By: Brian Evans

Today, Mexico headed to the polls in their national elections, and it led to one of the largest ideological shifts in their countries history. What was a two-party system, has now been rocked with a socialist third-party that defied all odds, and beat the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which has controlled Mexico for the last 77 years.

Sadly, in recent years, Mexicans have become disillusioned with their nations political leadership, which has become deeply mired in deceit and political corruption. In fact, the outgoing President Enrique Peña Nieto has not only been extremely unpopular, but his Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) has lost its luster, due to a faltering economy, and the ramped corruption.

The man who beat the PRI, and won today’s Mexican Presidential election is known as Andrés Manuel López Obrador. He is a populist, and the most leftwing leader to take power for more than 80 years. His victory was based on a promise to end violence, corruption, and inequality throughout Mexico. However, Obrador’s election is also very reminiscent of the Madero’s 2013 rise to power in Venezuela. Just like Mexico, Venezuelan’s were concerned about the high unemployment, ramped corruption, critically high levels of crime, and a faltering economy.

The most pressing issues in Venezuela, during the rise of Maduro, was the failing economy, and the high murder and crime rate, particularly in the Venenzuela capital. After Maduro’s rise to power, he sent in his military troops throughout the country to crush the criminal elements, and establish order. However, those troops also allowed Maduro to rule with an iron fist, and crush anyone who dared question him, speak out against him, or oppose his leadership. Also, he ordered stores to lower prices, and ushered in what Progressive’s like to call, a so-called socialist utopia. However, that Utopia never materialized, and it left the Venenzuelan people’s lives shattered, desperate for food and clean water, and afraid to speak out.

Now, the United States has a much closer neighbor to the south, edging ever-closer to that very same outcome. Today, we know that Obrador is a 64-year-old, known as AMLO. He has already run for the presidency twice, and lost both times by relatively close margins. However, this time, Obrador has found a way to crush the competition, all while embracing a Socialist platform, and using Capitalist terminology. Obrador said that under his leadership, the government

“will no longer be a committee at the service of one group, but a true representation of the people.”

Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Madero gained the confidence and support of the people, by pledging to move out of the presidential palace, and into a more modest, older building. It was his effort to cast his image as a fighter against inequality. Also, López Obrador pledged to prioritize the rural and indigenous groups that have been neglected by previous governments, and promised major infrastructure programs that would be financed by the government, and financed by the so-called rich Mexican’s dime. In addition, similar to what Maduro did in Venezuela, López Obrador promised to create a fixed price for agricultural projects. A move that is likely to crash the agricultural sector in Mexico. A move that would scare most politicians, but for Obrador, it would simply move Mexico even closer to the socialist state that he promises.

Also, López Obrador said that he wants to offer free education for the young, and larger pensions for the old. A common thread that can be seen in communist and socialist countries throughout the world. After all, communist countries like to have complete control over the information that is given to their country’s youth, which creates mold-able and loyal young minds.

Additionally, many critics are concerned that López Obrador has pledged so many spending pledges, that he is leading Mexico down the same disastrous path that Venezuela took. Obrador refutes that argument, and says taxes will remain low, since they will be paid for with…

“the savings from combatting corruption and cutting unnecessary costs.”

López Obrador

Regardless, in Venenzuela, corruption was dealt with by using force, when Madero sent in 300 troops to crush any violence and corruption. It led to anyone who dared question Madero’s leadership, either being arrested, imprisoned, or killed. Mexico is also having ever-increasing corruption issues, as it has for decades. There are reports of the police are shaking down civilians and politicians accepting bribes, and it has become commonplace throughout Mexico. Political corruption has been a staple in Mexico for years, as corruption-related cases, relating to money laundering, drug cartel involvement, and participation in organized crime. Even politicians have been mired in scandal. For example, in 2016 Peña Nieto’s wife was caught trying to purchase a $7 million apartment, and when it became apparent that the money came from a businessman trying to get a government contract, the purchase was dropped.

Crime in Mexico has reached one of the worst levels in history, as 2018 is proving to be one of the most violent and death ridden times in their country’s history. Part of the problem has been a shortage of police officers, and the governments crackdown on drug cartels, as the crackdown’s caused the cartels to spread into other areas, that had previously been considered safe. López Obrador also wants to create a Mexican national guard, which would be tasked with patrolling Mexican streets, and crackdown on gangs. Many experts are concerned, that such a move would be used to instill fear throughout the people. Therefore, a more compliant population, similar to how Modera used the military in Venezuela.

In addition to crime, Mexico has been plagued with a sluggish economy with unemployment at an all-time high. Mexico now has more than 40% of its population now living in poverty, and Obrador’s promises to make the desperate poor, his number one priority. He said that he will balance the budget within the first three years, and accomplish that by reducing public official’s salaries, and ending cost-prohibitive projects. Also, he vows to open markets up to foreign investors, and has said that he will introduce ‘Universal Basic Income’, claiming that it would stimulate growth, and counter the problems of unemployment. The problem is, Obrador has no real way to pay for the socialist idea of ‘Universal Basic Income’, and it is an initiative would have devastating effects on the country’s overall economy.

Obrador’s has also made another highly controversial promise during his campaign. He has promised amnesty for prisoners who have committed certain types of crimes like drug offenses, which leaves the door open to greater crime, and free rein by drug cartels. He has even pledged amnesty for drug cartel kingpins, but when he was asked in 2006 about the cartel’s beheading of police officers, Obrador would only respond by saying “love and peace.” He tried to soften his outrageous and insane pledge with political spin, by insisting that “he won’t be setting violent criminals free, but his actions would prevent the prosecution of poor farmers who plant marijuana and opium poppy.” Never-the-less, Obrador’s radical policies would certainly create a major problem, for not only the Mexican people, but the United States as well. Especially, since America’s southern border is so porous and open, and Demorats have vowed to ‘resist’, and stop President Trump from building the wall.

Mexican presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) has also sought to fight against President Trump’s border control, and called for a mass immigration to the United States. He said it was a…

“human right” for all North Americans. “and soon, very soon — after the victory of our movement — we will defend all the migrants in the American continent and all the migrants in the world.”

López Obrador, President Elect of Mexico

Obrador added that immigrants…

“must leave their towns and find a life in the United States.”

López Obrador, President Elect of Mexico

He then declared migration…

“a human right we will defend,”

López Obrador, President Elect of Mexico

What does all this mean for Mexico, and for the United States of America? Overall, it shows that Mexico has chosen an authoritarian socialist to lead their country. A socialist who is apparently following in the footsteps of Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, Fidel Castro, and Nicolás Maduro. Unfortunately, it isn’t thousands of miles away, but instead on our doorstep.

Despite how the Mainstream Media and Progressive’s spin it, López Obrador AMLO is about as radical as they come. He is an admitted Socialist. In fact, he ran his campaign on a Socialist platform. Also, Obrador described Fidel Castro as…

a giant,” who “knew how to steer his people and achieve authentic, true independence.”

López Obrador, President Elect of Mexico

Ultimately, Obrador has won the Mexican Presidential election by running as a ‘Social Justice Warrior’. He has defined himself as a redeemer of the poor, and a man who will grant everyone a job, but leaving out the problems with that prospect. Meanwhile, he mocks his opponents as “the mafia in power”, and has promised to strip former President’s of their pensions. Similar to Fidel Castro’s rise to power in Cuba, López Obrador downplays his Progressivism and continually used the words democracy and capitalism, to woo the Mexican people into support. However, he is no capitalist. In fact, Obrador is quite the contrary. He embraces socialist principles, idolizes radical communist leaders, and ruthless dictatorships.

In the end, in a Presidential election that involved the slaughter of more than 130 political candidates, and the country’s radical shift towards a communist state, or socialist dictatorship, not only Mexico has a problem, but now the United States as well. Brought on by decades of drug cartels and government corruption, which has led to extreme poverty for the masses, Mexico has become ripe for a Socialist takeover. A takeover that promises a shift in education that involves the indoctrination of the children towards a socialist mindset, the militarization of policing to end violence, but squashes free speech and ideas, while embracing drug lords, and the cartels. A government that will create a massive flow of both illegal immigrants into the United States at such catastrophic rates that could make Europe look mild in comparison, but adding the poisonous heroin and other drugs and opiates that would poison our streets and our precious children.

López Obrador has expresses full support for NAFTA and promises cooperation and good relations with the United States, but then he has turned around and said that he wouldn’t stop Central American migrants trying to reach the United States border. He added…

“We won’t do the dirty work of any foreign government”

López Obrador, President Elect of Mexico

Now, American businesses should be leery, as confiscations and nationalisations are likely, especially after Obrador’s government takes control of businesses and industries. Also, it is very likely that he will end NAFTA , after all, with the socialization of the workforce and businesses, NAFTA simply cannot exist. Also, when López Obrador’s six-year term is up, it will be likely that he will refuse to relinquish power, and will instead institute a constitutional change. Therefore, today July 1, 2018 will probably be Mexico’s last free election. As a result, it has become even more imperative that our government work to secure our southern border. After all, as Obrador takes more and more power over the next few years, Mexicans will look to flee from what communists like to call a “communist utopia” to find a better life. They won’t be heading south, but instead to north to the land of opportunity. They will look to flee to the light of the world, A country that has given opportunity to the jobless, wealth to the poor, and hope to the disenchanted. A world blessed by God, and based on both Constitutional Principles, and Capitalist dreams. The United States of America.  That is unless the American Progressives find a way move the  United States towards the Socialist cesspool that has decimated Central and South American countries like El Salvador, Honduras, Venenzuela, and now unfortunately Mexico.