By: Brian Evans

As the midterm approaches with less than 14 days to go until election day, the ‘Red Wave’ trend continues to show across the nation as early voting and absentee ballots roll in. In fact, the Republicans continue to rise in early voting numbers over the Democrats, despite Democrats outspending Republicans in multiple millions of dollars, and besides Democrats typically being the party who gets out the early vote…especially in midterm elections. NBC released the following early voting numbers on Tuesday night…early voting.png

Also, NBC hasn’t been the only one to take notice of the dismal look for Democrats come November. In fact, Tom Bevan from Real Clear Politics said that not only is there no SIGN OF A BLUE WAVE, but instead the trend is showing a REPUBLICAN RED SHIFT!

Tom Bevan: Look if you were talking about a blue wave you would expect it to be cresting. Right? If a wave was coming you’d expect it to be building and building. Here we are 13 days out from the midterms and that’s not what I’m seeing. We’re seeing the president’s job approval rating going up. We’re seeing the generic ballot number holding, Democrats in the advantage but not building. And certainly in some of these swing districts we’re seeing a hand-to-hand combat, a race-by-race battle in these House districts around the country. And obviously in the Senate it seems to be moving in the Republican’s direction… Democrats may take the House but this is certainly not shaping up to be a big blue wave.

Now, as numbers are beginning to present themselves, Democrats and their Mainstream Media Progressive bosses are returning to 2016 claims, as they cite skewed polling, and claim that Democrats will show up on election day. However, regardless of what they claim, Republicans are fired up! They are angry over the threats, the false accusations, the violence, and the ‘RESISTANCE’ to their vote and voices in 2016. Meanwhile, President Trump and most Republicans have fought to implement the promises that President Trump made on the campaign trail. Soon America will have spoken loud and clear, yet again, as they cast their vote on November 6th, and the Democrat Party and Mainstream Media will have to lie in the bed that they have made. Until then, Americans will continue to hear spin and rhetoric that tries to explain away the facts that show America is not ready or willing to accept mob violence, elitist mentality, or the venomous hate they have for our nation, our constitution, our flag, or ‘We the People’ of these United States of America.