By: Brian Evans

Democrats have repeatedly and prominently been highlighting several themes, along with the Mainstream Media over the past few years. One is Russia…Russia…Russia, and the other has been racist, racist, racist. Yes, the Progressive Left has tried to paint President Trump as a racist towards gays, women, muslims, hispanics, and blacks. A narrative that seems to be falling upon deaf ears, as President Trump’s approval rating has not only been going up in general, but it has gone up for women, men, hispanics, and blacks. Regardless, the left believes that Donald Trump is a racist. Regardless of the fact that his policies have lowered black unemployment to an all time low, lowered female unemployment to the lowest in recent years. Even then, Progressive-Socialist Democrats label Trump as a racist and compare him to Adolf Hitler. Not sure? Just try to do a Google Search of “Trump is Racist”. You will find that there are over a million search results that compare the President to racists, Hitler, and other evil and racist figures. Ironically, as the left proclaims President Trump racist, Progressive’s have fought against every effort that Trump has made to make life better for minorities. As the Progressive Left calls Trump a misogynist, or anti-feminist, he helps increase women’s wages, lowers their unemployment, fights to protect their families, and fights for extended leave for new mothers. Meanwhile, the Progressive’s have fought to fund abortions, fought for policies that tear apart the family, and hurt women throughout America. So why does the left push such a radical and anti-minority, anti-woman agenda? For one simple reason. It is meant to engage the young, emotional, bleeding heart millennial liberals who have been coerced into doing whatever bidding the Democrats and Progressives wish.  In fact, millennial’s have been so brainwashed and indoctrinated by college Progressive instructors, and through Mainstream Media immersion, that our youth is now fighting against free speech, while believing that they are fighting for free speech.  In fact, the Spectator revealed how “Millennial’s don’t fear censorship because they plan on doing all the censoring”. Progressive indoctrination has given them a sense of entitlement, and elitism. They have been led to believe that capitalism is evil, and socialism is the way to glory for all Americans. They believe that free speech is good, but only so long as it is speech that follows their ideological pathway to their so-called socialist and communist utopia. However, one doesn’t have to look far to realize that the socialist and communist way is not really a utopia, but instead a cesspool of inequality, division, and despair. Progressive countries like in Europe who have begun silencing their people, imprisoning anyone who dares speak out against social injustices of their government. Socialist countries like Venezuela, who have starved, persecuted, and slaughtered their own people. Communist countries like Cuba, the Soviet Union, and China, who have persecuted, and murdered millions of people for questioning their government, fighting for freedom, or for simply having more children that the government quotas allow. Over the years, we as American’s have tried to give our children more than we had, but instead of teaching them to want things, we should have been teaching them the value of a hard days work, so they could appreciate what they earned, and what they already had.

Instead, we have raised a generation who has a greater wealth of information on a phone that they carry in their pocket, but they have been taught to distrust their own sense of right or wrong, disbelieve the incredible history of the United States, fight against the wisdom of their parents and ancestors, and resist anyone who refuses to accept their Progressive-Socialist and Communist ideological ends. We have raised a generation who believes that their ‘We the People’ are there to serve our government, rather than our government being there to serve ‘We the People’. We have raised a generation of entitlement, who believe that the government owes them, but not realizing that the more they take, the less they have. That is because the more one becomes dependent on the government, the more the government has control over every aspect of their lives.

However, one thing is for certain. Progressive’s have been successful in brainwashing many of their followers into believing what seems to most as the unbelievable. They have painted Trump as a horrible human being in every way, despite his incredible accomplishments that have helped raise up the very people who the Progressive’s claim he hates. Now, President Trump has defied all of their attacks, insults, and denigration. As Progressive-Socialist Democrats and Mainstream Media attack President Trump as racist, he has stepped-up once again and done what every President has failed to do for more than a century. He has wiped yet another racist stain from the fabric of our great nation. This week President Trump pardoned heavyweight champion Jack Johnson for a crime that he should never have been convicted of.

Jack Johnson was born in Galveston, Texas in 1878 shortly after America ended slavery. He was called the “Galveston Giant,” because he was large for his time. He started boxing at a young age, and turned pro at the age of 19. His success as a boxer became legendary, and during his era, a black man winning was simply unacceptable. Boxing promoters began looking for a white man to beat Jack, and they coined ‘The Great White Hope’, in their effort to find a white man to beat Jack Johnson. As time went on, White America was not able to find a boxer to beat him. Then in June of 1910, the Mann Act was passed and became federal law. It was a law to regulate interstate commerce of women across state lines for “immoral purposes”, or trafficking prostitutes. Shortly after the legislation became law, Jack Johnson was traveling across state lines with his wife, who happened to be white. Authorities grabbed Jack Johnson, and embraced the Mann Act to try to convict him for violating the law.

For years, President after President turned down the pardon to clear a good man’s name. That is until President Trump. Numerous civil rights groups had asked Obama to pardon Johnson, but Obama chose to turn down the pardon, similar to his predecessors. Obama cited that the reason for his refusal to turn down Johnson’s posthumous pardon had to do with reports of domestic violence with a few of his ex-wives. However, typically a pardon is not withheld for things outside of the crime that someone is convicted of. Instead, President Trump chose to remove a great racial injustice and stain that was perpetrated by our government on an innocent man.

Jack Johnson had fled the country  in 1920 to avoid prison, but he returned in 1920 and served out his sentence. He died at 68 years old in 1946 during a car crash.

Today, President Trump’s pardon has left the Progressive-Left in a tailspin. African American’s and Progressive’s called for Obama to right this racial injustice. However, didn’t happen until President Trump took the initiative. A man that they have tried to label racist. anti-black, and a man of hate.

Now, ‘The Nation’ ran an article, attacking the fact that President Trump is the one pardoning Jack Johnson. It’s headline read…

Donald Trump and Jack Johnson Would Have Despised One Another

Who is Trump to “pardon” anyone, least of all Jack Johnson?


Zirin went even further throughout his article in calling President Trump a “racist”, “bigot”, “racist birther”, much more. He then went on to say that…

“a ‘pardon’ means that Johnson did something wrong and that guilt must be acknowledged. The language should be that of exoneration.”

Then, Zirin went on to say that…

“Donald Trump not only lacks the credibility to either pardon or exonerate Jack Johnson—he does not even have the moral standing to have Jack Johnson’s name in his mouth.”

Then Zirin had the audacity to smear the President, and believe that he has the ability to know what President Trump would have thought of Johnson, had he lived 100 years ago, when he wrote…

“100 plus years ago, Trump would have hated Jack Johnson. He’d hate him for his independence. His very existence challenged what white men like Trump believed. Trump would be just like those other politicians, scheming ways to go after Johnson. In Johnson’s day, the same white politicians that tried to stop him from fighting, also turned a blind eye to lynchings. They are the same politicians, like Trump, who demanded that black men die, for supposed crimes, even if they were innocent.”

Dave Zirin

Interestingly, If Dave Zirin was educated on the true history of blacks, slavery, and the Democrat Party, he might think differently. Of course, it isn’t just Zirin. Democrats, Progressive’s, and Communists across America either believe the lie, or spin the web for the good of the future communist collective.  Today, President Trump has done more to help every minority group, help each American worker, support our veterans, boost small business, boost big business, secure our American borders, and bring peace to the world than any leader in recent history. Regardless, nothing that President Trump has done, is doing, can do, or will do, would gain the support, or even a kind word from the Progressive-Socialist left. He has done more to help the Democrat constituency than every Democrat President before. Despite those facts, they have deemed him incompatible with their socialist and communist ends. Therefore, they have targeted him as an enemy of the (Deep) State. Regardless, President Trump continues to push forward in his goal of “Making America Great”. Consequently, we will continue to see the radical left loose their mind, and push further left toward the Socialist and Communist end of the spectrum. Meanwhile, American’s are beginning to wake up and see the lies, distortions, and Fake News that has penetrated the sanctity of their homes and workplaces. A realization that will prevent America from falling into the same radically Progressive, Socialist, and Communist trap that has been seen in Venezuela, Cuba, China, Russia, and North Korea.