By: Brian Evans

As political violence and rhetoric has escalated in recent years, violence has begun to emerge as the norm in communities throughout America. From Hollywood to the Mainstream Media, to Pop Stars, to Democrat politicians themselves, they have all promoted, encouraged, and called for hate, racism, and violence against anyone who dares to oppose their socialist political agenda. The following is just a taste of the hate-speech and violence that has been aroused and perpetrated by the left…

Then, while speaking at an event for Democratic candidates in Georgia, former Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder suggested to the crowd to “kick” Republicans He said…

 “It is time for us as Democrats to be as tough as they are, to be as dedicated as they are, to be as committed as they are. Michelle says, ‘When they go low, we go high.’ No. No. When they go low, we kick ’em.”

Eric Holder (D-IL), Chicago Mayor and former Obama Attorney General

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) responded on Wednesday, and told Breitbart News that Democrats have taken civility to a “new low” during Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process. He went on to say that…

“I think they’ve taken this to a new low, when if Kavanaugh’s not rock bottom, God help us all.”

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

However, the Democrats aim to hit that rock bottom seems to be looking more and more likely. Here is just a small sample of the hate and vile things they have espoused, as well as how low they are willing to sink.

For example, a Dallas Democrat sent out a mailer that compared President Trump to Adolf Hitler…

Dallas Democrat Sends Out Mailer Comparing President Trump to Adolf Hitler

Kanye West segment on CNN labeled ‘racist’ for calling singer ‘token negro of the Trump administration’

Then, CNN political commentator Bakari Sellers responded to the fact that Kanye West had the audacity to meet with President Trump by stating that his issue with the rapper is “quite simple”…

“Anti-intellectualism simply isn’t cool, Kanye West is what happens when Negros don’t read.”

Bakari Sellers, CNN Commentator on Don Lemon’s Show

Then, the CNN panel on Don Lemon’s show went on to call Kanye West a

“token negro of the Trump administration”, because he supports President Trump and his agenda.

Tara Setmeyer, CNN Commentator on Don Lemon’s Show


To make matters worse, the racist comments were then followed by laughter from some of the panelists, while the only white panelist looked stunned.

Satamayer went on to say that…

“Black folks are about to trade Kanye West in the racial draft, OK. They’ve had it with him. This is not the Kanye West of 2004. Now all of the sudden because he’s put on a MAGA hat and he’s an attention whore like the president, he’s all of the sudden the model spokesperson. He’s the token negro of the Trump administration.”

Tara Setmayer, CNN Commentator

Once again, the panel erupted with laughter. Then Setmayer went on to say that “no one should be taking Kanye seriously,” because he “clearly has issues.”

Sadly, these type of comments have become the norm on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, the NY Times, Washington Post, as well as other left-wing radical propaganda news outlets.

Deroy Murdock.jpg

Deroy Murdock, Fox News Commentator

Fox News contributor Deroy Murdock said…

“these reprehensible, racist comments on CNN are typical of the Trump-hating Left. Black Americans who think for ourselves are mocked and degraded with words we last saw under Jim Crow. If President Trump had no black supporters, they would call his circle ‘lily white. Now, one of America’s most prominent black entertainers praises and visits the president, and he is trivialized as a ‘token’ who ‘doesn’t read.’ The only silver lining in this vile cloud is that the supposedly bigoted Trump presidency has delivered the lowest black unemployment in American history.”

Deroy Murdock, Fox News Contributor

Donald Trump Jr. slammed CNN for the segment, calling West a “wildly successful businessman” and asking, “why is free thought & expression so dangerous & scary to liberals?”

Candace Owens of Turning Point USA told Fox News host Laura Ingraham that the segment was

“not only racist, it was absolutely despicable. I cannot believe it would be allowed on any network, least of all having a host that’s laughing as if it’s funny.”

Candace Owens, Turning Point USA

Also, Journalist Glenn Greenwald criticized the commentators mocking attacks on the fact that Kanye West had formerly sought mental health help. He said

“Exploiting and mocking the fact that someone has previously sought medical treatment for mental health issues in order to disqualify them from participating in public debates and being taken seriously is reprehensible & CNN should be ashamed of itself for airing that. What makes CNN’s weaponizing of mental health treatment against Kanye West extra repulsive: a mere 4 months ago, the suicide of their own colleague, Anthony Bourdain, followed by Kate Spade’s, sparked a national discussion about the dangers of this stigma”

Glenn Greenwald, Intercept journalist

One would think that the mainstream media would have learned from CNN’s reprehensible actions, The mainstream media continued to act racist and reprehensible as MSNBC’s ‘ Michael Eric Dyson The Beat’ said…

“This is white supremacy by ventriloquism. A black mouth is moving, but white racist ideals are flowing from Kanye’s mouth.”

Michael Eric Dyson, MSNBC

The mainstream media then sank even deeper as they ridiculed Kanye West, and slammed his relationship with his deceased mother.

Then last night, Hollywood embraced racism and hate as they mocked Kanye West and attacked not only his mental health, as well as President Trump, and Americans with mental health disabilities.

Alex Baldwin played President Trump in another stale SNL segment.
Baldwin plays an angry, stupid and egotistical man — a character that more accurately describes himself than the 45th president.

Therefore, not only has the mainstream media attacked Kanye West, along with President Trump, but they made fun of Americans with disabilities. However, they somehow always find a way to push the levels of their depravity to even deeper lows. In fact, fellow rapper T.I. attacked Kanye West, President Trump, and even Melania Trump, as he featured his new music video teaser that depicted a stripper on the resolute desk of the oval office stripping, who is supposed to be representing First Lady Melania Trump stripping for the rapper T.I. as the President flies off on Marine One.

Rapper T.I. Music Video, Dime Trap

T.I. who is both an actor and rapper, released the “not safe for work” video teaser on October 12 after his fellow rapper Kanye West met with President Donald Trump in the oval office. The Melania impersonator enters the oval office wearing her famous “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” coat, as T.I. sits at the resolute desk, smoking a cigar. Then, the woman sheds the coat, revealing her naked body, and begins dancing, followed by the two defacing the oval office with spray paint.

Then to promote his new album, T.I. tweets out…

“Dear 45, I ain’t Kanye”

T.I., Rapper and Actor



Dear 45,
I ain’t Kanye. 😳


T.I. then attacked Kanye, as he wrote on Instagram that…

“This is my stop, I’m officially DONE!!!! [F*CK] Trump & his Lil Cookie Boy. This is the most repulsive, disgraceful, embarrassing act of desperation & auctioning off of one’s soul to gain power I’ve ever seen. You ass kissing and boot licking on a whole new level & I refuse to associate myself with something so vile, weak, & inconsiderate to the effect this has on the greater good of ALL OUR PEOPLE!!!! At one time it was a pleasure to work alongside you…” T.I. exploded. “Now, I’m ashamed to have ever been associated with you.”

T.I, Rapper and Actor

Ironically, the same could be said about T.I. himself, as well as his left-wing socialist friends, as they go on their racist, hate-filled, vile, repulsive, and despicable attack on The President of the United States, the First Lady Melania, his Administration, his supporters, and black Americans WHO DARE MAKE THEIR OWN CHOICES, THINK FOR THEMSELVES, AND DEFY THE SOCIALIST AND COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY!

They were especially angry that Kanye West dared to accuse the Progressive-Socialist left of trying to control black people with constant cries of “racism.” He said…

“A liberal will try to control a black person through the concept of racism because they know that we are very proud emotional people, You think racism can control me? That don’t stop me, that’s an invisible wall.”

Kanye West

Regardless, even as ‘We the People’ continue to become outraged as the mainstream media, democrats, hollywood, and music industry expose their true racist roots, hate filled hearts, and venomous thoughts and actions to the world, Americans are awakening from their slumber. In fact, finally America is learning the true thoughts and motivations of the democrat party. They are learning the true vicious intentions of their leadership. It is more than a ‘Deep State’ that has tried to maintain and control the thoughts of Americans, but it is a ‘Fifth Column’ that does not care about blacks or Hispanics, gays or straights, men or women, old or young! Instead they are a group within a country that is at war with ‘We the People’, in their quest to remake America as just one piece in a globalist government across the world. A world based on socialist economics, where the government controls all economic progress, workers, output, and profits, with a communist leadership that controls all actions of the people, in their quest for ultimate power and riches.

Sadly, their attacks on Kanye West is yet another warning to black Americans across the nation, who dare question their loyalty and conformity the Democrat-socialist elitists in power, and what will happen if they dare defy their oppressive leadership.