By: Brian Evans

In recent years, the Mainstream Media has ramped up their campaign to promote “Global Warming” or “Climate Change”, in their efforts to push their One-World Global initiative, and weaken United States influence in the world.

Days before Hurricane Florence made landfall in the Carolinas, the Mainstream Media began attacking President Trump over his assistance efforts for Puerto Rico, during Hurricane Maria in 2017. In fact, Univision’s Progressive-Socialist reporter Jorge Ramos showed his overwhelming bias this week when he tried to coerce Puerto Rico’s sole non-voting representative in Congress Jennifer González to attack and discredit President Trump and his response to Hurricane Maria.

Interestingly, despite trying to put words into her mouth, Jorge Ramos began arguing with Representative González, because she had nothing but good words to say about President Trump, and Ramos did not like it.



CONGRESSWOMAN JENNIFFER GONZÁLEZ (R-PR): Well…well, you can go to what opinion you have of the President or how you characterize yourself. The truth is that the people of Puerto Rico have received federal aid like never before in history, more than $44 billion dollars

RAMOS: Do you agree that this was a fantastic job and that the United States did everything it could in Puerto Rico?

GONZÁLEZ: Look, the President has been very generous, has been very attentive to all the requests that have been made for the island, all…

RAMOS: But it’s a national tragedy, Commissioner. Excuse me, but this is a national tragedy…

GONZÁLEZ: It is a tragedy; it is a tragedy.

RAMOS: And the President doesn’t seem to treat it as a national tragedy, he says it was a fantastic thing. I don’t think President Trump is reacting to a tragedy.

Throughout the interview, Ramos tried to get González to disparage President Trump, and his Administration’s recovery aid to the island following last-year’s devastation by Hurricane María. However, González repeatedly said that the Administration was, and continues to be extremely generous financially, and attentive to the needs of the people of Puerto Rico.

The Al Punto segment was without doubt Ramos’s two cents to fuel the controversy over what has become a tug-of-war between Democrats and the Trump administration, with the former determined to downplay one of the largest post-disaster reconstruction and humanitarian efforts in U.S. history, and the latter considering the federal government’s overall response “a great job”, a position substantially supported by González amidst the constant interruptions of Ramos. In fact, she pointed out that President Trump sent “more than $44 billion“, which is a massive amount of money considering that the United States aid is more than four times the total amount of island nation’s total budget. In fact, the Puerto Rican Commonwealth has a current annual budget of $10 billion. for the recovery of the island.

As González pointed out that “The President has been very generous, has been very attentive to all the requests that have been made for the island.” Regardless, Democrats and the Mainstream Media have used every tragedy to try to politicize the Trump Administrations efforts, and try to minimize his popularity and approval. Newsbusters showed how the numbers actually back up González statements, and discredit Ramos and his left-wing socialist allies.  FEMA’s records show a massive $20 million massive relief effort to Puerto Rico, which was the largest in history disaster-related Community Development Block Grant. That money has been and continues to be used for housing and infrastructure recovery. Also, the United States gave $3.4 billion in FEMA Public Assistance funding and $1.39 billion in federal grants, which has been given to Puerto Rican residents to assist homeowners, renters, and others who need assistance.

Left-wing anti-Trump radicals have also said that the President is responsible for massive death tolls related to Hurricane Maria. Ramos and other left-wing media so-called reporters and politicians have attacked the President for his causing thousands of deaths in Puerto Rico, due to his lack of response, but even those numbers have been heavily exaggerated, in their effort to weaken the President’s support. In fact, Ramos cited a study that was done by George Washington University, which explored “excess deaths”, and asked  Puerto Rican Representative González…

“We are talking about almost 3,000 deaths. You have said that the government was not prepared. Who do we blame then?”

Jorge Ramos, Univision

Interestingly, the study put a total excess mortality at 2,975. However, according to Lynn Goldman,who was overseeing the study, and serves as the Dean of George Washington University said that…

“among all the deaths that occurred, which of them were related to Maria, which of them would not have occurred if it hadn’t been for the storm? We’re not able to say that now.”

Lynn Goldman, Dean of George Washington University

Therefore, according to the Puerto Rican representative in Congress, combined with the actual facts, President Trump exemplified true leadership in his efforts to help those in need. He has provided the appropriate physical, and especially financial assistance that Puerto Rico needed to best serve the people of Puerto Rico following Maria. Furthermore, once again the Democrats and Mainstream media have been proven to say and do anything to smear President Trump and discredit his Administration.

Now, even the Weather Channel has jumped into the ‘Fake News’ business, as Hurricane Florence hits the Carolinas. After all, as the first reports of the hurricane became apparent to the people of the United States, the Progressive-left began to attack the President over ‘global warming’, and said that this would be the storm of the century. News headlines flooded the internet like…

Then, as Hurricane Florence began to hit the Carolinas, the Weather Channel so-called reporter Mike Seidel was broadcasting live from Wilmington, NC, where he acted like the winds were whipping so hard that he had to lean into the wind to stand upright. He states…

“This is as about as nasty as it has been”

Mike Seidel, Weather Channel

However, as he is broadcasting live, two young men casually stroll by and have no problems walking down the road.

Now, after being caught in their fake-news over-dramatization stunt, the Weather Channel told Buzz Feed

“It’s important to note that the two individuals in the background are walking on concrete, and Mike Seidel is trying to maintain his footing on wet grass, after reporting on-air until 1:00 a.m. ET this morning and is undoubtedly exhausted.”

Weather Channel

Meanwhile, as the Weather Channel gets caught creating a ‘fake weather over-dramatization’, and as they chalk it up to their reporter not being able to get a secure footing on grass and mud, MSNBC, says that illegal-aliens are “scared” because they are afraid to take cover at hurricane shelters.

In fact, on Friday morning during a live report from Wilmington, North Carolina, MSNBC’s Kate Snow reported on the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, and how illegal immigrants were afraid to go to shelters, in fear of the Trump Administration, ICE, and possible deportation. She said…

“In fact, some families telling us they were scared to leave because they’re Latino and they were afraid of going to the shelters, of course the governor of North Carolina has said that no one will be, you know, penalized for going to a shelter….ICE is not gonna be active at this point. But there were people staying in their homes out of fear.”

Kate Snow, MSNBC

Then, anchor Ali Velshi sympathized with the non-fact-based concern, and alluded those concerns to Trump administration policies. He said…

“And this business about people without documentation going to shelters, we’ve heard over and over again that ICE doesn’t go to shelters. But I gotta tell you, after the past couple of years, I can fully understand why people who are undocumented are scared about doing this sort of thing.”

Ali Velshi, MSNBC

Newsbusters posted a video of the reporting…

Sadly, this is not the first incident, where MSNBC has pushed the anti-Trump illegal alien fear narrative. In fact, in 2017 MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle was reporting on Hurricane Harvey, when she asked Governor Abbott…

“How about risk of deportation for those undocumented immigrants that could be in the way of the storm’s path? Are they in the clear to go to some of these evacuation centers? Do they have to show ID?”

Stephanie Ruhle, MSNBC

Sadly, our nations left has sank into the dismal fear mongering abyss, in their efforts to utilize any tragedy to score political points against anyone like President Trump who dares oppose their progressive left-wing socialist and communist agenda. They rise up and level ridiculous and outlandishly false claims against individuals like President Trump, or anyone who dares fight and defend our nation, our people, or ‘We the People’s’ constitutional freedoms. Thankfully, we have a leader who is able to withstand the constant barrage of lies, distortions, and accusations. A leader who fights against the Elitists, and for the people. A task that is becoming increasingly more difficult in the new age of media lies, deceptions, and their ‘fake news’ narratives.