By: Brian Evans

Anti-Americanism has over the years become commonplace throughout America’s Colleges and Universities. However, this week it can be seen in the Amerian heartland, as the University of Kansas made the decision to allow the defacement of America’s symbol of freedom with black paint, and then allow it to be flown over the KU campus.

Kansas candidate criticizes flag art display at university

The flag was defaced with what looks like black paints, is part of an art installation hosted by the Spencer Museum of Art called the “Pledges of Allegiance.” As a number of students passed by, they stopped in what they described as disbelief, and what turned to anger. One passerby said…

“I’m ashamed to be a Jayhawk. Wake up, America.”

According to the Creative Time, a public arts organization, the defaced and desecrated American flag is the work of Josephine Meckseper. She said…

“The flag is a collage of an American flag and one of my dripped paintings which resembles the contours of the United States. I divided the shape of the country in two for the flag design to reflect a deeply polarized country in which a president has openly bragged about harassing women and is withdrawing from the Kyoto protocol and UN Human Rights Council.”

Josephine Meckseper, KU

She went on to describe the desecration by stating…

“The black and white sock on my flag takes on a new symbolic meaning in light of the recent imprisonment of immigrant children at the border. Let’s not forget that we all came from somewhere and are only recent occupants of this country – native cultures knew to (take) care of this continent much better for thousands of years before us. It’s about time for our differences to unite us rather than divide us.”

Josephine Meckseper, KU

She didn’t explain how a sock like appearance that was used to deface the American flag has to do with uniting America, but it certainly has seemed to rightly do the opposite.  In fact, it is the Progressive-Left that has chosen to pit blacks against whites, rich against the poor, men against women, young against the old, and left against the right. Violence and division has always been a leftist tradition, and in recent years, hatred has turned to violence. Especially as President Trump has taken it upon himself and his Administration to return America to its Constitutional Principles. Just maybe, the Progressives, Socialists, Communists, or whatever they choose call themselves today should take a good look in the mirror and see just who is spewing racist comments, implementing hate-filled attacks, shooting Congressional members like Steve Scalise over ideology, or encouraging their constituents to run conservatives out of restaurants, bars, gas stations, or movie theatres. Who is spitting on those whom have differing ideological opinions, or bloodying Trump supporters? Regardless, many on the left either don’t get it, or don’t care.

A University of Kansas (KU) spokesperson said the photo is of a display from the nationwide “Pledges of Allegiance” public arts project that went up July 5 and is at 13 locations nationwide, and that the exhibit is being funded by private donations. However, the University of Kansas would not say that they would remove the defaced flag, regardless of the insult that it brings upon the United States of America, or those in our military who have fought, bled, or died to protect it, and everything it stands for.

Kansas Secretary of State, and Republican gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach reported to Fox News that he is outraged by the exhibit. He stated…

“It’s outrageous that you would see a public university displaying a desecrated flag. The fact they call it art does not make it any less of a desecration of our flag.” Kobach said it was “doubly outrageous” that the flag is being flown at a university supported by taxpayer funds. “I call upon the university to take down that exhibit right away,” he said. “It’s inexplicable why they think it is OK to display an American flag in this manner.”

Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, and Republican gubernatorial candidate

Sadly, it is unfortunate the University of Kansas has chosen to associate itself with an artist who despises the very nature of what it means to be an American, but they have. It is a disgraceful and heinous act that is funded by ‘We the People’s’ tax dollars, and helps to supposedly educate our children.

Consequently, American’s should let the University of Kansas know, just how OUTRAGED ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ TRULY ARE! To do so, their number is (785) 864-2700