By: Brian Evans

Earlier in the week Democrats pointed to Friday’s job numbers as a problem for the Trump Administration and their policies. They said that the numbers were superficial, and were overestimated by America’s chief economists. However, their silence became deafening Friday morning, when the Labor Department reported that the United States economy added yet another 157,000 jobs during the month of July, and the unemployment dropped yet again to 3.9%.

Democrats pointed to some economists who believed that early projections were over-estimated, but instead it turns out that the payroll gains were drastically underestimated, as the economy continues to surge forward at an unprecedented rate. In fact, non-farm payroll growth in June was revised up from 213,000 to 248,000. Manufacturing added 37,000 jobs, for a total of 327,000 new manufacturing jobs over the past year. Then, construction added another 19,000 jobs, for a total of 308,000 additional construction jobs over the past 12 months.

The one area where job creation dropped, was in the toy and hobby stores, which fell by 32,000 workers, which the closing of Toys R Us was the primary culprit for job losses in that category. President Trump has been fighting to even the playing field, regarding taxes, as brick and mortar stores like Toys R Us and Best Buy have fought to move into the online sales market. However, the embattled local stores have been no match for the massive, who has been able to sell items from all sectors of the market, to consumers at much lower prices due to lower overhead and tax-free sales across most of the nation.

As far as wage gains, hourly earning employees saw an annual gain of 2.7%, and .3% in April. However, in June, wage gains were at .1%. Meanwhile, the labor participation rate has increased to 63.5%, with the prime age employment ratio rising, and just 3.9% of Americans now unemployed.

What does all this mean for Americans and America? In all, it means that “we are in the midst of the longest positive job growth streak in history.” Although President Trump predicted the economic success that America and the rest of the world is now witnessing, Obama and his Democratic allies touted it as a ‘fairy tale’. Regardless, employment has grown for 93 consecutive months, beating out the previous record of 48 months. Furthermore, the President stated following the news of economic growth…

“And I will say this right now, and I’ll say it strongly: As the trade deals come in one by one, we’re going to go a lot higher than these numbers. And these are great numbers. We are in the midst of the longest positive job growth streak in history.”

President Donald J. Trump

In fact, President Trump is right. America has been in midst of a trade war for years, as other countries like Canada, Mexico, and European Union countries have taken advantage of our generosity, by imposing massive tariffs on American goods, as we imposed very little. Other countries like China and Russia have not only imposed massive tariffs on the United States, but they have been knee deep in stealing American intellectual property, and currency manipulation, designed to hurt America and Americans.

Furthermore, as unemployment has reached record lows for Americans in general, American minorities including blacks, latinos, women, and asian-Americans have experienced the lowest unemployment levels in American history.

Democrats have tried to tar the numbers, and sidetrack Americans from the good economic statistics, but the numbers are hard to argue with.

In fact, on the Ingram Angle, they highlight how the Mainstream Media downplay the Trump Administration’s economic successes.

Also, the left-wing New York Times ran the article, ‘Trump’s Economic Claims Are Overblown‘ – New York Times

The Times admits that the economy is continuing to expand nicely, but then they go on to claim that in regards of the economy…

“there’s nothing remarkable in the overall results since Mr. Trump took office. Most importantly, there is little evidence that the president’s policies have meaningfully improved the fortunes of those “forgotten” Americans who elected him.”

New York Times

The Times touts that job growth has remained stagnant since he took office, regardless of there now being more jobs than able bodies to fill those jobs. Also, black, hispanic, and women’s unemployment being the lowest ever recorded in history. In fact, Fox News’ Judge Pirro pointed out the incredible economic numbers that President Trump and his policies have ushered in on her show.

Regardless, the Times says joblessness is no different from under Obama, and they describe American’s income as “harsh, and not improving”, regardless of the average American witnessing the benefits of a growing and successful economy first hand.

The New York Times goes on to say that inflation is out of control, and eating up any wage increases that have become available under President Trump. However, once again the New York Times, as well as much of the anti-Trump Mainstream Media only tells the part of the story that paints the President in a bad light. For example, they are right that the inflation rate in the United States edged up to 2.9% in June. However, they fail to explain that that .1% increase from May’s 2.8% to 2.9% interest rate in June matched market expectations, and was due to rising prices for oil and gasoline. A problem that the President has addressed with making America self-sufficient, but Democrats and the radical progressive environmentalists have fought, sued, and blocked the Administration at every opportunity. President Trump, and his Adminstration has fought for increased oil exploraion, the construction of pipelines through the United States, off-shore oil drilling, Alaskan oil drilling, etc. However, Democrats have not only sued the Administration, but they have threatened the President, and his EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt. As a result, the United States has been at the mercy of Middle Eastern OPEC countries who have manipulated the flow of oil, causing not only world oil and gas prices to rise, but American oil and gas prices have skyrocketed. Therefore, the Democrats and Progressive radicals, have consequently causd the United States interest rates to rise as a result. In fact, year on year prices rose faster for fuel oil from 25.3% to 30.8% in May; gasoline from 21.8% to 24.3%, which has consequently caused the rise in costs to medical care services from 2.3 to 2.5%; and food from 1.2% to 1.4%.

Also, the Mainstream Media fails to point outthat inflation lowered for housing from 3.5% down to 3.4%; apparel fro 1.4% to 0.6%; medical care commodities from 2,7% to 2.4%; and transportation services from 3.8% to 3.7%. In addition, electricity costs dropped by .1%, gas utililty service by 1.3%, used cars and trucks by 1%, and new vehicles by .6%.

Then, they go after the GDP, which is at an incredible 4.1%, which Obama said Trump couldn’t get it over 3%.The Times said that these numbers are volatile, and fluctuate. Therefore, they argue that the numbers say that the “tax reductions and spending increases concocted by the Trump administration and Congress, which added an estimated 0.8 percent to quarterly G.D.P. growth while more than doubling next year’s federal deficit to nearly $1 trillion.” However, they inappropriately cite credit for the spending increases to President Trump. Under the Trump “Tax Plan”, it actually gave tax breaks to Americans, and then American’s used that extra money to spend. Not President Trump! It was under Obama, where ‘tax and government spending’ was utilized to try to prop up a wavering economy. Furthermore, under the Democrats tax and spend plan, it created a system that gave the economy a ‘sugar rush’, where the government taxed Americans heavily, spent that money quickly, and gave the economy a quick sugar high. However, that sugar high only lasts as long as the government keeps spending money, and therefore continued heavy taxation of ‘We the People’. Under the Trump tax plan, it does quite the contrary. It lowered taxes, put more money in the pockets of Americans, increased consumer economic spending, resulted in more goods and services being bought, resulted in more manufacturing plants, more businesses, and therefore, more jobs. As a result of the increased businesses and jobs, the economy has continued to grow, jobs have continued to increase, wages have gone up, and America’s GDP has continued to climb. NO SUGAR RUSH NEEDED. As a result, the long-term outlook for the American economy is promising, which has resulted in long-term economic forecasts to be raised, and the economic outlook to look very promising. Business insider pointed out

  • President Donald Trump took a victory lap Friday after second-quarter gross-domestic-product growth came in at 4.1%, the strongest since the third quarter of 2014.
  • Trump said the GDP reading proved that his policies were working and that the country was on track to fulfill his promise of sustained 4% annual GDP growth.
  • Many economists doubted the strong growth would continue, pointing to transitory factors that help boost the second-quarter number.
  • But early estimates for third-quarter GDP growth look potentially even stronger.

Another area of confusion that the NY Times touts involves how President Trump’s tax cut delivered a $930 reduction in the average Americans taxes, and that half of that cut would go to higher gasoline prices. However, although they are correct about the tax cut, they once again make the leap to cite that the gas prices are related to the economy. However, as we pointed out earlier, higher gas prices are subject to the Arab OPEC countries who largely determine the output of oil, and therefore the cost that is passed to consumers around the world, including the American people. That is one of the biggest reasons that President Trump has worked tirelessly to install pipelines that span the country, and increase oil exploration and drilling in the United States and along our coastal regions. After all, America has one of the safest oil exploration and drilling procedures and regulations, compared to the Middle East. Furthermore, if America became self-sufficient on oil, gas prices would plummet to the lowest levels. Ultimately, Progressive Democrats and the Mainstream Media have been the biggest culprits in giving power to the Arab OPEC countries, which has left American vulnerable to the oil producing countries who don’t have to fight against the left-wing radical environmentalists. Therefore, our oil prices are very closely tied to their market, decisions on oil output, and Arab exports.

Even more shocking, is the fact that the New York Times stated that “the Trump administration’s policies have done little for the average worker,” but the majority of Americans would beg to differ, as they are now able to find jobs for the first time in years, and as they are able to keep more of their hard-earned money, instead of forking it over to the Washington beureacrats to spend as they see fit. In fact, Democrat Nancy Pelosi called the tax cuts ‘crumbs’, but most Americans appreciate the so-called ‘crumbs’, over her commitment to raise taxes, if the Democrats regain control of Congress this November.

In all, the New York Times and other Mainstream Media outlets may claim that “most Americans have yet to experience any improvement in their economic well-being,” but millions of Americans would beg to differ. Furthermore, as the ‘Trump economy’ continues to climb, and the 2018 midterm elections edge closer and closer, Democrats and their Mainstream Media counterparts may find their words falling upon deaf ears. Especially, as they continue to lose credibility in the eyes of those who they so desperately need to listen.