By: Brian Evans
Since the election of Donald Trump, Democrats have been scrambling to piece together any strategy to bring down his Presidency, and especially President Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda. For much of the nation, the constant barrage of attacks against the President have changed a blue wave to purple, and now into the likely possibility of a red wave election. It has created an intense anti-Democrat wave that has sent the Democrat Party into a tailspin of chaos. Interestingly, California could also have a red wave, but for a completely different reason.
Ironically, Democrats had originally set their eyes on taking seven Republican-held seats across the nation, and California was the last place they thought that they would have to worry about, but times have changed, and change it has. In fact, California Democrats are being hit from multiple sides.
First, Democrats in California have embraced an agenda that is not shared across the nation. In fact, their agenda isn’t even shared across their own state. In the cities, Democrats hold an overwhelming advantage, but throughout the suburbs and rural areas of the state, they have lost the favor of the people. As Progressive Democrats have embraced illegal immigration, created sanctuary cities for illegals to reside in safely, allowed MS-13 gangs to roam free and freely attack American citizens, tried to implement socialized medicine, ran businesses out of the state due to obscenely excessive taxes, created tent city slums due to their Progressive policies, tried to fight President Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda at every turn, and now enacted a new California law that limits how much water people can use for everyday chores like showers, toilet flushes, etc.. As a result, Californian’s are beginning to fight back
To make matters worse for the Democrats, tomorrows June 5th primary is proving to be even more precarious for their election victory hopes. In fact, it is now becoming likely that the Democrats will not only struggle to win currently Republican Congressional Seats, but it is becoming apparent that they will lose seats that should be Democrat strongholds.The problem is, Progressive-Socailist California Democrats have become so consumed with anti-Trump sentiment that it has created a crowded slate of Socialist’s who are all vying to be the next anti-Trump Congressional member. However, in their angst, the Democrats have so many people who are jockeying for position that it has created a dilemma. In essence, the Democrat ticket will be splintered tomorrow, therefore allowing Republicans who have fewer candidates dominate normally unwinnable primaries.The problem stems from California’s ‘Jungle Primary’ rules. Rules that mandate that only the two-top vote-getters go on to compete in the general, regardless of party. Two Republicans could end up getting the largest percentage of votes and Democrats could wind up shutout completely.

Meanwhile, it allows the Republicans, who have the luxury of an accelerating momentum, due to a growing wave of angry California voters who are furious with the current state of California.

Consequently, the Democrat Party has spent over $4 million on only three campaigns, tried to convince the voters not to vote for most of the candidates, while attempting to prop up the most likely Democrats. In addition, Democratic Party activists are fighting with their own candidates to try to thin the crowd. A move which is appearing to cause the voters to be even more turned off by the Party. A move that will likely further suppress the Democrat get-out-the-vote campaign.

One example can be seen where the National Democratic Groups and State Democrat Activists trying to win the seat held by Representative Darrell Issa. (R-CA), where they have been pressuring and using underhanded tactics to try to push their own Party candidates into dropping out of the race. As a result, it has been creating animosity and creating a backlash. It is a similar scenario that can be seen in other races throughout the country, like in Texas. In fact, in the Texas race for Representative John Culberson’s seat, Washington Establishment Democrats and Progressives have been having the very same problem.

Democrats are now panicking, as a realization of the consequences of overcrowding combined with growing voter discontent with California’s Democrat leadership. A nightmare scenario that has been building over the past year, as Progressive-Socialists and Pro-Communists have seen their gains over the previous 8 years fade into oblivion under the Trump Administration.

Ultimately, in the past few weeks, National Democrats are terrified and scrambling as mud is being thrown  back and forth, not between Republican and Democrat, but from Democrat to Democrat. From Democrat Candidates like Applegate who has been accused of stalking, threatening, and harassing his ex-wife, to other Democrats who have seen the National Democrat Party and California Democrat Party spend more money than virtually any other California campaigns in history.

Democrat Gail Reisman called the Democrat’s position “a disaster”, as what seemed to be easy seats for the Democrats to win, has become a lethal weapon against their own power in California and nationally. It can be seen as the crowded Democrat field vies for power by doing opposition research against their own party candidates, slinging mud, slinging accusations of sexual inpropriety under the embrella of their #MeeToo movement, and donating to Republican candidates that they believe can shave votes away from the Republican frontrunners.


Harley Rouda, seeking to run against Representative Dana Rohrabacher, has received the backing of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. But the state Democratic Party has endorsed Mr. Keirstead ahead of the June 5 primary.CreditBill Clark/CQ Roll Call, via Associated Press

Meanwhile, as the Republicans tout economic successes, victories against ISIS, North Korean victories, and a whole slate of other issues that matter to the voters, Democrats are bouting over scandals and dirty politics. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has broken with the state Democratic Party  in order to endorse candidate Harley Rouda. Meanwhile, the House Democratic “super PAC” is dumping more than $600,000 into commercials throughout the Los Angeles area alone, in an attempt to drive down Republican candidate Scott Baugh’s votes against Rohrabacher.


Also, the committee is trying to label five Democrat candidates as “ghost candidates” in an attempt to solidify the voters for the Party’s chosen candidate. With 16 Democrats on the ballot, it is a tall order. Also, the involvement of the National Democratic Party has angered a number of the candidates, as they feel that they are being targeted and sabotaged by their own party. A feeling that seems to go with a great deal of merit.

In the end, President Trumps tremendous slate of successes, plummeting unemployment, increasing wages, and putting the American worker first has had a major impact on a growingly optimistic electorate, even in California. Combine that with California’s top-two primary system that once benefitted the Democratic Party as it once deprived Republicans of the ability to be on the general election ticket. However, now it seems that tomorrow, it may backfire on the Democrats during this election cycle. A cycle that looks to make the Democrat Party rethink it’s top-two ballot system in the near future.