By: Brian Evans

One of the largest frustrations for Democrats, and the Mainstream Media over the past few years, has been President Trump’s ability to speak directly to the American people, while effectively bypassing the Mainstream Media. Democrats and the Mainstream Media have called for him to be thrown off twitter, confiscation of his cell phone, and used smear campaigns to try to get him to stop using social media. A move that has proven to be fruitless. However, now Democrats are hatching a new plan, in order to silence his direct line of communication with America, and the world. On Thursday, Democrats demanded a counterintelligence probe of President Trump’s cell phone, citing his use as being a ‘grave danger’ to security counterintelligence.

In fact, the Democrats asked the intelligence community to do a threat review on President Trump’s cellphone behavior after reports that have now been determined to have originated from CNN and Politico, both said that he uses unsecured devices to communicate with friends, and to post on Twitter. Both organizations have fervently fought to have President Trump’s twitter account suspended, wanting him to have to do all communications through their organizations, as well as other anti-Trump Mainstream Media organizations, but have been unable to control his ability to bypass their organization, and consequently making it impossible for them to filter his words through their Progressive lens.

Politico reported that President Trump stated that protocols that White House security experts want him to follow are “too inconvenient,” but those reports have not been corroborated, and there has been no evidence of the claims made by the two organizations, regarding the President’s supposed comment.

Regardless, a group of four Senate Democrats including Senator Richard Durbin, Dianne Feinstein, Ron Wyden, and Martin Heinrich, and several House Democrats have asked for a counterintelligence probe, to assess the President’s risks, and to see if he needs to have his ability to use Social Media curtailed. Certainly a move that those very Democrats and Mainstream Media organizations have been fighting for. Especially since his ability to talk directly to the people has hurt the Mainstream Media’s ability to control what news ‘We the People’ actually get, and the Democrats ability to control the narrative.