By: Brian Evans

As our nations educational system continues to push socialist and communist philosophies, as well as fight against our nations Constitutional Republic, one University chose to go the extra mile in their quest for a communist takeover. The University of Southern Maine had offered a one-credit hour course to any students who were willing to travel to Washington D.C., and harass Senator Susan  Collins. throughout the hallways, and even the Congressional elevator.

This was likely due to the fact that last Friday, Senator Jeff Flake announced that he would vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh out of the Judiciary Committee. Then, moments later, he got cornered in an elevator for four minutes by screaming female leftist who claimed to be victims of sexual abuse, but it turned out were Progressive-Socialist paid actors who worked for none other than George Soros. Then, within the next hour, Senator Jeff Flake reversed course, and announced that he would only vote for Brett Kavanaugh if his fellow Republicans would open another FBI investigation to check the validity of his accusers claims. Democrats were ecstatic at first, but as the investigation rolled on, and they realized that the accusations would produce no information, they criticized the scope of the investigation, and even the FBI’s thoroughness as well.

Now, since the Soros hired women who trapped Senator Flake in the congressional elevator worked, hard-core leftists are at it again. In fact, as socialist and communist based Political Action Committees, paid actors, left-wing radical groups, and even paid college students descend on our nations capital, trouble inevitably follows.

The Maine Republican Party revealed however, that there was a catch. Their Facebook page posted

However there’s a catch.

Only anti-Kavanaugh protesters will be rewarded the extra credit hour.

Pro-Kavanaugh students need not apply.

Your tax dollars are funding this.

Interestingly, within hours of the details hitting the internet, the University of Southern Maine received a massive backlash.  Since that, USM reportedly cancelled their bonus credit for harassing Senator Susan Collins.