By: Brian Evans

In case anyone in America questions the rationality and sanity of Hollywood today, the Red Carpet Elitists chose to remind us all, just how far they have flown away from not only the values of our nations Founding, but from Christianity as well. Monday night, at the 70th Annual Emmy’s Awards, Michael Che ran with jokes about racism, slavery, and anti-Christianity.

During the Emmys, Michael Che said that the only white people who thank Jesus at award shows are Republicans, ‘ex-crackheads’. The crowd laughed as he insulted those who follow Christ.

Ultimately, if there is any reason for Americans, Christians, or those who believe in equality, fairness, or justice in our nation to vote in November, Hollywood Elitists, and out-of-touch progressive-socialists who preach ‘hate’, while calling themselves saints, give a pretty compelling reason to do just that! They have given christians a reason to vote for their right to believe. They have given blacks and minorities a reason to vote for leadership who doesn’t just claim equality, but practices it. They have given women a reason to vote, because women’s rights are about more than their reproductive rights. Americans need a leader who will stand up to the bullies in Washington that claim to fight for Americans, but truly fight for themselves. AMERICA DESERVES BETTER than Hollywood’s ideal dream of a communist utopia. Americans deserve better than to be fed lies by progressive elitists who fight for their power, rather than their own constituents. Therefore, this November remember who fights for ‘We the People’! Remember who fights for America, and pushes forward to Make America Great Again for ALL PEOPLE, regardless of age, sex, religion, race, or any other factor. After all, President Trump’s success depends on ‘We the People’, as we can put leaders in place to help him implement all his promises that he made in his ‘Contract with America‘.