida law. Also, his background appears to constantly evolving including…

  • his educational background
  • where he is from
  • where he lives
  • where he is employed


Sadly, multiple questions arise when analyzing this case like how did he drive a van around with pro-Trump stickers covering virtually every window on it without incident, in an area that is as pro-left as Broward County Florida. Also, how did Mainstream Media outlets post pictures of Sayoc driving the van around before he was named or arrested.. For example, Reuters posted this picture on their article Friday…

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 9.25.41 AM

NBC News reported that Sayoc was the sole follower of an account titled “KillGeorge Soros”, and another account called “KillAll Socialists”. Facebook says that the two accounts have been overlooked, because their platform is just too big to police. Interesting, since Conservatives typically get kicked off for posting even mild criticisms against democrats or progressives, let alone someone who creates usernames that talk of killing other human beings.

Combine that with the fact that he was a career criminal and felon, and is listed as registering to vote as a Republican almost immediately after exiting prison, yet living in a state that prevents felons from voting, or even registering to vote. Add on the fact that he has no party affiliation until 2016, and then suddenly has a major social media trail, where he follows Facebook pages titled “killgeorge soros”, and “kill socialists”, and posts tons of pictures of him at Trump rallies, posting threats to democrats and media. Also, he has a history of bomb threats, yet apparently he went unchecked, unmonitored, and not apprehended, despite him being a hard felon, known terrorist, on probation, and recently out of prison.

In addition, Florida automobile and van laws clearly list specific equipment that is not permitted, and it clearly includes that your vehicle may not have:

  • Signs, posters or stickers on the windshield or windows (except those required by law).

However, his van had every side window covered, with pro-Trump, pro-MAGA anti-Mainstream Media artwork.

sayoc van

Also, how did Cesar Sayoc get ALL of his “MAILED PACKAGES” to arrive on the same days, in California, New York, and Florida? This would be in itself an impressive feat for a man recently out of the Penn, and living out of his van.

Already there’s many questions on how the bomber’s packages slipped through the mail with zero postmarks or cancelled stamps and not enough postage. Also, how did he get the packages get through the United States Postal Service without detection, without their bomb detection equipment alerting them? Albeit that the USPS website clearly states that their bomb detection is not foolproof, this incident would make that statement a bit understated, since they MISSED 12 IDENTICAL PACKAGES, AND MOST WERE SHIPPED AFTER THEY ALREADY KNEW ABOUT THE FIRST BOMBS AND PACKAGING. Furthermore, the packages were blatantly obvious as bombs to authorities when they were delivered, and delivered to sites that would certainly be screened. Furthermore, how did they get delivered with ZERO POSTMARKS, and NO CANCELLED STAMPS? Even more mind-boggling, is how did the first bomb get hand-delivered to George Soros compound, when Sayoc lives in Broward County Florida, and lives out of his van. To strategically deliver the bombs, he would have had to make a 6000 mile trek, and with no money to speak of.

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Also, why did the USPS continue to deliver packages addressed from Debbie Wasserman Schultz, with the same stamps, same packaging, and identical markings to targets across the United States, WITHOUT CANCELLING OUT THE STAMPS??? After all, some of the packages were sent through, even after the first pipe bomb packages were mailed?

Furthermore, if you look at the pro-Trump, anti-Mainstream Media stickers, and MAGA stickers on his van, there is one fact that jumps out. Those stickers are custom window decals, and not just bumper stickers. How can a homeless man afford custom full window decals that run at least $20 per square foot, and with the window space he had completely covered, those would have cost him a minimum of hundreds of dollars, which is a lot for most Americans, let alone a homeless felon. Furthermore, with all those stickers on his van, which broke Florida state regulations, it is a miracle that he was never pulled over… not even once.

Ultimately, there are a lot of unanswered questions, and a lot of facts that remain very suspicious. Between the unusual window decals, his ability to register illegally as a Republican, his ability to ship packages strategically and throughout the United States and get them there within a small window of opportunity, the packages being delivered without processing marks, and so much more. Yes, Americans will continue to ask questions, and hopefully, we will soon get some answers to those questions. Until then, Americans will simply have to hold their judgement, and hope that the truth will prevail.