By: Brian Evans

After Senator McCaskill was exposed that she was lying to Missouri voters about her stance on immigration and gun control, the campaign went into emergency damage control.  In fact, McCaskill quickly went on television Tuesday morning to refute the claims, and say that the undercover reporter was trying to get her to say things that she didn’t want to say, despite her being caught on the video being forth-right, and no appearance of pressure. Then, she went on to try to accuse Republican Josh Hawley of being behind it, despite Project Veritas being well-known for doing these types of undercover videos to expose the truth, and there being no connection to any candidate or Party. In fact, James OKeefe envisioned Project Veritas, and it was brought to life to expose corruption in government. Regardless, McCaskill tries to play the victim card…

Then, Tuesday night, Project Veritas released the second video on Claire McCaskill in their “Secrets and Lies’ series. The second video exposes Missouri Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill and her campaign admitting to being deceptive about her stance on abortion, and how her campaign uses ‘money laundering’ techniques to hide the donations that she receives from Planned Parenthood. In fact, McCaskill’s campaign staff openly admits to the fact that…

  • McCaskill “essentially” has to lie to get elected.
  • Planned Parenthood contributes secretly, as “they put it through different organizations”, so they won’t upset pro-life moderates.
  • Senator McCaskill will “100% support abortion, is “very pro-choice”, but she does not want to appear “too far left to get the moderate voters.”

Project Veritas:

Planned Parenthood Making Indirect Contributions?

Campaign staffers working for Senator McCaskill explain how Planned Parenthood contributes to her campaign indirectly. Nicholas Starost, who works on Senator McCaskill’s campaign, alleges that Planned Parenthood does not outwardly support the campaign to avoid ostracizing moderate voters:

STAROST: “… Planned Parenthood will never donate money to Claire [McCaskill] even though she’s very pro-choice. because they don’t want to ostracize those pro-life democrats that might not vote for her, if there’s Planned Parenthood funding her.”

JOURNALIST: “So, they just, they just funnel it through Emily’s List?”

STAROST: “Probably. They go through other means to get us that money.”

Starost continued, saying Planned Parenthood “…put[s] it through like different organizations.” He added that most voters would not figure out this source of McCaskill’s campaign funds:

STAROST:  “Unless they go like deep, deep, deep down into a campaign, like finance. Which most people just do not.”

When asked if the intent of the scheme was to get contributions without disclosing Planned Parenthood’s name specifically, Starost says, “Yup… It’s f***ing beautiful… It’s great when it works for us and not against us.”

Ultimately, Missouri voters have a lot on the line this election. Between the fact that Democrats and socialist Political Action Committees have Amendment 1 “Clean Missouri” on the ballot to strip moderate and conservative voters of their voice, plus a Senator who has blatantly lied to the people of the great state of Missouri, this is likely the most important election in Missouri’s history. Democrats have flooded the election with Amendments such as:

Amendment 1: “Clean Missouri”, which effectively strips the power of ‘We the People’ of Missouri in future elections, as it takes it from a bi-partisan commission who redraws voting districts, to a single person, who they claim will be non-partisan. NOT SURE HOW THAT WILL WORK! In effect, it will strip conservative rural areas of a voice on the ballot, and moderates throughout the state.

Amendment 2 and 3: Both LEGALIZE MARIJUANA, which has been a disaster for Colorado, as they have seen increases in drug use, traffic accidents, and illegal uses of the drug. (MORE TO COME ON THAT IN THE COMING WEEKS BEFORE THE ELECTION)

Ultimately, the decision will be up to the voters of Missouri in 20 days (November 6, 2018). Furthermore, the repercussions of this 2018 Midterm Election will affect not only our lives, but our children, our grandchildren, and generations to come.