By: Brian Evans

UPDATE: A sting operation in Metro Atlanta ended up rescuing 160 children in a sex-trafficking ring. The youngest child was 3-years-old. The operation yielded nearly 150 arrests, and freed young children from being sold into the sex slave trade, according to the FBI. The sting was called ‘Operation Safe Summer’, and was a collaborative effort between 38 law enforcement agencies throughout six counties, and the Atlanta FBI Field Office.

WSBTV reported that Assistant Special Agent in Charge Matt Alcoke said…

“They are crimes of special concern to the FBI and to law enforcement generally,” Alcoke said. “Because the victims are so vulnerable as children and because the offenders could be from just about any walk of life, from a gang member all the way up to someone who is highly successful and wealthy.”

WSBTV went on to say that the FBI said that the operation was planned and implemented prior to the summer months, because these sex-trafficking operations tend to prey on children during the summer, as American’s tend to give their kids more freedom to move around their neighborhoods and communities, therefore leaving them vulnerable to capture. A fact that should also serve as a warning to unsuspecting parents throughout America.

If that isn’t chilling enough, earlier this week we reported on what was an apparent sex trade camp in Tuscon Arizona off I-19. A group of Veterans with the group Veterans on Patrol during the evening hour searching for homeless veterans to get them off the streets. They stumbled across and found a disturbing surprise. They discovered an encampment at an old cement plant, that appears to have been used just ten short days before for child sex trafficking. A trade where they kidnap American children, take them south of the border, and sell them into the sex trade. The group of veterans just happened to take the right path in their search of the homeless, and found a heavily concealed camp that was difficult to find on foot, and next to impossible to see by air.

In the camp, they found it to be heavily camouflaged and stocked with children’s clothing, a baby crib, stroller, toys, swings, pornographic material, and hair dye. It had a manmade cave about 5 feet high with a tire and giant water container used to harbor the children inside, a dresser, and a few items. The cave was not big enough for an adult to go into, but impossible for a child to escape from unassisted. The cave had multiple crates and a dresser to store clothing and supplies. There were also child restraints tied onto the trees to apparently bind the children, so they could not run when they were not trapped inside the cave.

One of the veterans, Lewis Arthur, told Arizona local affiliate KOLD…
“And we are right there and our city is right there, our children are right there and it’s not my problem if it’s not in my backyard. Now it’s in our backyard.”
Lewis Arthur, Veteran

After finding the encampment, the a homeless advocacy group notified Veterans For Children Rescue, “a non-profit organization whose mission is to assist law enforcement and Non-Governmental Organizations to eliminate Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking,” according to the organization’s website.

Lewis Arthur went on to say…

“I didn’t expect to see something this heinous and inhumane this close,” Craig Sawyer, founder of Veterans For Children, said . “I served in the military to keep things like this from happening here that’s why I risked my security, so nobody here would have to put up with this.”

Lewis Arthur

Tucson Police played off the find by stating that…

“they are not ruling out the possibility that it was used for human trafficking, but they say they believe the bunker is most likely being used as a homeless camp.”

Tuscon Police Department

The problem is, why would they have the underground caves only big enough for children? Why would the camp have pornographic materials, hair dye, and restraints on trees for a simple homeless camp. Are they trying to hide the truth from the people of Tuscon for fear of panic? Are they trying to hide yet another border security problem from America, for fear of growing support for President Trump’s border wall? Unfortunately, it only leaves room for speculation, but never-the-less, it is certainly concerning.

Former Navy Seal Craig Sawyer is now involved, and is currently filming “Contraland” to expose the dark side of child sex slavery. He was a Marine sniper and member of Navy SEAL Team Six. In 2017, they founded Veterans 4 Child Rescue Foundation to raise awareness of child sex slavery, rescue victims, and throw traffickers behind bars. He recruited an Elite Team of former CIA, FBI, SEAL TEAM, and Delta Force personnel to “extract victims and thin the herd of sex traffickers.” Also, he coordinates with local police departments to plan and implement covert operations.

Sawyer indicated to KOLD that he has not come across anything like this type of camp. Normally he’s…

“heard of rooms full of kids in houses and basements and things like that, but nothing underground like this. An underground cell, that’s pretty creepy. In fact there’s another one nearby that they found that they are already digging with fresh tools and fresh dirt.”

Craig Sawyer, Veterans 4 Child Rescue Foundation

Ultimately, this is just one more reason why America needs to build a wall along our southern border. As former President Ronald Reagan once said…

“A nation without borders, is not a nation.”

Ronald Reagan, President

Furthermore, America is a nation! A nation that needs to allow our President to secure our borders, protect our citizens, and provide our children with the security and re-assurance that they wholeheartedly deserve. If not, we are abandoning our duty as a nation.

In the end, our government has yet a few simple functions that it is supposed to provide for the American people. It is supposed to…

  • ‘Provide For The Common Defense’ – by protecting innocent human life from not only threats from within, but external threats as well.
  • ‘Promote The General Welfare’ – for the common good of ALL classes of citizens within the United Stattes. Not for Elites, or Special Interest Groups, but ALL CITIZENS THROUGHOUT AMERICA.
  • ‘Secure The Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and OUR POSTERITY’ – blessings are a gift from God, not a privilege granted by government. These blessings include life, liberty, and property.

Our government exists to protect and defend American’s from threats, both foreign and domestic. Our government is supposed to ‘Promote the General Welfare to provide for the good of all American’s, not just the Progressive or One-World ideological interests. Additionally, our government is supposed to secure those blessings not only to ourselves, but our posterity. That means that one of the major functions of government is to look after the welfare of our children, our children’s children, and all future generations to come. Many in Washington D.C., and Progressive One-Worlders throughout our nation have either forgotten why they were put into office, or chosen to look the other way, in order to promote their Progressive, Socialist, and Communist ideology. An ideology that abandons the very principles that our country was founded upon.

Regardless, the arrests and findings related to child sex trafficking in America point to one certainty. America needs a border wall along our southern border. We need it to stop illegal immigration. We need it to stop drugs from flooding our streets. We need it to protect our national interests. But more importantly, we need it to protect our spouses, our loved ones, and our children. Our children are the future of this great nation, and it is our responsibility to do everything in our power to give them the best protection that money can buy. We should guard them as parents, we should protect them as communities, and we most certainly should protect them as a nation by BUILDING THE WALL!