By: Brian Evans

Since the 2016 Presidential Election, Donald J. Trump rallies have been ones for the record books, as his rallies have proven to be the most fun and entertaining in history. The Texas rally this week has proven to be NO EXCEPTION to the rule. In fact, Trump supporters not only camped out the night before to get a seat at his rally, but they began tailgating, as they cooked breakfast, and lunch while they waited. In total, there were more than 100,000 who showed up to get just a glimpse of a man who has changed America, and returned our nation to its founding roots.

Then, during the rally the patriots gave a glimpse of what is just over the horizon on November 6th….A RED WAVE, as the crowd dressed in red did the wave throughout the stadium.

President Trump arrived to a cheering audience, as he detailed his upcoming plans for America, including a 10% tax cut, building a border wall, and the importance of having pro-America First candidates that will help him implement his Make America Great Again agenda over the next few years. Regardless, the crowd gave him just a taste of the  impending ‘Red Wave’ coming in November.