By: Brian Evans

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) was caught in an undercover Project Veritas video, which exposed her as a fraud. In fact, being that McCaskill is Senator for a state that is overwhelmingly pro-2nd Amendment, she openly admitted that she has had to deceive residents about where she stands, and what her intentions are concerning firearms, as well as immigration policies. The campaign admits that although McCaskill openly says that she does not support a ban on semi-automatic rifles, bump stocks, or high-capacity magazines, but behind closed doors she seeks to implement a full ban. However, McCaskill knows banning guns or ending the 2nd Amendment rights isn’t what Missouri voters want to hear. In fact, at one point, the McCaskill campaign says…

“I just know we need to start with the assault rifles, and then we can move on handguns once we get there… they give an inch, and we will take a million miles.”

The following is Part 1 of the undercover sting, where Project Veritas exposed her lies and corruption on guns and immigration…

McCaskill tried to deny the evidence that the video exposed, but it is difficult to rule out words that came from her and her staffs own mouths.

Then, McCaskill participated in a debate between her and her challenger, Republican Josh Hawley, who happens to have the full endorsement of the NRA. Interestingly, during the debate, McCaskill called for other gun control legislation and attacked the NRA for standing against infringement of Second Amendment rights, and fighting for Missouri residents second amendment constitutional rights to own and use firearms.

Amazingly, even after arguing against the evidence put forth by Project Veritas, McCaskill denied her stance against the 2nd Amendment, while calling for an investigation of Project Veritas.

Then once again, McCaskill opened up and revealed yet again her disdain for the second amendment during the debate, as she expressed her desire to implement universal background checks, adding the No Fly list to NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System), and how she wants to pursue and end gun shows. She cited her reason to some of the high-profile gun shootings. However, it would behest her to know that not a single incident that occurred since the Columbine High School shooting was due to gun shows, or private gun sales. Instead, each and every gun used was acquired through normal background checks and sales.

Then, as far as her desire to add the no fly list to NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System), it would actually create major due process right violations for law-abiding citizens, as Americans who purchase firearms would be put into a criminal database. Furthermore, it likely wouldn’t even stop a single high-profile shooting that has happened to date. Regardless, McCaskill says she is going after law-abiding gun owners…, it will be up to Missouri residents, as to whether they re-elect an anti-gun, pro-abortion, pro-immigration, Democrat like McCaskill who has sided with Chuck Schumer and the ‘Resistance’ against President Trump. However, in a state who has proven to be a pro-second amendment state, anti-illegal immigration, and anti-abortion state, will not likely be open to her views that have now become apparent to all.

Meanwhile, the NRA (National Rifle Association) has given her opponent an “A” rating for his stance on protecting the 2nd Amendment.

In the end, Missouri residents will have the ultimate call on whether or not to re-elect McCaskill. However, in a state that is pro-second amendment, and with evidence emerging that has demonstrated her lies about what she intends to fight for, the voters are unlikely to support her re-election. Especially now that she has video that has shown she has lied to the voters in order to garner their votes.