By: Brian Evans

Democrats and their Mainstream Media allies have acquired not only a loathing ‘hate’ for our Commander-in-Chief since before he was even elected President, but some have gone to the more radical extreme of hate. In fact, as we have said before, “If You Don’t Think America Is At War For The Preservation Of Our Constitutional Republic And Freedom…Think Again!”

The DNC and the Progressive’s that have filled their ranks, combined with their Progressive allies in the Mainstream Media, and strategically placed throughout our national and state governments are one of the most strategic threats to our Constitutional Republic. In fact, it isn’t President Trump that they loath or hate with every fiber of their being. Instead, it is what he stands for. He stands for an end to their Progressive Socialist and Communist idealistic aims, and the restoration of our Constitutional Republic as it was envisioned and designed by our nations Founding Fathers. In fact, President Trump’s massive successes have put our nation back on its path of freedom, prosperity, and given American’s a renewed sense of pride in being an American. Meanwhile, Democrats have encouraged ‘hate speech’, and ‘violence’ against the Administration, and American voters who support his agenda. Top that with the fact that the head of the DNC, Chairman Tom Perez stated that Democrat Socialists of America member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “represents the future of our party.” A woman and organization based on turning America into a communist nation, and destroying the Constitution, and all that it represents to Americans.

Meanwhile, as President Trump met with Vladimir Putin on Monday, Democrats attacked the President with all sorts of heinous and vindictive comments that in days of old, would have been called ‘treasonous’. However today, Democrats believe everything is on the table. From threatening to murder or decapitate the President of the United States, to kidnapping, raping, and murdering Barron Trump and other political opponents children, to Maxine Waters calling for the targeting of Trump Administration officials and supporters at restaurants, movie theatres, gas stations, and their homes.

Now, as President Trump met with Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin in an effort to resolve international problems, and re-establish a working relationship with the United States, Democrats have stepped up the attack to a new and unprecedented level. Just a few of the outlandish attacks included…

However, it wasn’t President Trump that accepted $500K dollars for 1 speech from Russian bank! It wasn’t President Trump who took $140m from Russia for his foundation. It wasn’t President Trump who gave Russia 1/5 of US uranium supply to Russia. Therefore, as Mike Huckabee said

Which team are YOU on, Hillary?

Mike Huckabee, Former Governor of Arkanasas

Then, the Progressive-left got worse, as the Daily Caller reported that

Democratic Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen on Monday called for the “military folks” to save America from President Donald Trump after Trump’s much-criticized press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He tweeted…

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 10.42.22 PM

Americans immediately became concerned that his tweet was suggestive of a military coup. Congressman Steve Cohen later said…

“Talk about jumping to conclusions without talking to source. No coup called for . I seriously doubt anyone would use twitter to do .. one tweet if by land two if by sea…Wow”

Steve Cohen (TN-D), Congressman

However, Cohen has demonstrated his complete bias, absurdity, and disgrace to not only the President of the United States, but to the office of the President, and to the military. In fact, just last week Cohen stated in the Peter Strzok hearing that

“if I could give you a purple heart, I would”

Steve Cohen (TN-D), Congressman

The Tennessean reported that Democratic U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen’s constituents are “pissed as hell” after Cohen said Strzok deserved the military award. Especially since the Purple Heart is typically awarded to members of the U.S. military who are wounded in combat, or given posthumously to those killed in combat. Sean Higgins, an Air Force veteran from Memphis stated that…

“How do you compare someone getting wounded in combat to someone getting in trouble for message he sent? How can Cohen claim (Strzok) get a Purple Heart for that?” 

Sean Higgins, Air Force Veteran

Meanwhile, former Obama CIA Director John Brennan, stated that Trump’s press conference was “treasonous.” Brennan failed to explain how the meeting was treasonous, except the fact that when the President confronted Putin about Russian election meddling, he later sounded skeptical about the U.S. Intelligence Community’s conclusion that Russia was meddling in American politics during the 2016 presidential campaign. Regardless, the President rightly pitted blame on both Russia and some in the United States who have tried to interfere in the election outcome, and remove him from office. Ironically, the President was right, since Tennessee Democrat Cohen and his fellow Democrats introduced Articles of Impeachment against the President, while the Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi also vowed to remove the President from office, if they take control of Congress come November.

Regardless, the removal of the Progressive’s obstacle to their successful implementation of a Socialist economy and a One-World Government couldn’t come soon enough for some in the Democrat Party, or their Democrats Mainstream Media propaganda machine. For example, on Monday CNN Analyst Philip Mudd asked…

“When will ‘Shadow Government’ rise against Trump”

Philip Mudd, CNN Analyst

Then, as President Trump arrived on the south lawn of the White House from his European trip, the radical Progressive activists lined up yelling “traitor, traitor, traitor.” Meanwhile, left-wing activists like Scott Dworkin’s twitter states  that he is “Co-Founder of the Democratic Coalition, the Dworkin Report podcast host. MSNBC Contributor, and a proud member of “The Resistance”. It goes on to call for the removal of Trump and Vice President Mike Pence from office and for defeated 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to “take over”.

Dworkin posted Monday night, “Trump and Pence should be removed from office and we should either have a new election, or Hillary Clinton should take over. That’s how we beat Putin. There is no other way. #ImpeachTrump”

Scott Dworkin


Trump and Pence should be removed from office and we should either have a new election, or Hillary Clinton should take over. That’s how we beat Putin. There is no other way. #ImpeachTrump


However, Scott Dworkin, the Democrat Coalition, the DNC, the Mainstream Media, Robert Mueller, the DOJ, the FBI, and countless others, fail to not only investigate blatant collusion or even ask  questions that everyone knows to be true. For example, if the Russia Collusion investigations is non-partisan and non–biased, why isn’t anyone investigating or asking questions about…

  1. Why was Bill Clinton paid $500,000 for a speech in Russia?
  2. Why did Secretary Hillary Clinton allow sale of a large portion of United States uranium resources to Russia?
  3. Why did the Clinton Foundation receive $145 million from the stockholders of the company that sold the uranium resources to Russia?
  4. What about the additional millions received from Russians that the Clinton Foundation “forgot” to report?
  5. Why did the FBI allow the DNC to investigate its own servers, which are at the CENTER OF THE INVESTIGATION FOR RUSSIA HACKING?
  6. Why hasn’t the FBI or Mueller, or ANYONE collected the servers, which are central to the investigation, and are now conveniently declared missing by the DNC itself?
  7. Where are Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 emails, and why did the FBI give the Clinton campaign days warning before coming to collect the emails? More concerning is that with that warning, the Clinton campaign used that time to smash hard drives, blit-bleach those drives, and make it impossible for investigators to find out what was on those drives!

Yes, President Trump was right to blame both Russia and American intelligence agencies for interfering in the 2016 election.  Sadly, it is our own intelligence agencies that have had their top leadership infiltrated with anti-Constitutional, pro-Socialist, pro-Communist Deep State plants, who’s primary objective is to clear a path for our nation to be converted from a Constitutional-Republic into a Communist Collective. Also, if anyone gets in the way, like President Donald Trump, they use the power of those very agencies to usurp the Presidents authority, and remove him from office, thereby paving the way for the Progressive-Socialists to re-embed their own leadership back into the White House, or any other office that becomes a problem for the pro-Socialist, pro-Communist Progressive-Democrat left.

What the Progressive-left fails to mention, is the fact that Russia has been running interference in American elections, as well as every other country’s elections, since the Cold War. Therefore, why do the Democrats care so much now about Russian interference in our elections since its been going on for decades? They care, because now they need an excuse to overturn the American people’s vote during the 2016 election. They need a way to stop President Trump from returning our nation from the socialist and communist course that recent Administrations and Progressive Congressional leaders had set a course for, and return our nation back to the Constitutional Republic that our Founding Fathers created and intended.

Therefore, coup or no coup, ‘shadow government’ or ‘deep state’, it is the Fabian-RINO Socialists, Progressive Socialists, and Communists within our own borders, who pose the greatest risk to our nation, our freedoms, and our Constitutional Republic. They try to use Russia as a distraction, and a tool to bring about the demise of their greatest enemy…’WE THE PEOPLE’! They attack President Donald Trump as a threat, not simply because he represents everything that they despise and hate about America, like freedom, democracy, and a return to our country’s founding principles. Progressives biggest threat is ‘We the People’! They need us to be divided, because they cannot debase our country, or convert our nation from its Constitutional Republic to a Communist Collective, if we stand UNITED! In truth, they hate the ‘Constitution of the United States’, but IT IS simply a historical piece of paper. A document that is meaningless without a nation of ‘We the People,’ who stand united in a belief in the gravity of what it represents, and what it means for us, as a nation. That is why the democrats pit man against woman, gays against straights, christians against non-christians, muslims against non-muslims, blacks against whites, hispanics against non-hispanics, rich against poor, old against the young, educated against the non-educated, republicans against democrast, the federal government against state governments, Americans against the American flag, patriots against socialists, corporations against their workers, business owners against their workers, and ‘We the People’ against President Trump.

However, Democrats today have one big problem. Today, they see the President as the single biggest threat to their radical agenda, because he is re-uniting ‘We the people.’ President Trump calls for an end to discrimination. He calls for an end to unemployment and poverty. He looks to help Americans help themselves, rather than be dependent on the Democrats and their government handouts to simply survive. President Trump is returning governmental power and land that was stolen by the Progressive BIG GOVERNMENT  machine, back to ‘We the People’! He is working to end government control and meddling in the energy industry, healthcare, and in all other sectors and areas of our lives. He is working to break down the walls and divisions that the Progressive Democrats have created over the years. Now, as a result, Progressives are in PANIC MODE, as they see President Trump giving light in the darkness, turning division into unity, and hate for America into pride for what America now represents. Today and into tomorrow, Democrats are now showing fear. They fear that America is once again finding itself! They fear that Americans are finding unity, where the seeds of division were sown by Democrats so many years before. Furthermore, they fear that the unity of ‘We the People’, will be their demise, as America once again stands as a light to the world, during a time when the world has plunged into the darkness and decay, of a One-World Global Communist vision of desperation, heartache, and despair. Then, perhaps American unity, pride, and her example can once again guide the world, as the beacon of light that we once were, not so many years ago.