By: Brian Evans

Have you ever wondered who is behind political smear campaign commercials on television, or on the radio? Interestingly, I hadn’t thought much about it until I was at the gym the other day, and I overheard someone questioning who was behind attack ads against the Republican Senate Candidate Josh Hawley. They said the ad said…

“SMP is responsible for the content of this ad”.

At that point, I realized that I couldn’t even answer the question, and I have become well versed in politics and the political arena. Therefore, it led me to do a bit of research to find out who and what is behind the attack ads and smear campaigns that saturate our television sets and radios, during each election year. What I found was eye-opening.

As it turns out, I went online to search for SMP, and found out that SMP stands for Senate Majority Pac. Then I easily found negative ads against every single Republican who is running for Senate. They said each and every Republican is dirty, and if you took them at their word, you would think that they sold out men, women, children, their home, and even the kitchen sink for a buck. Ads like one that SMP put out against North Dakota’s Republican Senate Candidate Kevin Cramer. The ad said he was involved in ‘pay to play’ politics…

So what is behind their attacks on Kevin Cramer, and other Republicans across the nation. In effect, The Senate Majority PAC (SMP)  was initially organized by Rebecca Lambe and Susan McCue—former aides and advisors to Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) The SuperPAC was originally aimed at preparing the Democratic Party to defend 23 U.S. Senate seats in the 2012 elections and pushing support for Barack Obamas Presidential re-election bid.  In 2012, the superPAC spent $42 million, and those numbers have increased during each election cycle. 

In 2014, Reid encouraged donors to give to the SMPac with the intent of maintaining a Democratic majority in the Senate, and nine Democrat Senators helped to raise $1.4 million for the DNC PAC group. Those Senators included Jay Rockefeller(D-W.Va.), Harry Reid (D-NV), and  Barbara Boxer (D-CA) who attended fundraising events for the super PAC. Other Senators like Tim Kaine (D-VA) used their own political funds and PACS, to help strengthen SMP.  Regardless, the Democrats lost the election, and their majority.

As a super PAC, SMP launched more than 40,000 smear campaign ads against Republicans between 2011 and 2014. Since then, that number has skyrocketed, as they have worked to utilize any tidbit of information that can be twisted, altered, or maneuvered in any way, so they can paint good, honorable, and respectable Republican candidates as dirty, nasty, and horrible human beings that are only out for themselves.

In 2014, the group raised more than $53 million and spent $47 million on dirty ads on Republicans and positive ads on Democrats. Time noted that the expenditures by SMP were…

“credited with keeping the races close and Democrats competitive.”

Time Magazine

In 2015, SMPac released two ads against Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), which helped to lead to the eventual defeat of Ayotte, as the Democrat Hassan consequently took the seat.

Also, in April 2017, the Senate Majority PAC began running radio ads in support of Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO.). The ads released by SMP said…

“Today, hospitals in rural Missouri are in crisis. Nearly half are at risk of shutting down. That’s why Sen. Claire McCaskill is fighting back. … A daughter of rural Missouri, Claire McCaskill’s determined to protect rural health care.”

SMP, Senate Majority PAC (A DNC Organization)

The Center for Responsive Politics detailed where SMP spent the largest expenditures in the 2016 election.

Top 10 largest Senate Majority PAC expenditures in 2016
Candidate Party State Office Total For Against
Rob Portman Republican Party Ohio U.S. Senate $8,394,744 $0 $8,394,744
Kelly Ayotte Republican Party N.H. U.S. Senate $2,753,952 $0 $2,753,952
Pat Toomey Republican Party Pa. U.S. Senate $2,745,943 $0 $2,745,943
Maggie Hassan Democratic Party N.H. U.S. Senate $2,362,181 $2,362,181 $0
Joe Heck Republican Party Nev. U.S. Senate $2,016,738 $0 $2,016,738
Ted Strickland Democratic Party Ohio U.S. Senate $1,816,080 $1,816,080 $0
Patrick Murphy Democratic Party Fla. U.S. Senate $1,013,760 $1,013,760 $0
Kathleen McGinty Democratic Party Pa. U.S. Senate $819,449 $819,449 $0
Joni Ernst Republican Party Iowa U.S. Senate $6,745 $0 $6,745
Roy Blunt Republican Party Mo. U.S. Senate $765 $0 $765

This election cycle, SMP has portrayed Rick Scott of Florida, as a shady millionaire who steals from our children..

SMP portrayed Dean Heller of Nevada, as a weak politician who caves to President Trump…

In West Virginia, SMP smeared Patrick Morrisey as pushing opioids, and based the allegations on left-wing mainstream media outlets like Charleston Gazette-Mail’s accusations that called him “woefully negligent”.

In Missouri, SMP has run a number of hit-pieces against Republican Josh Hawley. They released one ad, insinuating that he covered up crimes that were launched against Eric Greitens, and called Hawley as an Attorney General “sub-standard”.

Then, they quote the same left-wing newspaper, the Washington Post, who has repeatedly been caught lying and distorting facts to smear President Trump, and Republicans. SMP called Hawley a liar, and “ridiculously dishonest”.

However, what SMP says that Josh Hawley Filed A Lawsuit Letting The Insurance Industries Deny Coverage For Those With Pre-Existing Conditions. However, SMP is lying, and twisting facts to push for Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill, who widely supported Obamacare and forcing Americans to buy insurance or be fined. In fact, Josh Hawley has repeatedly said that he wants to protect healthcare coverage for Americans with pre-existing conditions. In fact, he said

  • “Insurance companies should be required to cover folks with preexisting conditions, and also to allow kids to stay on their parents’ insurance up to age 26,’ Hawley said.” (Roll Call, 6/12/18)
  • says “McCaskill is responsible for the fact that Missouri families can’t afford their healthcare bills,” Hawley said. “… She insists we keep Obamacare if we want to keep pre-existing coverage. I think we need to cover pre-existing conditions and get rid of Obamacare. Why is she putting partisanship first?” (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/19/18)
  • “argues that pre-existing conditions protections could be preserved without the Affordable Care Act.” (New York Times, 8/1/18)
  • Hawley in op-ed: “Insurers should also be required to cover individuals with pre-existing conditions and young people on their parents’ insurance, up to age 26.” (Springfield News-Leader, 8/20/18)

Josh Hawley further says that…

“The lawsuit Attorney General Hawley signed onto, is about the ‘Individual Mandate of Obamacare, and not about pre-existing conditions that he wants to keep for Americans.

News releases about Josh Hawley’s position, and the lawsuit against the ACA (Obamacare) states…

  • “Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley today joined a 19-state coalition urging a federal district court in Texas to hold the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) individual mandate unconstitutional.” (Press Release: Attorney General Josh Hawley, 2/26/18)
  • Texas V. Azar Argues That The ACA Is Unconstitutional Now That The Individual Mandate Penalty Has Been Struck Down. “In summary, they argue that the Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate as a tax. Now that Congress eliminated the individual mandate penalty beginning in 2019, the mandate is no longer enforceable as a tax and thus is no longer valid. They further argue that the entirety of the ACA relies on the mandate and, without the penalty, the entirety of the ACA is also unconstitutional.” (Health Affairs, 2/28/18)

Maybe, if SMP wasn’t run by a propaganda Political Action Committee wing of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), they would focus on government ethics and truth. Maybe they would focus on the fact that the Center for Responsible Politics revealed that…

“during The 2018 Election Cycle, McCaskill Is The #2 Recipient Of Campaign Contributions From The Insurance Industry In The Senate.”

(Center For Responsive Politics, Accessed 9/13/18)

Then, if that wasn’t enough, SMP launched a skewed and twisted attack on Josh Hawley, with an ad blitz that accused Hawley of being paid by Tamco to look the other way, when the company was sued for faulty shingles on homes and churches.

Here is their library of countless ads that blitz the airwaves, that the Democrat House Majority PAC uses in their smear campaign against Republican House members and candidates, to sway voters.

In 2016, Democratic and allied progressive, socialist, and communist groups spent more than $1.8 billion. to try to take down Republicans, President Trump, and anyone who opposed their socialist and radically left movement. Therefore, next time you hear a negative ad on television or the radio, remember that it is likely ‘FAKE INFORMATION’, and simply do a bit of research. Political leadership, and especially Democrats today want Americans to blindly follow their propaganda machine, as they lie, deceive, and try to control our thoughts, actions, and beliefs.

Sadly, Democrats are not the only who has used Political Action Committees, because Republican PAC’s push an agenda as well. However, Democrat Political Action Committees have flooded the airwaves with massive propaganda campaigns, distortions of the truth, and blatant lies. The Democrats also have Priorities USA Pac, the House Minority Pac (HMP), which is the House version of SMP. They smear Republican House Candidates througout America. For example…

They attack New Jersey Representative Jay Webber and equate him to a cave man for his Christian beliefs, and mis-characterize his voting record…

Then, Dana Rohrabacher was attacked as out-of-touch with reality for opposing the socialist gun grab in California.

Then, they attack Loyd Smucker and call him a sucker. They state that the President admitted to sexually assaulting women, called them “fat pigs”, and criticize Smucker for standing up for the President for supporting his agenda. However, their accusations have all been proven false, but never-the-less, the democrat PAC runs it anyway…

Here is their library of countless ads that blitz the airwaves, that the Democrat House Majority PAC uses in their smear campaign against Republican House members and candidates, to sway voters.

Sadly, Democrat PAC’s have overpowered Republicans in large margins with dirty campaign ads, and campaign sign blitzes that push socialist agendas and flood the nation and airwaves. That is one of the major reasons Americans need to pay attention. PAC’s have learned to use ‘dark money’ to fund campaigns and sink political candidates and issues. Today, it has become evident that George Soros and other left-wing, pro-Socialist, pro-Communist progressive groups are using so-called ‘dark money’ to finance their radical agenda, as they shift money from Political Action Committee to Political Action Committee, in order to evade detection. In fact, NBC News wrote an article titled “How Democrats use dark money — and win elections ” reported that…

“In a story was originally published by The Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit, nonpartisan investigative news organization in Washington, D.C., NBC exposed how democrats love decrying ‘dark money’ political contributions for which the source of funds is a mystery. But that isn’t stopping them from accepting “dark money” themselves or making it difficult to determine the original underwriter of a political donation, as a recent Southern contest vividly illustrates.”

NBC News

In fact, PAC’s, and dark money is hitting elections around the nation, as states like Missouri have been under attack by George Soros and his socialist tentacles. They are promoting Amendment 1 called ‘Clean Missouri’, which is a ballot measure that would turn over the task of drawing legislative districts from a bipartisan commission, to what they call ‘nonpartisan expert’, whose work would then be reviewed by a designated citizen commission. The problem is, so-called nonpartisan expert would likely be partisan, and there is no specifications on who the citizen commission would be. In the end, it would be completely partisan, as the new district maps would be redrawn after the 2020 census. The goal, according to Clean Missouri, is to ensure legislative maps are drawn fairly, rather than being drawn to protect incumbents or to unjustly favor one party. But in reality, it would do just that! It would redraw maps that would enable legislative districts to be redrawn with cities split up and combined with rural areas, so that the cities legislators would overpower the rural farmers and towns, and effectively silence their votes. Consequently, Democrats would gain large numbers of seats in the House, and state government would be dictated by the DNC, and left-wing special interest groups and unions.

In the ‘Springfield News Leader’, they reported that the…

“Missouri ethics panel has eyes on ‘dark money’ as donations roll in for ballot measures.”

Springfield News Leader

This is one reason that PAC’s and Democrat politicians  are pushing for campaign finance reform, as it is making it nearly impossible for the average Americans to run for office, because they cannot compete with PAC’s massive war chests, unless they have the backing of a political party. That is one of the major reasons for the Democrats and even the Republicans fighting for campaign finance laws. It has led to elections with heavily funded outside groups having massive funds to attack candidates with accusations that don’t stand up to even the slightest scrutiny. Now, groups like Senate Majority PAC (SMP) using millions upon millions of dollars to smear, besmirch, and destroy anyone whom they deem goes against their socialist agenda.

Now, on November 7, 2018, which is merely 22 days away, it will likely be one of the most important

it is time for Americans to stop, do their own research, and fight back against the lies, corruption, and the swamp that has permeated Washington D.C., and many of the states throughout our great nation. It is time to stop the out-of-control PAC’s that