By: Brian Evans

For years, Democrats have called for the silencing of conservative thinkers like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox News, and other outlets and Americans who speak out against the Progressive ideology, and sadly this week, the left-wing Democrats and their Progressive ideologues won yet another battle against the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, and ‘We the People’.

While I’m not a big fan of InfoWars, just in the last week Google, Apple, Facebook, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, MailChimp, Stitcher, Pinterest, and LinkedIn all began to not only censor dissent against Progressive left-wing ideology, but they have targeted Conservative’s like Alex Jones Pro-Trump InfoWars, entire basic business infrastructure.

They have not only deleted his videos, commentary, articles, and streaming services from virtually every platform, but they have also blocked him from being able to contact his followers, or be contacted through email. YouTube has even vowed to ban anyone who dares attempt to upload InfoWars episodes onto their site. In what appears to be a coordinated effort amongst the various platforms, they all nearly simultaneously deleted Jones InfoWars content, purged the show from nearly every platform, and effectively seemed to end Jones ability to communicate with anyone globally, or especially ‘We the People’ of the United States.

The email service MailChimp stated to the Progressive Media site Media Matters, that…

“MailChimp doesn’t generally comment on individual users or accounts, but we’ll make an exception today. MailChimp notified InfoWars that their accounts have been terminated for violating our Terms of Service, which make it clear that we don’t allow people to use our platform to disseminate hateful content,” the statement began. “We take our responsibility to our customers and employees seriously. The decision to terminate this account was thoughtfully considered and is in line with our company’s values.”


The coordinated attack has raised major concerns that the pro-Socialist Mainstream Media, Progressive-Democrats, and left-wing Silicone Valley Tech Giants have become so powerful, that they can essentially use that authoritarian power to anoint themselves the gatekeeper of speech and the press, and essentially circumvent the Constitution of the United States, and silence anyone who dares disagree with their socialist agenda, or defy their communist manifesto.

Even sites like Wikipedia have taken on their role as one wing in the anti-Conservative, anti-Libertarian, anti-everything propaganda campaign, unless it conforms to their Progressive-Socialist, Fabian Socialist, and communist model. A model that calls for, as former President Obama once called it, the “fundamental transformation of America.” In fact, President Obama said…

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Barack Obama, October 30, 2008

Former First Lady Michelle Obama mirrored his statement, and went even further, when she stated…

“We are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.”

Michelle Obama, May 14, 2008

However, what they failed to explain was that in changing the conversation, American’s would be forced to give into censorship. We would have to change our traditions from capitalism to communism, freedom to enslavement, tolerance to racism and intolerance, and ultimately give up our American traditions for those of the Chinese, North Koreans, Venezuelans, Vietnamese, and Russians (former Soviet Union).

Ultimately, many Americans wonder why Democrats, Tech Giants, and the Mainstream Media have stepped up their attacks on conservative publishers. Interestingly, President Trump can take a lot of the credit, as he has proven to not only utilize the Progressive-Socialists own platforms to bypass the left-wing socialist Mainstream Media, but he has inspired conservatives and those who oppose socialism and communism to successfully embrace online publishing. Also, President Trump has put a thorn in the side of the Mainstream Media and the Democrats, which has resulted in the Mainstream Media, Tech Giants, and Democrats to show their true colors, true intentions, and their socialist and communist collective agenda. As a result, millions of Americans have tuned out the Mainstream Media for more moderate media sources like Fox News, and online publishers.

Democrats, Hollywood, Tech Giants, and the far left  Democrats, understand that conservatives get their news from online publishers. However, left-wing socialists are not only looking to utilize the tech giants to censor online content, like they did with InfoWars, Facebook is fighting to have access to American’s bank account information, and to use that information to not just control what Americans say, but to utilize the platforms to push ‘financial blacklist gun control’ as well.

In fact, Breitbart news previously reported that Facebook is asking banks to share customer’s financial information. Meanwhile, Citibank instituted new corporate gun control policies that would force gun store customers to either stop selling high-capacity magazines, and stop selling long gun sales to 18-20 year-old Americans, regardless of it being legal, under the Constitution of the United States. Also, Breitbart News reported that Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) joined the gun control push by urging investors to cut ties with the NRA. In addition, Breitbart News reported, that on June 26th of this year,  Stripe and Inuit stopped processing payments from gun makers. In addition, NBC Los Angeles reported that Bank of America has chosen to refuse “financing to companies that make AR-style guns.” Also, over a dozen corporations including YETI coolers cut ties with the NRA. Combine all that with Tech Giants demanding financial information like account balances and transactions of bank customers, be turned over to their watchful eyes. Information that could be used to target specific Americans who buy guns or ammunition, in their war against Americans rights, as they usurp the Constitution of the United States. Also, it could be used to target donors to the NRA, or firearms manufacturers, in yet another way to stamp out American freedom and liberty.

Regardless, the Progressive-Socialists and communists are utilizing the massive Tech Giants to effectively target anyone who opposes their ideology, silence them, and ‘Fundamentally Transform’ America from our wonderful Constitutional Republic, into a communist cesspool of communist subjugation.

Already, conservative websites like the Gateway Pundit and other Conservative news sites have been stripped of 93% of their social media traffic, as Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms have cooperatively silenced their sites through banning, shadow banning (act of blocking a user or their content from an online community such that it will not be readily apparent to the user that they have been banned., or other strategies to cut off followers and viewers. Twitter has even been actively banning and shadow-banning Conservative lawmakers and candidates, while promoting Progressive and Socialist candidates and lawmakers.

The Tech Giants chalk it up to banning “hate speech”, but they allow racist comments, ‘hate speech’, as well as, vile and vulgar speech against fellow Americans, so long as it originates from a Democrat or one of their Progressive-left allies. Just a small sample of the leftist hate that is allowed on Social Media sites includes… August 1, 2018: NYT  Sarah Jeong who referred to white people as “dumbasses” and “dogs”, and said it was always her plan for white people to stop breeding in order to go into extinction. She also called for dead cops, and said “I WOULD FIGHT THE COPS WITH MY GUNS,” and “Cops Could Die.” She also exemplified her anti-male, and anti-white women sentiment as she tweeted…“kill more men,” and  “fuck white women lol,” as recently as 2016.

There are thousands upon thousands of more examples of left-wing Progressive ‘hate speech’ actors who the social media tech giants refuse to ban, while Conservatives, Libertarians, Trump supporters, and others get banned, shadow banned, and censored for simply stating the truth, and calling out the left-wing hate.

Even Mainstream Media outlets like CNBC  asked why Facebook, Apple, YouTube, Google, LinkedIn, and others would ban InfoWars on the same day, as it begs the question, who is working behind the scenes to coordinate and pull the strings?

Regardless, Americans are getting fed up with the left-wing radicals who control the DNC, Mainstream Media, Hollywood, Tech world, big business, and Deep State. In fact, as the left effectively censored and silenced InfoWars on virtually every platform, InfoWars overtook CNN on app downloads, as Americans showed their fury over the Progressive’s newest attack on Americans Constitutional rights!

Infowars App Alex Jones

However, instead of seeing it as a reason to back down, CNN responded by calling for Apple to effectively ban InfoWars from Apple’s App Store as well. Who would have ever thought that the Mainstream Media would call for the destruction of the First Amendment. However, the Mainstream Media, along with Silicone Valley, Hollywood, Democrats, Corporate executives, and even Establishment RINO Republicans all have one thing in common. They all embrace Fabian-Economics, as a tool to bring about a socialist economy, with a communist government. Therefore, it would bring about an Elitist class of haves, and the majority of Americans who make up the poor working bourgeoise class of ‘have-nots’.

As the war on the First Amendment has escalated, President Trump voiced his concerns about Social Media censorship, and specifically Twitters ‘shadow banning’ conservatives and certain prominent Republicans and candidates by restricting their visibility in search results. He also questioned its legality. He stated…

Twitter “SHADOW BANNING” prominent Republicans. Not good. We will look into this discriminatory and illegal practice at once! Many complaints.

Vice News had reported that Republican Party Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, several conservative Republican congressmen including Rep. Devin Nunes and Andrew Surabian, the spokesman for Donald Trump Jr., Freedom Caucus Republicans Mark Meadows, matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, and more, were all being shadow banned, and not appearing in Twitter’s auto-populated drop-down search results. Interestingly, Vice even pointed out that Democrats were not being similarly “shadow banned” by the platform.

Matt Gaetz said that he is considering filing a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), while Republican Party Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said…

“The notion that social media companies would suppress certain political points of view should concern every American. Twitter owes the public answers to what’s really going on.”

Ronna McDaniel, Republican Party Chairwoman

After threatening to investigate Twitter, the platform re-instated their accounts, and they miraculously reappeared in the search results. Twitter tried to explain the issue on Fox News, and said that the problem was simply the result of an algorithmic glitch in the search function, and that it was being fixed. Twitter responded and said

“To be clear, our behavioral ranking doesn’t make judgements based on political views or the substance of tweets.”

They added, “Some accounts weren’t being auto-suggested even when people were searching for their specific name. Our usage of the behavior signals within search was causing this to happen & making search results seem inaccurate. We’re making a change today that will improve this.”


However, Twitter is not innocent, and they have no intention of doing what is right, as they later banned Conservative CRTV commentator Gavin McInnes.

Meanwhile, Democrats have called for silencing free speech and a free press. In fact, Democrat Senator Chris Murphy (CT-D) called for an even larger purge of non-Progressives from the internet. Democrat Murphy tweeted…

“InfoWars is the tip of a giant iceberg of hate and lies that uses sites like Facebook and YouTube to tear our nation apart. These companies must do more than take down one website. The survival of our democracy depends on it.”

Senator Chris Murphy, (CT-D)

Apparently, Chris Murphy and his fellow Democrat colleagues want Communist Soviet Russian and Chinese style political censorship. In fact, firewalls and shadow banning is the same style tactics used by the Russians and Chinese. Amazingly, the Progressive-Socialist left, isn’t even hiding the fact that they embrace socialism, communism, and communist censorship. In fact, they are now openly, and publicly calling for anti-Socialist / anti-Progressive speech be shut down.

Donald Trump Jr. reacted to Democrat Murphy, by stating…

A Democrat Senator openly admitting that Big Tech’s censorship campaign is really about purging all conservative media.

How long before Big Tech and their Democrat friends move to censor and purge @BreitbartNews@DailyCaller and other conservatives voices from their platforms?

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) August 7, 2018

Sadly, Donald Trump Jr. was not off the mark, as it soon became known that the Democrats were circulating plans to take control of the internet, which included regulating political speech that opposed their own ideology.

The DNC plans included:

Mandatory location verification. The paper suggests forcing social media platforms to authenticate and disclose the geographic origin of all user accounts or posts.

Mandatory identity verification: The paper suggests forcing social media and tech platforms to authenticate user identities and only allow “authentic” accounts (“inauthentic accounts not only pose threats to our democratic process…but undermine the integrity of digital markets”), with “failure to appropriately address inauthentic account activity” punishable as “a violation of both SEC disclosure rules and/or Section 5 of the [Federal Trade Commission] Act.”

Bot labeling: Warner’s paper suggests forcing companies to somehow label bots or be penalized (no word from Warner on how this is remotely feasible)

Define popular tech as “essential facilities.” These would be subject to all sorts of heightened rules and controls, says the paper, offering Google Maps as an example of the kinds of apps or platforms that might count. “The law would not mandate that a dominant provider offer the serve for free,” writes Warner. “Rather, it would be required to offer it on reasonable and non-discriminatory terms” provided by the government.


The memo titled “Potential Policy Proposals for Regulation of Social Media and Technology Firms” was leaked hit the internet on July 31, 2018, and was published by Progressive left-wing Axios. It was written by Democrat Senator Mark Warner, and cited that the Senate Democrats claimed that the social media platforms base customers belonged to the Democrat Party, and it details a slew of authoritarian proposals to regulate the platforms, and purge conservative and anti-Progressive, anti-Democrat party voices. Democrats claim that it is a way to fight Russian bots and fake news. The Democrat Senators say that to save American trust in “our institutions, democracy, free press, and markets,” the memo suggests, we need unprecedented and undemocratic government intervention into online press and markets, including “comprehensive (GDPR-like) data protection legislation” of the sort enacted in the E.U. The same EU legislation that has consequently silenced any opposition to the radical left-wing socialist One-World agenda.

Senator Mark Warner’s memo starts out by stating that Russians have long spread disinformation, and cites that

“the Soviets tried to spread ‘fake news’ denigrating Martin Luther King.”

Senator Mark Warner (VA-D)

Interestingly, he fails to note that the Democrat Party itself was heavily involved in the denigration of Martin Luther King, and even worse Senator Warner then went on to state…

“Today’s tools seem almost built for Russian disinformation techniques.”

Senator Mark Warner (VA-D)

Other Democrat proposals include the requirement of disclosure for online political speech, which entails anyone who wants to express ideas or news online, would have to be approved and allowed by government, before Americans could voice their thoughts or ideas. aka…Soviet Union style communist censorship and thought police!

Now, not only has the leftist mob demanded and accomplished the censorship of InfoWars, they are working on targeting the one network who refuses to bow to their Progressive agenda, the Fox News Channel. In fact, last month Facebook held a public event with reporters to promote their new Facebook Watch video feature, and the “Mainstream Media” demanded that Facebook ban not only InfoWars from their platform, but even called for the major Fox News network to be banned and censored as well.

Therefore, not only Democrats are calling for an end to the First Amendment’s ‘Freedom of Speech’, and the ‘Freedom of the Press’, but even Mainstream Media organizations like the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, and others who should be defending the First Amendment, are now calling for its demise! Meanwhile, the Tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Spotify, Instagram, Apple, and others are heading towards the censorship of the largest and most watched major news network, and if they are willing to censor Fox News, they will certainly censor all conservative voices, effectively ending the First Amendment’s ‘Freedom of Speech’, and Freedom of the Press’. After all, between Democrats openly saying that the ‘survival of our democracy’ depends on banning Conservative websites from social media, and Democrats like Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio discussed the role of FOX News on American culture, and what a wonderful world it would be if there were no opposing voices to the Democrat Party’, effectivly ushering in communist style government.

Now, even more concerning is the fact that YouTube, like other social media sites, is adding so-called ‘fact checkers’ to YouTube videos that question ‘Climate Change’. Left-Wing Buzzfeed News reported that…

YouTube is now adding fact checks to videos that question climate change, BuzzFeed News has confirmed, as a part of its ongoing effort to combat the rampant misinformation and conspiratorial fodder on its platform.

On July 9, the company added a blurb of text underneath some videos about climate change, which provided a scientifically accurate explainer. The text comes from the Wikipedia entry for global warming and states that “multiple lines of scientific evidence show that the climate system is warming.”

This new feature follows YouTube’s announcement in March that it would place descriptions from Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica next to videos on topics that spur conspiracy theories, such as the moon landing and the Oklahoma City bombing. In doing the same for climate videos, the company seems to be wading into more fraught and complex intellectual territory.

The irony abounds, as YouTube uses one of the most un-trusted, as well as a false informational site like Wikipedia, to try to invalidate any postings that question the Progressive-Socialist global warming or climate change claims. It is yet another way that the Tech Giant Google and their YouTube subsidiary are trying to control the flow of information to the billions of people in the digital public square, who depend on Social Media to connect with co-workers, friends, family, and other loved ones around the globe.

Google subsidiary YouTube says:

“Global warming, also referred to as climate change is the observed century-scale rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s climate system and its related effects. Multiple lines of scientific evidence show that the climate system is warming.”

YouTube, A Google Subsidiary

However, ‘global warming,’ or ‘climate change’ are terms manufactured to strike fear into the world’s population. It is designed to manipulate humans into believing that they need government to help save mankind from themselves. It is designed to make the population believe that the government should control how we spend our money, how much energy we utilize, how we run our businesses, and how we live our lives. In fact,  the left-wing Paris Climate Accord was designed to give the government’s of the world control over our lives and the lives of the general population.

Sadly, today the Tech Giants control the flow of information throughout the digital world, and now Democrats Mainstream Media, and left-wing Progressive activists are dictating the information that they are allowing private citizens to voice. In fact, yet another example shows how Media Matters for America, which is controlled by pro-Communist billionaire George Soros, has been pushing for Facebook to ban anti-Climate Change articles, comments, and videos.

In truth, ‘climate change’ or ‘global warming’ is a political issue, not a scientific one. Therefore, as new scientific evidence is unearthed which disproves the Progressive-Socialists junk-science, the globalist elites are desperate to shut down the narrative, shut down any forum that questions the Progressive-agenda, and shut down the digital ‘public square’. After all, if you can’t win the argument, shut down the narrative!

The Daily Caller cited some of their concerns about shutting down the Tech Giant’s social media censorship, and they stated that one of the problems with correcting the wrongs perpetrated by the left, involves the fact that the First Amendment protects against  governmental limitations on expression, but it does not protect against the organizations limitations of individual expression. For example, if the one of our Senators didn’t like an article published by Evans News Report, the First Amendment protects against censorship. However, the First Amendment does not allow a conservative publication to be forced to run an article from a liberal journalist, or  for an online platform like Facebook, Twitter, or Google to remove content it does not like.

However, there is a difference between an independent news organization that publishes news, and online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Wikipedia, and other Tech Giants. Independent news organizations CAN publish news articles independently that lean towards one ideology or point of view. However, Democrats try to claim that social media sites are independent, and cannot be held to First Amendment standards. Even conservatives try to defend the social media giants as free of the First Amendment, because they don’t want to risk government control, however, this is where they are clearly wrong!

News agencies are Independent news organizations who may be conservative, liberal, progressive, moderate, socialist, or even communist. They are private entities who are entitled to First Amendment protections of the ‘freedom of speech’, and freedom of the press’ . However, they are wrong about social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Gab, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, Google+, and other social media sites. Those sites do not post articles or information, but instead serve as a digital ‘public square’ forum for Americans and others around the world to post thoughts, ideas, and beliefs to share with their friends, loved ones, family, and others in their workplace, community, country, and around the world. Clearly, society has changed over the past 20 to 30 years, as the “public square” no longer belongs in local coffee shops, street corners, shopping malls, town halls, barber shops, colleges, or any other physical location. However, today as Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms have become the modern-day “public square”, where Americans can talk, discuss their daily lives, talk politics, try to explain their ‘point of view’ to their fellow Americans, or even to express their political viewpoint, the virtual “public square”, has become the life-blood of American democracy, and has filled the void, as the traditional ‘public square’ has become less and less instrumental in today’s political and daily culture.

Political debate has always been messy, like when Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. led marches through the streets of America to gain rights for African-Americans. It was messy when abortion advocates protested anti-abortion laws, until  the Roe vs. Wade decision. It was messy when slavery led to the Civil War in America. It was messy when women fought for their rights. Even today, it is messy when Americans voice their opposition to policies and laws that American legislators pass, or actions of the President of the United States. However, today  we have social media ‘gatekeepers’, who decide who can speak in the digital ‘public square’. In fact,  while they silence conservative Americans, they promote Progressive Socialists. While they silence pro-Trump Americans, they prop up the anti-Trump resistance. While they silence Libertarians, they amplify the Democrats. While they delete anti-abortionists and label them ‘hate groups’, they promote pro-abortionist Progressives, and call them patriots.

The public square dates back to the colonial times, and has been a crucial part of the American political discourse, but it has proven crucial for the survival of our Constitutional Republic. As a result, the U.S. Supreme Court has protected political speech and assembly, in a multitude of settings, with very few exceptions. For example, in National Socialist Party v. Skokie (1977), the court said that the neo-Nazis had the right to march down the streets of Skokie, Illinois, a community heavily populated by Jewish residents and Holocaust survivors. Also, the Supreme Court said recently, that the in a 9-0 decision, they upheld the free expression rights of a church to picket at a funeral even though the expression was considered offensive and outrageous (Snyder v. Phelps, 2011). In February of 2017, the court case Packingham v. North Carolina presented complex questions about how to protect the community in ways consistent with the right to free speech. The case stemmed from a 2008 North Carolina law that was passed, making it a serious criminal offense for a registered sex offender to be able to access social media sites that included children as members. Lester Packingham Jr., the defendant in the case, registered as a sex offender, after pleading guilty in 2002 to having sex with a 13-year-old when he was a 21-year-old college student. He was charged for violating the social media law, when he posted about having a traffic court case dismissed against him on Facebook. Packingham appealed, citing that the law was unconstitutional, and was a violation of his First Amendment rights. The Supreme Court sided with Peckingham and struck down the law as a violation of the First Amendment. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy emphasized the importance of protecting access to the internet, citing…

“Social media allows users to gain access to information and communicate with one another about it on any subject that might come to mind. . . . By prohibiting sex offenders from using those websites, North Carolina with one broad stroke bars access to what for many are the principal sources for knowing current events, checking ads for employment, speaking and listening in the modern public square, and otherwise exploring the vast realms of human thought and knowledge. These websites can provide perhaps the most powerful mechanisms available to a private citizen to make his or her voice heard. They allow a person with an Internet connection to ‘become a town crier with a voice that resonates farther than it could from any soapbox.’”

“While we now may be coming to the realization that the Cyber Age is a revolution of historic proportions, we cannot appreciate yet its full dimensions and vast potential to alter how we think, express ourselves, and define who we want to be. The forces and directions of the Internet are so new, so protean, and so far-reaching that courts must be conscious that what they say today might be obsolete tomorrow.”

United States Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy

Today, American’s constitutional rights are under assault from the Progressive-Socialist left, as Democrats and Mainstream Media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, the New York Times, Chicago Sun, Washington Post, and countless other Progressive outlets call for the silencing of opposing viewpoints as was perpetrated by Joseph Stalin, during the foundation of the communist Soviet Union.

In fact, in 1917 the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia while championing freedom, yet one of their first decisions was to limit free speech through harsh censorship. A narrative that is now being repeated by the now Progressive-Socialist Democrat Party today.  In November 1917, the Soviet government signed the Decree on Press that prohibited publishing any “bourgeois” articles which criticized the Bolsheviks’ authority. In the subsequent years, political censorship grew stronger, until it reached its peak under Joseph Stalin’s reign.

Today, Democrats cannot issue a decree, due to the Constitution of the United States, combined with their powers being hampered by Conservative Republicans, Constitutional Originalist Judges (interpret the constitution as written by our Founding Fathers more than 200 years ago), and President Trump. Therefore, pro-Communist and pro-Socialists have taken to a new theory. They are interpreting the Constitution in a slat that gives them the power to effectively shut down free-speech, and deem social-media independent of the First Amendment laws. They do rightly state that the Facebook corporation is a private business, but their platform is specifically designed to be a ‘public platform’ for the exchange of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media companies may be independent companies, but in the very fabric of their platform, it was designed to be a way that the public could communicate, inform others of what is going on in the lives of each other, and even use as a political tool to promote or oppose political candidates, beliefs, and ideologies. The social media giants could have tried to claim that it isn’t intended for political thought, but they have personally used the platform to promote progressive-Democrats, while badgering, smearing, censoring and silencing conservatives, christians, President Trump, and pro-Trump Americans. Therefore, they have openly admitted through their own actions that the platform is to promote one party over another.

Some conservatives fear that forcing social media to conform to First Amendment rights would result in Media organizations being granted control over the media. For example, regarding Sinclair news bulletin scandal, where the network was accused of pushing out a political message via its locally owned media stations. Conservatives were quick to defend the media company, acknowledging its right to regulate content, desite their actions being a blatant attack against those very conservatives themselves. However, Social Media is not news media! Rather, it is a platform for the open exchange of thoughts, ideas, feelings, and political thought.

The Daily Caller’s Anders Hagstrom said,

“If you don’t like what Sinclair is selling, there are 1,780 TV stations in the U.S. – change the channel.” The same could be said of conservative critics of Facebook who insist on using the platform regardless.

However, it isn’t really that simple! Since you have the Progressive-Socialists taking control of most tv networks and print media, Americans have turned to the internet. Now, Americans are having their ability to communicate and access information stripped away on nearly every platform, and definitely on every well-established platform. In addition, Apple, Google, and other internet Giants have suppressed sites that allow true ‘free speech’ like Gab, and effectively banned them from app stores, once again in the name of ‘hate speech’. Also, Google has taken control of search results, leaving Americans with the inability to access non-Progressive information. YouTube has begun to purge non-Progressive content from their site. Twitter, Facebook, and virtually every other social media site, which was designed to be an open forum for the public exchange of ideas and information is now being censored, as non-Progressives and non-Progressive information is effectively being purged from the sites.

Facebook and Social Media Tech Giants may be a private business, rather than a ‘public space’, but their platform has become just that! A PUBLIC SPACE for the exchange of ideas, thoughts, and even political information. In fact, more information flows between Americans, as well as people around the world on social media, than by any other means. Businesses use the platforms to communicate their policies needs, and ideas. People use it to stay in connection with the friends, family, and loved ones. Americans use it to stay informed, and inform others concerning the political climate and events. These open platforms have in fact become so powerful, that they can effectively cut-off and run companies out-of-business who don’t share their Progressive-Socialist ideals. They can cut-off Americans and people around the world from the truth, unless it is what their company deems it as truth, and in line with the Progressive-Socialist and communist narrative! Social Media companies can grant power and noteriety to individuals whom they deem good for the Progressive cauase, and completely cut-off those who oppose their ideological beliefs. Frighteningly, these social media giants are using their power to destroy the Constitution and its First Amendment, while championing freedom, and hiding behind the First Amendment.

Some Conservatives like on the Daily Caller say

“government regulation of free speech online would not safeguard the future of conservative speech. It would endanger it.”

Daily Caller

However, it is not truly regulation of free speech, but instead fighting for free speech. After all, the Constitution’s First Amendment is not a regulation, but instead a right! Furthermore, granting Americans the right to use a ‘public forum’, whether it is created by a private company or not, is not regulating free speech, but instead protecting the rights of those who use that forum.

In fact, while news media sites are truly independent of the First Amendment, Social Media companies platforms have become a ‘pubic forum’. A place where Americans are able to freely exercise their freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and all their other rights that are granted under the Constitution. Furthermore, just like other communication companies like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, SW Bell, and others are not allowed to dictate who is allowed to talk on the telephone, or pick and choose, what we are able to say, Social Media companies which were designed to be a way to communicate and express ideas, should not have the right to pick and choose who is allowed to speak, or control what people say. If they are truly concerned about ‘hate speech’, or ‘discrimination’, they should give the power to censor to ‘We the People’. They could add filters, that would allow the user to filter out political speech, foul language, specific keywords, or specific individuals from their own personal account. Unfortunately, social media and tech giants really don’t care about ‘hate speech’, or ‘discrimination’. They care about controlling ‘We the People’, what we hear, who is allowed to speak, and who is elected in the next election. IT IS ABOUT POWER. Furthermore, if America doesn’t act soon, we will witness another Stalinist act like his Decree on Press that officially ended the ‘Freedom of Speech’, and ‘Freedom of the Press’. It will be in that moment, that America’s Constitutional Republic will be summarily lost, as a new age of communist oppression, fear, and bondage will fill that void.