By: Brian Evans

The left has become out-of-control over the past few years, as they have escalated their violent, hate-filled, and racist rhetoric. In fact, just in the past two years, their vile rhetoric has led to Representative Steve Scalise being shot, other Congressional members being attacked, threatened with rape and murder, multiple instances of suspicious packages that contain biological weapons, and violence in the street. In fact. Deserae Morin (R-VT) received a death and rape threat that warned her that it was “open season on Republicans.”

The letter said…

 “Cunt, we are hunting you. My comrades will kill you and the Constitution. First, we will rape you for days. You will scream and know that agonizing horror. No equal rights for republicans. Socialism is here. Open season for Republican death in Vermont. Fear our revolution. AA. It’s time”

Unknown Assailant

Deserae responded by stating…

“I’ve received my first official death threat, also rape threat… And a threat to all Vermont Republicans. My entire platform consists of protecting individual liberty, ensuring small government, reducing taxes, increasing personal choices and a deep commitment to the Constitution… Apparently these are things that make the Socialists want to kill me… How telling.”

Deserae Morin

Then on Sunday night, famous Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin, who also plays Trump on Saturday Night Live (SNL), met with DNC donors, and urged them to ‘Overthrow the Government’.

Baldwin’s comments were at a major fundraising dinner for New Hampshire’s Democratic Party, which was attended by 800 party office-holders, candidates, officials and activists.  He did add “in an orderly and formal way, a lawful way to the statement. The full statement read…

“In an orderly and formal way, and lawful way, we need to overthrow the government of the United States under Donald Trump.”

Alec Baldwin, Hollywood Actor

Alec Baldwin went on to say…

“this election and the one that follows in 2020 will be the most consequential elections since the election of FDR. It is time to overthrow the government of Donald Trump …  not in a violent way or unlawful way … but it must be overthrown nonetheless,”

Alec Baldwin, Hollywood Actor

Then, Baldwin told Fox News that he had always dreamed of running for office, but he said that is not currently in the cards and joked that his wife would divorce him if he did.

Top that insanity with AntiFa, and you are able to see seven-kinds-of-crazy! In fact, in Texas, AntiFa placed severed pig heads at polling stations and campaign offices in Austin, Texas, combined with signs that called for “revolutionary violence.”

View image on Twitter

The Communist AntiFa group not only targeted Republican Ted Cruz, but also the campaign offices of Beto O’Roark, as he has campaigned more moderately to appeal to likely Cruz voters. Therefore, as the left has encouraged, tolerated, and ignored the violence of their radical base, now it appears that the base is pushing for greater communist leanings, or suffer the fate of their Republican foes, as they deem them all “imperialist pigs.”

Far Left Watch reported:

After attacking five separate GOP offices, AntiFa has escalated their extremist activities by placing severed pig heads at multiple polling locations and campaign offices in the Austin, TX area.

This comes directly on the heels of the media accusing Republicans of “seizing” on the “angry mob” mantra in order to generate a better turnout for the midterms.

The Red Guards Austin recently shared a blog post with their 8,000 Facebook followers in which they commemorated Mao Zedong’s brutal communist revolution that resulted in millions of people being slaughtered. In this blog post, they called for a boycott of the “bourgeois elections” and advocated for organized revolutionary violence.

Far Left Watch@FarLeftWatch

NEW REPORT: This armed AntiFa group placed severed pig heads at campaign offices in TX and called for “People’s War”.

Contrary to what many media outlets have claimed, the far-left absolutely presents a legitimate threat of political violence. 

Antifa puts severed pig heads at campaign offices, calls for “people’s war”

After attacking five separate GOP offices, AntiFa has escalated their extremist activities by placing severed pig heads at multiple polling locations and campaign offices in the Austin, TX area. Th…

Sadly, our nation is now witnessing the fruits of the Progressive-Socialist machine, as it embraces what appears to be the beginnings of what happened in other nations who gave way to communism. Nations like the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, and others. Fortunately, America appears to be waking up and seeing the truth, as the left is going into full meltdown, in their quest for a One-World Global Communist Empire. Meanwhile, although the mainstream media,  democrats, and hollywood stars continue to encourage the radical revolutionaries to rise up and bring about a “revolution”, they call President Trump “crazy’. Instead, perhaps they should simply look at the lunacy that has engulfed their once civil party, but has more recently morphed into one that embraces radicalism, and encourages socialist ‘revolution’.