By: Brian Evans

Two polls have been released recently that shows a trend that appears to be showing that New Jersey, like many states has a shift setting up from Democrat blue to Republican red.

In fact, Real Clear Politics shows New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), who has been drowning in corruption charges, nearly tied with his Republican opponent Bob Hugin (R-NJ). The Real Clear Politics Average of Polls gives Menendez just an eight point lead.  However, even more concerning for Menendez, is a Stockton University Poll that was released at the beginning of October that showed Hugin within just two points, and well within the margin of error.

Democrats have been jumping ship from Menendez in massive numbers, ever-since the Obama DOJ indicted him for corruption and ethics charges in 2015, a move that has created an opportunity for Republican Hugin to have a chance two win the seat. A win that would be a first for the Republican Party since 1972.

Last week, NBC stated that

“New Jersey residents, in poll after poll, have expressed concern about the incumbent lawmaker, who escaped a verdict when his federal corruption trial ended in a mistrial last year. Dragged down by sky-high disapproval ratings, Menendez faces a close race to secure a third term in a state that hasn’t elected a Republican to the U.S. Senate since 1972.”

NBC News

Ironically, six years ago, Menendez won re-election by almost 20 percentage points, but with his open and blatant corruption, and his disregard for ethics, Menendez is now fighting for his political life.

To make matters worse, just last week, three independent Democrat elected officials from Union County joined with 7 other Democrats who publicly announced their endorsement of the Republican, Bob Hugin.

That number is expected to grow over the final two weeks of the campaign. In all, with the trend of high Republican voter turnout that appears to be emerging in states throughout the nation, it could spell major problems for not only Bob Menendez, but for the DNC as well.