By: Brian Evans

On Wednesday, the #Walkaway Movement founder Brandon Straka went on  Fox Business and joined Stuart Varney, where he explained that the Democrat party has morphed into something that he no longer relates to, or believes in. Sadly, it is a sentiment that Democrats across the nation are beginning to feel and believe, as their party has shifted into a party of hate, racism, sexism, and discrimination.

Brandon said that recently, he had been a lifelong Democrat who had voted for Hillary Clinton, and twice for Barack Obama. Brandon Straka said…

“It really opened my eyes to how they are manipulating minority groups, manipulating African-Americans, gay people and I wanted to do something about it so I started something called the #Walkaway Campaign.”

Brandon Straka, #WalkAway Campaign Founder

He went on to explain that his frustration with the party led him to start the #WalkAway campaign. Ultimately, the ‘#Walkaway’ campaign is a self-funded campaign that now has surged to 190,000 members with 380,000 who have joined on social media. Brandon said that he does not expect the members to become Republicans, but it is an opportunity for democrats to simply to walk away from the lies, deceit, and hate of the Democrat party. Also, he has encouraged people to join online for their, where he said that “it’s time for the Silent Majority to become unsilent.” The website instructs members, or anyone who wants to join them to arrive on Friday, October 26th and have dinner with them. They say that…

“we’ll have a march & rally on DC on Saturday, October 27th,
& have brunch on Sunday, October 28th.”

In the end, as the Demcorats continue to embrace division, deception, discrimination, and hate, Republicans, Independents, and even Demcorats will continue to be turned off. Therefore, not only will President Trump continue to gain support for the ‘Make America Great Again’ movement, but the grassroots #WalkAway movement will also continue to gain momentum as well.