By: Brian Evans

As the fall midterm elections edge closer, Democrats have seen their so-called blue wave wither and fade while ‘America First’ candidates have begun to see a surge. A surge that has not only begun to terrify Elitist Establishment Republicans, but Progressive Democrats as well.

The reasons behind the Establishments fear of President Trump, his ‘America First’ policies, and ‘America First’ candidates that support the President, have to do with a number of factors.  President Trump is moving away from the Progressive’s and Fabian-Rino’s Socialist agenda. He is moving America towards energy independence. He is putting ALL AMERICANS FIRST, regardless of race, religion, or economic level. He is putting American’s interests over illegals who flood our country. President Trump is fighting against a One-World Socialist order, and the communist tyrants around the globe. President Trump has reversed America’s economic policies and is putting the American worker over foreign workers, and American citizens over illegal aliens. It has the Establishment on both sides literally shaking in their shoes, and for good reason.

Republicans are just now beginning to realize that standing in opposition to President Trump and his ‘America First’ policies is a death sentence for them. Republicans like Mark Sanford of South Carolina, who is wildly popular by even the most conservative sections of our population. However, Sanford was an openly harsh critic of President Trump on news stations like MSNBC. Sanford spoke harshly of the President’s talk and policies. Policies like trade tariffs that violate true conservative values.

The Business Insider reported that

During a press conference at the G7 summit in Canada last week, Trump said that he suggested that all tariffs, trade barriers, and industrial subsidies should be dropped in order to facilitate free trade.

“No tariffs, no barriers, that’s the way it should be,” Trump said. “And no subsides, I even said not tariffs.”

Progressives and Mainstream Media attacked him over the fact that just a few weeks earlier, Trump imposed large tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from the European Union, Canada, and Mexico and other tariffs on additional countries last month.

President Trump went on to say…

“Ultimately that’s what you want, you want tariff free, no barriers, and you want no subsides because you have some countries subsidizing industries and that’s not fair, so you go tariff free, you go barrier free, you go subsidy free, that’s the way you learned at the Wharton School of Finance.”

According to reports, they were shocked by his suggestion. However, it led to very productive discussions with the member nations.

Also, even though Progressive’s and the Mainstream Media tried to make it sound as if the President was going against his own actions, it is actually the end-game of what President Trump is striving for. After all, the current tariffs that President Trump has been imposing is necessary as a reciprocal action in response to various barriers erected by other nations. In fact, just one example was pointed out by Trump when he revealed that…

“We can’t have an example where we’re paying, the United States is paying, 270% — just can’t have it — and when they send things into us you don’t have that.”

President Trump

Therefore, although the President is applying tariffs to countries, which goes against true ‘free trade’, the President revealed that he is truly for authentic free trade. However, what we have had in recent years is not ‘free trade’. Instead, it is trade that benefits other countries and other countries workers over the American worker, and American businesses. Therefore, President Trump is evening the trade deficit gap by implementing tariffs of our own that level the playing field, and help out American companies, and American workers. Then, the President says he will drop all tariffs, if other countries drop their tariffs on American products, and subsidies for their companies, that make it difficult for American’s to compete globally.

Accordingly, as a result of Sanford’s open opposition to the President’s policies, like trade, he lost the election by large margins in last Tuesday’s Primary to Pro Trump candidate Katie Arrington. Also Sanford voted against the President’s border wall. Then in Alabama, Rep. Martha Roby (R-Ala.) was also forced into a runoff after abandoning Trump nearly two years ago during the election. In Nevada, Pro-Trump Danny Tarkanian won his election bid for United States House seat. The Nevada businessman was originally running as a GOP primary challenger to incumbent Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) but switched his bid to run for the House seat at the request of President Trump. Also in Nevada, Adam Laxalt was vying for the Governor of Nevada, and endorsed by President Trump. President Trump tweeted…

I strongly endorse Adam Laxalt for Governor of Nevada. Adam is smart, works hard, and knows how to win. He will be a great Governor. Also, will fight hard to lower your taxes and is tough on crime! 

President Donald J. Trump

Laxalt ended up winning the Republican primary for Governor of Nevada. President Trump also endorsed Kevin Cramer for United States Senate in North Dakota. Cramer ended up handedly winning the Republican nomination, and is favored to unseat Anti-Trump Democrat Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) in November. Last week was just a small sample of establishment republicans who are being unseated, as pro-Trump, America First candidates line up to fight against the norm. A norm that has become increasingly as unpopular as the progressive agenda. A shift that has the Republican and Democrat Establishment  terrified.

Even the Anti-Trump network CNN sees the writing on the wall. CNN’s Harry Enten, voiced his explanation as to why he thinks that breaking with Trump in any real way creates real political peril for a GOP incumbent. He said…

The problem that Trump’s Republican adversaries are learning is that it’s not 2016 anymore. Even as Trump was winning the presidential election, his net favorability (favorable-unfavorable) rating among Republicans in an average of polls was just +50 points. That’s far short of the maximum +100 point rating. You could, in other words, oppose or critique Trump as a Republican (as Sanford did in 2016) and not get chased out of the party.

“Today, it’s totally different. Trump’s net favorability among Republicans is up to +71 percentage points on average. There are very few Republicans who disagree with Trump. Trump’s approval rating (a slightly different measure than favorable rating) stands at 87% in the latest Gallup poll. To put that in perspective, only two other presidents since 1950 have had higher approval ratings among their own party heading into a potential presidential primary.”

In addition, after the President’s success in the North Korean Summit, multiple gambling services have all reported that the likelihood of President Trump getting the Nobel Peace Prize has increased to 10/1, 6/4, and 7/4 odds. All of which indicate a huge expansion of support for the President.

Meanwhile, Democrats have run out of arguments. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough on the ‘Morning Joe” said, that Republican Party primary voters

“have devolved into a Trumpist Cult.”

Joe Scarborough, MSNBC

 It was an attack on the voters in South Carolina’s first congressional district for electing State Rep. Katie Arrington to represent the GOP over incumbent Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC). Scarborough brought up his conservative record, and said that his loss to the pro-Trump candidate signaled  that the GOP voters had become a “Trumpist Cult.” Scarborough then went on to say…
“Why don’t we just start to say it has devolved into a cult? Primary voters in the Republican Party have devolved into a Trumpist cult.”
 Joe Scarborough, MSNBC



Meanwhile, Democrats are now turning to Hollywood yet again to win over voters. It was a losing strategy for former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, but the Democrats are running out of options. They have tried to paint the President as a racist, sexist, homophobic, vulgar, evil, anti-American, pro-Russian President who will end America, bring on WWIII, enslave our civilization, create a fascist government, and end the world due to global warming. Regardless, he has been able to survive their violent storm, torrential rain of lies, and attempts to silence him, as well as his supporters.

Reports now indicate that the DNC (Democratic National Committee) and Democrat members of Congress are working with Millionaire Elitist Hollywood celebrities to try to concoct a campaign message that can win over the voters throughout the heartland of America. Ironically, it is the same voters that Hillary Clinton has called ‘deplorable’s, and other progressive’s have called redneck, stupid, and ignorant.

In June, Politico reported that DNC Chairman Tom Perez and their higher ranking members met to try to work out a plan to defeat not only President Trump, but ‘America First’ candidates. The group involved Democrats, Hollywood writers, producers, and actors. Politico reported that:

The group has discussed targeted voter registration programs with visiting Democrats, as well as the party’s framing of issues ranging from abortion rights to gun control. In one recent meeting, a Midwestern senator sought advice about how to discuss gun control with conservative-leaning voters in his or her state, multiple participants said.

Indications point to the fact that they are working on ‘get out the vote’ efforts, and voter registration.

Politico went on to say that:

The group conducts conference calls, shares an email list and has met about five times since September, Littman said. It involves about 35 members, including producers, show-runners, executives, directors, an animator, and actors such as Rosemarie DeWitt, Ron Livingston, Jason George, Alyssa Milano and Helen Hunt.

Hollywood producer Alex Gregory told Politico that

“It really is focused on … what do we stand for? In some ways, how did we lose? It is a moment of soul-searching right now, in that we lost to an insane person … and that was more appealing than what we had to offer.”

Alex Gregory, Hollywood Producer

It is interesting that the Democrats continue to flock to Hollywood for assistance in elections, since they received a backlash over Hollywood Elitists political activism in recent elections. Furthermore, typically political candidates and organizations try to distance themselves from scandals, and especially after the ramped sexual assault scandals that have been plaguing Hollywood stars.


Combine their sexual assault problems with their frequent vulgar and tasteless outbursts towards the President and his supporters, Hollywood is likely to be an even larger drain on support for the Democrat Party. Actors like Robert DeNiro who have cursed the President, and Johnny Depp who talked about assassinating the President. However, instead of distancing themselves, their fellow left-wing Elitist Hollywood stars like Mark Hamill have voiced their support for DeNiro’s vulgar and hate-filled rants. Meanwhile, instead of Democrats distancing themselves from their hate-filled rants, they embrace them. Furthermore, many voters throughout the country have become annoyed by Hollywood and the rich Elitists claiming that they know what is best for the average American. They are annoyed at how the stars and Elitists fly around on gas guzzling jets, while telling everyone else to cut back on gas. Voters are annoyed how they preach tolerance, while calling the average American stupid, deplorable, and redneck. The voters are tired of being told how they should pay more taxes for the good of all, while Elitist politicians spend the money on pet projects.

David Mandel, executive producer of the HBO Emmy-winning comedy series Veep, did note that maybe Hollywood isn’t the best messenger, when he said…

“Look, the world knows they don’t necessarily need Hollywood telling people what to do.”

David Mandel, HBO Executive Producer of Veep

Still, Democrats continue to look towards Hollywood in their effort to sway voters to vote Democrat, regardless of its lack of success in the past. Therefore, Democrats are looking for yet other ways to try to help them win seats this fall, and into 2020.

Reports indicate that Democrat 2020 Presidential hopefuls have also sought the assistance of Barack Obama, in their effort to unseat President Trump. They met with Obama on the third floor of the World Wildlife Building in Washington D.C. The former President has been busy securing his $65 million dollar deal with Netflix, and making millions on speaking gigs around the world, but now he is reportedly “eager to be a sounding board and counselor” for Democrats who are looking to unseat President Trump. Politico also reported that Obama is working to help the Party be able to exploit the barrage of Mainstream Media headlines to try to damage President Trump’s re-election chances.

The Problem for the DNC, is that their Party is losing their base at a record-setting pace, as their largest constituency of millennial’s are abandoning them. Also, Politico’s article noted how Obama met with Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Deval Patrick on multiple occasions in early 2018. Those meetings have not seemed to help their excessive bleeding, as their party struggles to find any message other than ‘resist Trump’, ‘collusion’, and ‘Russia’.

In addition to the ‘America First’ candidates, ‘America First’ agenda, and President Trump, new developments indicate that the most Progressive of States are struggling to keep their constituency from revolt. The Los Angeles Times released the article

Radical plan to split California into three states earns spot on November ballot

Los Angeles Times

Most experts had said that a division of California was a pipe dream, but as of yesterday, it will be on the California ballot in November. If the measure becomes successful and passes, it would be the first division of an existing U.S. state since the creation of West Virginia in 1863.


One proponent of the three state measure, Tim Draper said…

“Three states will get us better infrastructure, better education and lower taxes. States will be more accountable to us and can cooperate and compete for citizens.”

Tim Draper, Silicone Valley Venture Capitalist

The majority of residents through Northern and Southern California have said that the state is so far out of touch with the needs of the majority of the resident’s, that they need different leadership, which represents the needs of each area’s voters. Especially farmers, who have had the cities deciding what was best for the state, leaving farmers with crops that fail due to water rationing, taxes so high that they are barely surviving, and violent MS-13 gangs that roam free and terrorize the citizens throughout the state.

Also, new reports indicate that the Democrats have chosen to coalesce around the immigration issue once again. They are planning to use illegal immigrant children who cross the border and get detained until they can be processed, as a ploy to gain voters who can be swayed by tugging on their heartstrings.. The problem with the Democrats claim against the President, is that it was the Democrats who brought on this illegal alien children crisis by instituting ‘catch and release’, and ‘open border’ policies. The same facilities existed under the Obama Administration, and even the Bush Administration. However, under the previous Administrations, Democrats released the underage illegal aliens into America. Now, President Trump has developed a policy that requires immigrants to use the proper channels, or be returned to their own countries. Never-the-less, Democrats are hoping that it can  finally be an issue that can strike to the heart of the American voters.

In all, most indications are pointing towards a huge year, not for Progressive Democrats, and not for Establishment Republicans, but instead for ‘America First’ pro-Trump agenda Republicans. A trend that is now beginning to point towards huge gains not only in 2018, but into 2020, where President Trump could win re-election in a massive landslide, similar to that of Ronald Reagan. Therefore, as Establishment Democrats and Republicans ask themselves why, maybe they should look in the mirror. Just maybe it shows that they have been in Washington so long, and are so out-of-touch with the American voter, that they are literally fighting against ‘We the People’. However, now they are so separated from what it means to be an American, they find themselves looking down on American’s as deplorable, stupid, redneck, ignorant, and uneducated. Simply because Americans refuse to embrace their socialist and communist ideology as Democrats move further progressive, and the average American embraces the same principles that our Founding Fathers and Patriots fought, bled, and died for more than 200 years ago.