By: Brian Evans

Americans have become increasingly outraged, as the late Senator John McCain’s funeral has turned into less of a eulogy, and more into a Progressive-Socialist celebration, and Trump bashing session. Even John McCain’s own daughter Meghan McCain took the occasion of her father’s death to slam President Trump numerous times Saturday in Washington DC. She used the moment to push political ideology, and degrade President Trump, as the President’s own daughter and son-in-law had to look on. In fact, speaker after speaker, from Meghan McCain to George W. Bush, from Barack Obama to Joe Biden, they all took turns to slam the President, and express vile words about Trump, and the agenda he was elected on, and that he has been implementing.

Sadly, McCain was a soldier in the Vietnam War, but the services seemed to be focused more on Trump bashing, than McCain’s life. Also, they tried to paint McCain as a bridge between the Republican and Democrat Parties, but they failed to truly cite McCain’s Progressive and Fabian-Economic Socialist record in Congress, and how he many times divided, more than united.

They failed to mention how McCain had repeatedly called for America to send troops overseas and go to war. Zero Hedge and GeopoliticsAlert posted a list of times that Senator John McCain called for U.S. troop intervention and war, in July 2017. The list included

Afghanistan and Iraq

Regardless, he later claimed that “the Iraq war probably wouldn’t have happened” if he had won the 2000 Republican primary and then general. Ironically, McCain said previously on MSNBC, that Iraq and other countries were providing a “safe harbor” to groups like al Qaeda.


Later, McCain and Lindsey Graham began calling for arming the Free Syrian Army and other “rebel” groups, which included radical terrorists, including al Qaeda fighters.

McCain’s called for the arming of Syrian takfiris that he had supported with the bombing and no fly zones in Libya. As a result of these actions, Libya has become home to radical Muslims, the Islamic State, and home to a new slave trade.

West and Central Africa
While McCain has unintentionally and indirectly supported terrorism in some parts of Africa, he has pushed for an increased “war on terror” in other parts of the African continent.

McCain has always contended that “he prays” there will never be at war with Iran, he constantly stated and joked about bombing the country when the “mood is right”. It left conservative institutions like the Cato Institute, deeming him too hawkish.

Bosnia and Kosovo
In the 1990’s, McCain’s vocal support of a war with Bosnia, under the Clinton Administration helped to fuel salafi jihadists in traditional North and Middle African countries. Fuel that burned even hotter, as Muslims headed to Bosnia, and joined the mujahideen. As Russia worked to combat those radical fighters, McCain accused the Russians of interfering in local affairs, while still calling for greater American interference within the country.

In addition to Bosnia, in the late 90’s, McCain also advocated for American intervention in Kosovo. He backed the Kosovo Liberation Army, which was a genocidal jihadist organization with deep ties to Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden.

In 2014, McCain also backed the overt Nazis death squads for Kiev in the ongoing Ukrainian conflict. He backed the Kiev’s crimes in the Donbass region, in his long fought disdain for Russia.

McCain’s hatred and fear of the Russians goes back decades, and when war in South Ossetia between Georgia and Russia broke out, McCain said that the United States…

“should immediately call a meeting of the North Atlantic Council to assess Georgia’s security and review measures NATO can take to contribute to stabilizing this very dangerous situation.”

John McCain, United States Senator

Then, in 2016, when the U.S. Intelligence Agency and Democrats accused the Russians of election interference, McCain deemed it an “act of war”.

North Korea
Following President Trump’s election, McCain called on Trump to strike ‘The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DRPK/North Korea)’.

Although McCain called for a number of wars and military actions against foreign countries, he also weakened the military, and our ability to gain critical information for the success and safety of our troops, when he demanded the release of the so-called “CIA Torture Report“. It led to the 2014 Senate release of the report on the interrogation and detention tactics used by the CIA. McCain stated…

“I believe the American people have a right — indeed, a responsibility — to know what was done in their name; how these practices did or did not serve our interests; and how they comported with our most important values. . . . The truth is sometimes a hard pill to swallow. It sometimes causes us difficulties at home and abroad. It is sometimes used by our enemies in attempts to hurt us. But the American people are entitled to it, nonetheless.”

John McCain, Arizona Senator

However, although McCain went through horrendous torture at the Hanoi Hilton in Viet Nam, waterboarding is not torture. In fact, it is an effective method used to extract critical information in our war on terror. We even do it to our own soldiers, which Progressives are alright with, so long as it isn’t the enemy. An enemy who wishes to irradicate non-Muslims around the globe, especially Americans.

Additionally, Senator McCain attacked President Trump’s America First agenda, by supporting the European Union and globalists over the citizens rights to show pride in their own nation, and represent their own national interests. For example, he said…

“British membership in the EU is a vital contributor to the security and prosperity of Europe and the United States. Whatever the outcome of the referendum on EU membership, it will send a strong message to Vladimir Putin. This is a decision for the British people, but one with profound implications for our common security and our shared values.”

John McCain, U.S. Senator of Arizona

He also opposed the President’s policy of securing our national border, and attacked a policy established under the Obama Administration that called for ‘child separation’. He even joined with Progressive Democrats in trying to blame the current Trump Administration when he said…

“The administration’s current family separation policy is an affront to the decency of the American people, and contrary to principles and values upon which our nation was founded,”

John McCain, U.S. Senator of Arizona

McCain attacked the President, when Trump slammed illegals coming across the border, including the ruthless MS-13 gang by stating that they are “bad hombres” . McCain said that…

“As an elected Republican official, I’m disappointed the county party would host a speaker that so damages the party’s image. I just think that it is offensive to not only Hispanic citizenry, but other citizenry, but he’s entitled to say what he wants to say, but I guarantee you the overwhelming majority (in Arizona) … do not agree with his attitude, that he has displayed, toward our Hispanic citizens. We love them.”

John McCain, U.S. Senator of Arizona

Then, to make matters worse, McCain attacked Arizona Republicans who support the President, and attended Trump’s Arizona rally, by stating…

“This performance with our friend out in Phoenix is very hurtful to me, because what he did was he fired up the crazies.”

John McCain, U.S. Senator of Arizona

President Trump defended the Arizona rally goers by responding…

The thousands of people who showed up for me in Phoenix were amazing Americans. @SenJohnMcCain called them “crazies”–must apologize!

President Donald J. Trump

McCain didn’t stop there! In fact, he attacked President Trump for criticizing Muslims and creating a travel ban on terrorist supporting countries.

Then, there is the left-wing radical Fake News site Washington Post, who published the article titled: ‘Five of John McCain’s most courageous political moments“. They commended McCain for attacking his supporter, and defending former President Barack Obama at a Minnesota rally, where a rally goer questioned weather or not Obama was a Muslim.

Then, the Washington Post celebrated McCain’s concession speech, because he noted the importance of Obama’s win, being he was black, rather than his hard-fought win on merit. McCain also defended Obama in a town hall at Lakeville, Minn., McCain said…

“I have to tell you: He is a decent person and a person you don’t have to be scared of as president of the United States. He’s a decent family man, citizen, that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues, and that’s what this campaign is all about.”

John McCain, Arizona Senator

The crowd responded with boo’s, as they said they felt betrayed.

Also, in 2012 John McCain came to the defense of Huma Abedin over her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, regardless of ties that were exposed by Michelle Bachman, and other leading Republicans. “These attacks on Huma have no logic, no basis and no merit. And they need to stop now,” he said. “Ultimately, what is at stake in this matter is larger even than the reputation of one person. This is about who we are as a nation and who we still aspire to be.”

In the end, although McCain should be respected for his service in our American military, one Conservative radio show host rightly pointed out that the coverage of the late Senator John McCain’s memorial…

“has gone on a little too long, and seems a little over the top.”

Mark Levin, Radio Talk Show Host

He rightfully points out that Congressional members like the late Senator Kennedy, John McCain, and others get massive tributes that go on for days, while others get no such treatment at all? Why do our military service members get minimal recognition, while those who serve as Senator, Congressman, or other government positions get the treatment of Kings, while overlooking their flaws and lapses of judgment.

In all, if it were a soldier, a war hero, your ‘average joe’ American hero, nobody in America would know who they are, and our Elitist leadership would never give them such an incredible send off. In fact, would McCain receive such an all-inspiring tribute from the Mainstream Media, Joe Biden, or any other member of the Progressive One-World Gloalist community, if he wasn’t one of them? LIKELY NO! In fact, NOT AT ALL! In all, they don’t care about his service to our country in Vietnam! They don’t care about his 30+ years of service in the United States Senate! In fact, they especially don’t care that more recently, he repeatedly lied to the American voters when he ran for office, and then voted against those promises once he was elected. Sadly, the only thing that the left and their mainstream media allies care about is his support of the globalist agenda, and especially his continual fight against President Trump. In fact, that is the primary reason why he was the 3rd most un-popular American Senator, yet he is still being hailed a hero. They oppose Trump’s agenda to ‘Make America Great Again’ for not just the Elites, but for ALL AMERICANS regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, religion, creed, or ideology.