By: Brian Evans

On Saturday, a rally was held at the Terry Schrunk Federal Plaza that was organized by United States Senate candidate Joey Gibson (WA-R). The ralliers had received the proper permits to hold the rally at 4pm on Saturday, and for the ‘March for Freedom’ event immediately following at 6pm, through the Plaza.

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There was a massive police presence throughout the Plaza, and for obvious reasons. In fact, during the rally portion of the event, busloads of Progressive ANTIFA demonstrators began showing up. The police officers seized weapons from the group including clubs, utility knives, chemical sprays, and other potential weapons as they arrived. However, as it turned out, ANTIFA was able to get explosive fireworks into the area.

To understand who ANTIFA is, it is a group of violent thugs, in which their origins ironically date back to the Communist Soviet Union (modern-day RUSSIA) who proclaim themselves to be Anti-Fascists, and declare their attacks against anyone whom they label as Fascists. The problem is, ANTIFA labels anyone who resists the Progressive, Socialist, or Communist ideology Fascists. Even more interesting, Fascism is simply a break-off or as they see it… “a perverted” version of communism. Never-the less, it has been utilized by pro-Communist groups and organizations to create fear, anger, and discourse throughout the world, and now in America. Discourse, that the communists use to create an uprising, and to overthrow any government, so as to institute their communist ideology. Therefore, ANTIFA is nothing more than thugs, bullies, and domestic terrorists!

In fact, President Trump has labeled the far-left extremists as terrorists for their role in the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Department of Homeland Security, Federal Agencies, and others have also determined ANTIFA to be a ‘domestic terrorist organization”, due to their embracement of violence and attacks towards anyone who refuses to subscribe, or speaks out in favor of free speech.

Regardless, in Portland Saturday, as soon as the prayer rally portion of the event concluded, the ralliers began moving into the street for their permitted ‘March for Freedom’. Almost immediately, ANTIFA began throwing eggs, projectiles, bottles, and fireworks at the Conservative Patriot Prayer attendees who participated in the ‘Freedom March’. Sadly, rather than separating and dispersing the ANTIFA agitators, the Portland Police Department immediately revoked the Conservative group’s permit, and launched pepper spray filled paint balls into the crowd. Consequently, four people, including one Police Officer, had to be taken to the hospital, after being struck by projectiles.


The Portland Police almost immediately announced the revocation of the conservative’s ‘Freedom March’ permit, and cited that it was due to the fact that the fact that they had witnessed multiple instances of assault and criminal activity. Many of the Conservatives were outraged, because the Police silenced their freedom of speech, yet it was due to the violent ANTIFA thugs, who used violence as a means to silence opposing ‘free speech’! Conservative’s were also angry, because the Police did very little to protect the marchers, as they allowed ANTIFA to come in, arriving armed, and then allowed them to approach the Conservative marchers, and then attack them.

Sadly, at the end, the Police cleared the marchers from the area, as the ANTIFA thugs cheered “Bye-Bye Fascists”, repeatedly. It is just another sign that the radical Progressive agenda has nothing to do with Constitutional law, respect, or even tolerance. However, Progressive’s, and their radical groups fight against tolerance, equality, the freedom of speech, and everything else that our Founding Fathers and early Patriot’s bled and died for, to bestow liberty and freedom to not only ourselves, but for generations to come.