By: Brian Evans

The United States Customs and Border Protection released data on illegal immigrants coming across the border, through Mexico and into the United States. The numbers are staggering in themselves, but those numbers are likely to increase, especially as the Democrat Party, and the Mainstream Media have advertised that the border is open, and that they will fight for illegal  immigrants who come across the border, especially if they come with children, to gain amnesty, and taxpayer-funded welfare. The following are the most recent statistics from the US Customs and Border Protection office…

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 7.21.49 PM


As you can see, the total increase in overall apprehensions has skyrocketed, as of May, when the Democrats and Mainstream Media made it openly apparent that refugees are welcome, and that they will ensure that the Trump Administration remains unable to implement border security. Also, the number of family units increased by 435% over the same period last year, and unaccompanied minors went up by a staggering 329% compared to the previous year. Now, Democrats and their Progressive allies are pushing for not only open borders, but to stop family separations. It is a policy that was implemented years ago, but unfortunately now, it is ending under the mounting pressure by Democrats, and now a Federal Judge out of San Francisco who ordered children be re-united with family within 15-30 days. Sadly, there are any number of reasons for the family separations, with human trafficking, being one. Therefore, an end to the policy creates a multitude of problems that had once been resolved by a decades old law that separated the children from their parents, so here are the details and reasons behind the law.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection explained the reasoning behind, and the process of prosecuting President Trump’s Zero-Tolerance Immigration prosecutions.

First, the Administration echoed the concerns of the Obama Administration, and how the risks of crossing the dangerous terrain, riding on the top of train boxcars, use smugglers, and pass through drug cartel territory. Then, due to the allure of moving to the United States, and with the Democrats and Mainstream Media touting ‘Open Borders’, it draws people all around the world.

Then, once illegals who cross the border, whether on their own, or by smuggler have the advantage of when they step one foot onto United States soil, they are entitled to a hearing. Not a court with a judge, but a simple hearing, where they make their case for asylum. Once caught, the illegal alien adults and children are taken to Border Patrol stations for processing. They provide immigration agents with biographical information, and fingerprints. The information is later used at their hearing to determine asylum, or deportation, and family relationships among the adults and the children. This is also the time that the agents determine whether or not the illegals have committed any crime, including illegal entry into the United States.

In the meantime, any adults with children who are referred for prosecution have the children temporarily separated from parents, while the case is sorted out, and it is determined if the adults are actually the parents, or human traffickers. In the meantime, the children are sent to a separate quarters, cleaned up with soap and water, given medical care and vaccinations,  food and water, and rest. Also, the children are provided educational programs, as they are held in temporary shelters, or many times hosted by an appropriate family. At this point, the illegals will be assigned a court hearing, that has usually been done by a judge, but under the Constitution, it can actually be carried out by an administrator at the hearing.

Next, the illegal immigrants are transferred to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE). The illegals are then either able to officially seek asylum, or be prosecuted for illegal entry, which is supposed to lead to deportation, under the Constitution. Also, illegal alien children may claim asylum, and can undergo similar proceedings, either with their parents, or separately, depending on circumstances.

Meanwhile, illegal alien children in the custody of HHS, and ORR (Office of Refugee Resettlement) are readied, as the authorities try to locate a family member or sponsor to turn the child over to, depending on if they have parents, and how long the process takes to process the illegal alien parents. According to the U.S. Customs office, sponsors can be…

a parent, adult sibling, relative, or appropriate home that meets criteria for the safety of the child and continuation of any immigration proceedings.  A parent who is prosecuted and later released can be a sponsor and ask HHS to release his or her child back into his or her custody.

In 2017, 90% of the children who were in the care and custody of HHS, OOR, and ICE were released into the custody of a sponsor who was either a close parent or relative. Not only does ICE try to facilitate open communication  between the illegal alien parents and children, but they the illegal alien parents who have children are detained at the family re-unification and removal center, so that the children can be re-united with the parents, as soon as the parents are ready to deport, or be granted asylum.

During the process, ICE staff has been augmented with mental health care staff,and  trained clinical staff. ICE works with the parents who are detained, to help facilitate regular communications with their children through video teleconferencing, phone services, and tablet communications like Face-time. Also, ICE and Health and Human Services works with the parents to help ensure that the care of and the wishes of their parents are conformed to by the caregiver(s).

However, last Wednesday when Congressional Democrats blocked multiple Republican attempts to pass any legislation to fix the immigration issue, President Trump took action and signed an Executive Order to end the separation of children from families at the border.

After President Trump signed an executive order last Wednesday that ended “family separations” that had been occurring since the Clinton Administration and were continuing to occur, the Democrats and the Mainstream Media didn’t celebrate, but instead launched ridicule that the President had caved to the left-wing pressure, and launched another wave of hate filled and demonizing remarks towards the President, and Republicans.

The Washington Post ran an article, that said it was the most embarrassing moment for Trump and his presidency,” and said that President Trump lacked ‘guts’. The Daily Beast said Trump caved to leftists.. Then, Democrats and the Mainstream Media began targeting the President by saying that locking up any illegal aliens is  “a crime against humanity.” Therefore, the Democrats once again showed their hand that they could care less about the children, and more about their open borders policy, and their democrat vote farming intentions.

Some American’s were concerned that the Presidents Executive Order would endanger the lives of some of the children due to ‘child trafficking’. However, President Trump doesn’t appear to make any move without analyzing all potential problems. In fact, Attorney General  Jeff Sessions revealed that adults that are traveling with children, and claiming to be their parents would have to submit to a DNA test, as well as, other biometric tests. The Trump Administration sees it as a definitive solution to ensure the safety of the children, that wasn’t available when the laws were originally passed in the 1990s. The Administration also believes that once the word of the DNA and biometric tests becomes well-known, coyote’s or smugglers, and human traffickers will have a greater deterrence, due to the risk of being definitively identified by the tests as a smuggler or trafficker. Furthermore, the identification of those criminals would allow for the United States to press greater charges against them.

President Trump also hopes that the DNA testing would allow for some 3,700 children to be returned to their proper parents, after being kidnapped or smuggled unaccompanied across the border of the United States.

Also, as the Gateway Pundit had previously reported, Under the Office of Refugee Resettlement under the Obama administration, they had neglected to protect thousand of Central American children who surged across the U.S. border by failing to properly vet government approved caretakers who often times were traffickers and abusers. This new system would allow for those children to either remain with their identifiable parents, or find proper caretakers to help take care of the child, until they could be returned to their proper parents or guardians.

Therefore, the President has worked ever-closer to completing yet another promise. A December 21st promise to the American people that he would eliminate the incentive of human trafficking. In fact, when President Trump was elected, he vowed to end human trafficking, and he is working to keep his promise. According to government statistics, approximately 1 million children, both girls and boys in the United States are trafficked for sex. Now, with President Trump’s Executive Order, if human traffickers, smugglers, or sex traffickers get caught with kids, they will immediately receive a DNA or other biometric test. Then, they will have to be subject to America’s justice system, and ultimately our prison system. Also, DNA testing would serve as a means to return some of the children to their parents. Also, since President Trump was sworn in on Jan. 20, 2017 authorities have arrested an unprecedented number of sexual predators involved in child sex trafficking rings in the United States.

Reports now indicate, that in President Trump’s first month in office,  the FBI arrested more than 1,500 sex traffickers. A dramatic increase from previous years. Also, in 2018 the President’s record on human trafficking arrests has skyrocketed to a massive 5,987, and that goes to just June 23rd. Below, it shows a comparison of previous years, and it is a staggering difference.

Now, despite the President’s Executive Order doing exactly what the Democrats wanted. Despite, his Executive order correcting the problems that were created back in the 1990’s, and carried through into following Administrations…until now, Democrats are doing what they do best…’RESISTING’. Resisting ‘change’, that would improve our national security, and help make the lives of both American’s and illegal immigrant and unaccompanied minor children safer. Progressive groups like RAICES Texas, and the Texas Civil Rights Project, are refusing free DNA testing kits offered from DNA testing companies 23andMe and MyHeritage to help connect parents and children. Progressives are arguing that the test would invade the children’s privacy.

Therefore, as one group of Progressive’s fights to ensure that the children cannot be identified and re-united with their actual parents, another group of Progressive’s force the Administration and immigration enforcement to put the children with their supposed parents within  15-30 days. Thus, it places the children at immense risk and danger, as immigration enforcement has their hands forced to place children with the kids supposed parents. In addition, after San Francisco based Federal Judge Sabraw gave the court order to re-unite children with their parents, he also issued an injunction against any more family separations, which was part of a policy under which anyone crossing the border illegally is detained and referred for criminal prosecution. Immigration authorities are now hamstrung and left with no other option, but to re-unite children with those whom the adults claim, and not those who can be definitively identified as the parents or guardians. Especially since Progressive groups are doing everything in their power to make sure positive identification does not take place, and then backhanded ICE Immigration and the Trump Administration for either not re-uniting the children as instructed, or losing the children to criminals, thugs, human traffickers, or worse.

As of last week, more than 2,000 children taken from their families remain under the care of federal authorities. Some are just toddlers, or even infants, as immigration authorities have become strained to correctly re-unite the children with their legal parents or guardians. Meanwhile, they have the radical left-wing ACLU, who has socialist and communist ties, and said President Trump’s inauguration speech was too pro-American argued that the administration has no real plan for reuniting families. The ACLU then used the moment to push criticism towards President Trump and said that every night, small children “are crying themselves to sleep wondering if they will ever see their parents again.”


Also, Democrats attacked the President from yet another angle, and had

18 Attorney General’s from left-wing Democrat states like California, Oregon, Washington, New York, and others filed a lawsuit challenging what they called the “Trump family separation policy”, despite it actually being a policy from Clinton, the Bush-era, and embraced under the Obama Administration. Regardless, they used it to attack the President as ‘inhumane’. The Democrats even argued that Trump’s order halting the practice has so many problems, that it renders his efforts meaningless. Then, they went on to say…

“Keeping children separated from their parents is inhumane, unconscionable and illegal, and we’re filing suit to stop it.”

Attorney General Barbara Underwood (NY-D)

Ultimately, to Progressive Democrats, it doesn’t really matter what President Trump does to improve our economy, improve the lives of American’s, re-institute America as the leader on the world stage, or even to help the Democrat’s alleged cause of re-uniting children with their families. In fact, President Trump has even made the lives of illegal immmigrant children safer, reduced child sex trafficking, is helping to end human trafficking, or any other cause that the Democrats are in favor of. Regardless, Democrats continue to attack him as the ultimate epitome of evil in the world, as they make ever-changing and ever-increasing un-American demands on him. Regardless of their incessant attacks and ever-changing demands, the President continues to press forward and Make America Great Again, as the Progressive Democrats continue to call for protests, and utter ‘RESISTANCE’ to anything he does to help America, American’s, and even provide safety for illegal alien’s who break our nations laws.