By: Brian Evans

Last Friday, on HBO’s “Real Time,” the Washington Post Columnist Jennifer Rubin made a deeply concerning statement, following comments that were made by Socialist filmmaker Michael Moore’s call to take a million people to the U.S. Capitol to oppose President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy. In fact, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin went to the extreme, and made the suggestion that they should target Maine and Alaskan businesses, as a way to hurt and distress the American workers in those States, and put pressure on their Republican Senators, Susan Collins (ME-R) and Lisa Murkowski (AK-R), to oppose whomever President Trump appoints to the Supreme Court. Rubin of the Washington Post said…

“Instead of circling the capitol with a million people, take the million people to Maine and go to LL Bean and tell them in Maine, ‘You need to leave Maine,’ unless Susan Collins votes the right way,” she said. “That’s how you play hardball. You do it smart. You go to Alaska, you say, ‘You know what, we’re going to start boycotting Alaskan Cruises until your senator doesn’t vote Trump’s way.’”

Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post 

Sadly, Democrats and their Progressive friends and allies have waged war on President Trump, and they will do whatever necessary to bring America back to the verge of Socialism and Communism. Allies like the Mainstream Media’s own Washington Post, have made it clear that they will stoop to any level, employ any means necessary, and write any narrative, true or false, to achieve their mission. Unfortunately, it is placing the American people squarely in the middle. However, this is a war. It isn’t a war with guns or bullets, but a war between the long-time adversaries. It is a war between Capitalism and Socialism, a Constitutional Republic against a Communist State, freedom against bondage. Ultimately, it is a war that ‘We the People’ cannot lose, or the price paid will be the most costly and heartwrenching in our country’s history.