By: Brian Evans

As the FBI has launched its investigation into Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Ford’s testimony continues to unravel, as her statements appear to be full of holes, and misleading statements. In fact, during her testimony  to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, she identified herself as a “Research Psychologist” from the Standford School of Medicine. However, when you search the state records, it indicates that there are not any records showing Ford as being a licensed psychologist. Also, when going through Christine Ford’s Stanford University bio page, it shows that the website was altered several times in September. In fact, it was altered just ten days before her testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee from describing her as a “Research Psychologist”, to dropping the title.

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In the end, Ford has a lot of explaining to do, in the fact that she appears to have testified under oath, and gave out a number of lies and distortions about Kavanaugh, the alleged incident that she claims to have experienced, and about the events leading up to her testimony to the Senate. For example,

  • Ford stated under oath that a friend drove her home from alleged incident thirty some years ago.  But she also said she left everyone at the party.  Her friend Leland was allegedly at the party with her according to Ford, but they were classmates and may not have been of legal age to drive at that time. Dr. Ford mentioned that she was only age 15 at the time of the event.  Her best friend Leland (who doesn’t corroborate the event) is her same age.  The problem is the legal driving age in Maryland is age 16.It is also illegal in Maryland for drivers under the age of 18 to carry passengers under the age of 18 except for family members.If these laws were on the books in the 1980s then there is no way that Ms. Ford had her friend drive her home since they were age 15. And if her friend did drive her home she would have broken the law.
  • A Body Language Expert Caught Dr. Christine Ford in several lies, and insists: “Something’s Wrong Mentally” (VIDEO)
  • Christine Blasey Ford testified under oath that…

“Over the years, I told very, very few friends that I had this traumatic experience. I told my husband before we were married that I had experienced a sexual assault. I had never told the details to anyone — the specific details — until May 2012, during a couples counseling session. The reason this came up in counseling is that my husband and I had completed a very extensive, very long remodel of our home and I insisted on a second front door, an idea that he and others disagreed with and could not understand. In explaining why I wanted a second front door, I began to describe the assault in detail. I recall saying that the boy who assaulted me could someday be on the U.S. Supreme Court, and spoke a bit about his background at an elitist all-boys school in Bethesda, Maryland. My husband recalls that I named my attacker as Brett Kavanaugh.”

Christine Blasey Ford

Now, we know that this was a blatant lie and distortion of the truth. Her left-wing activist and attorney have refused to hand over her Doctor’s notes from her session, and we now know that the problem with Ford’s testimony is that the second front door was built on their home long before that date. In fact, according to online queries and pictures of the property from as early as 2007, the house in question had two doors in the front since at least 2011 and probably earlier.

Today, as the testimony and alleged accounts by Christine Ford seem to be falling apart and disproven, we now have an open, targeted, and intentional assault on our nation’s Constitutional Republic. It isn’t just an attack on Brett Kavanaugh, but on the system as a whole. They are attacking our executive branch, legislative branch, and now our legislative branch. They want to end the electoral college, intimidate and mislead voters, use scare tactics against those in Washington and throughout our great nation to use their votes to further the socialist, progressive, and communist agenda, rather than the will of the people. In the end, WE ARE AT WAR! We are in a war for our right to vote, our right to be represented, our right to be heard, our right to hear the truth, and our right to the AMERICAN DREAM! In just over a month, we have a chance to keep the tide turning, so we can return our government to ‘We The People’. Therefore, remember that your vote counts, and it counts more than ever this year, and in the coming years! After all, America is seeing what communism breeds, as the Democrats and their progressive-socialist and communist allies are angry and fighting against our great system of government. President Trump represents what our nation once was, and as he fights to rid our government of the swamp, the swamp is fighting back. Regardless, it is ultimately in OUR HANDS, as he needs your help to truly drain the swamp, and rid our nation of the communist cancer that has been slowly metastasizing and growing quietly within the depths of our federal, state, and local bureaucracy.