By: Brian Evans

On Friday night, President Donald Trump made his appearance in the great state of Missouri, as he spoke to and rallied his supporters for his continued push forward on his Make America Great Again agenda….

The lines began growing early Friday morning, and by 3:00pm, which was an hour before the doors opened, they had grown to several miles long. Regardless, supporters were excited to see the President and hear his message, as they waited in line for hours and formed friendships with those around them.

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The feel within throughout the line of more than 30,000 supporters who showed up for the event was electric, as everyone talked from topics that ranged from political to personal. Some of the political conversations that rally goers discussed in their hours long wait included the Kavanaugh hearing, President Trump’s incredible economic successes, the importance of the 2016 election, and how critical the November midterms are to the future of our nation, and especially our children’s future. In fact, the rally was not only filled with men and women who supported the President, but there was a massive number of families with children who brought their kids to let them experience the sheer exhilaration of a Trump political rally, and to help them understand the importance of political leadership in America.

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Unfortunately, the cohesiveness and family atmosphere was tested, as they encountered Protesters. Some of the protesters did just that…protesting.

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However, for some of the protesters, they began spewing hateful messages like one woman with dyed red hair who came out and began screaming repeatedly in front of the children “grab him by the p*ssy”, and lunged her hips in and out, with her hand in her private. Supporters pointed out how the disgusting behavior of the left has become the new Democratic Party, and it highlighted the difference between the peaceful and appropriate Trump supporters, and the new left.

Fortunately, the police and secret service did an incredible job in keeping the protesters and the rally goers separated throughout the day. In fact, the police and secret service did an incredible job in securing not only the venue, but the motorcade route, as the President was transported to the event. The Secret Service and various police departments took part in securing the event, and were able to keep the protests isolated primarily to the west side of the JQH Arena.

Inside the event it was electric, as the crowd anxiously awaited the President’s arrival. There were not only families attending the event, but veterans, men and women of all races, backgrounds, and a number of former democrats who now believe that their Party has abandoned their values and beliefs. Now, they have begun to turn to President Trump, as they said “he is restoring our nation to its former glory”.

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In fact, when “God Bless the USA” came on, the energy in the room went through the roof, as his supporters anticipated his appearance, and as he took to the stage, waved, and greeted the more than 11,000 people in the room.


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President Trump talked about the reopening of factories and mines throughout our nation, and re-establishing America’s industrial might. He discussed how we are bringing back American pride, how much we love our military, law enforcement, immigration enforcement (ICE). In fact, he talked of how important our military is, and how we are bringing the military might back, as we are now putting ‘America First’. He pointed out that we hit a record last month on the border with the largest number of arrests made in a single month, and the importance of a wall. He ran down a list of his Administrations accomplishments in fighting for and following through with his campaign promises in 2016.

The President then led into his introduction of Josh Hawley, who is running against incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO). Both the President and Hawley highlighted McCaskill’s record on voting against a number of key ‘America First’ agenda items like securing the border, supporting Justice Neil Gorsuch, and now opposing Bret Kavanaugh.

When Senate Candidate Josh Hawley (R-MO) took to the stage, he thanked the President, and reiterated the importance of the upcoming election, as he vowed to fight for the President’s ‘America First’ agenda. He thanked the President for fighting for the American worker, cutting American’s taxes, putting pro-Constitution judges on the bench like Gorsuch and Kavenaugh who fight for the constitution, and is securing the border. Then, Hawley talked about his opponent Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) who he pointed out made statements like the “border wall is embarrassing”, and she is “sponsoring the most radical open borders bill ever introduced in the United States Congress”. He went on to highlight how she vows to raise American’s taxes, and vote no on Kavanaugh. He concluded with telling the President’s supporters to let’s make history again in the state of Missouri, lets Make America Great Again, because everything you voted for is on the line.

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In all, Friday night’s rally with President Trump and Josh Hawley led to a record shattering turnout at Missouri State University’s John Q Hammons Arena, as it was the largest turnout crowd in the history of Southwest Missouri, and for good reason. After all, with the President’s approval rating amongst Republicans at greater than 90%, which is record-setting in itself, with a overal approval amongst all Americans hovering at or near 50%, and an overall approval index that is 12 points higher than Obama during the same time in his Presidency, his crowds are swelling.

Now, with his approval  growing, and the fact that he is able to draw even more massive crowds than in 2016 despite the constant barrage of ‘hate’ and fake negative news, November isn’t looking like a blue wave, or even a red wave. Instead, it appears that it will be more of a ‘red, white, and blue MAGA wave’. In fact, despite thousands who couldn’t get inside the venue, many happily waited outside and watched it on a jumbotron television to get just a glimpse of the President and listen to his message. Amongst the thousands who couldn’t get close enough to do even that, they did leave disappointed that they didn’t get the opportunity to see him, but regardless, they were ecstatic and reassured that the accounts from many within mainstream media that claim he is losing support, are once again ‘fake news’. After all, although they wanted badly to see the President and hear him speak, they were there because President Trump is following through on the promises he made in his ‘Contract with America’, and to ‘Make America Great Again’.