By: Brian Evans

On May 3, 2018, eighteen House Republicans nominated President Trump as a worthy recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. They said…

President Trump’s peace through strength policies are working and bringing peace to the Korean Peninsula,” Messer wrote in his letter, “We can think of no one more deserving of the Committee’s recognition in 2019 than President Trump for his tireless work to bring peace to our world.”

Meanwhile, the UK’s Progressive based Telegraph reported that…

“as remarkable as the imagery and symbolism have been recently, many analysts point out that it is too early to speculate on the outcome of ongoing negotiations with a regime that has been led with an iron fist by the Kim dynasty for nearly 70 years.”

However, Trump’s push for peace transcends North Korea. President Trump has simultaneously forced nations to not only bring balance in trade between the United States and their prospective countries, but also eased tensions that had built up during former Administrations, and due to their policies. Policies like President Bush Sr. and his son, President George W. Bush that led to war and regime change. Policies that brought instability throughout the Middle East, and around the globe. President Obama’s ‘blame America’ game also increased tensions, as world leaders began to look down upon the United States, rather than considering America a symbol of peace and freedom for the world. His weak foreign policy led to Russia believing they could do virtually anything, as they invaded and annexed Crimea with no resistance coming from the Progressive European Union states, or America. The BBC reported that:
“The annexation of Crimea was the smoothest invasion of modern times. It was over before the outside world realized it had even started.” BBC
But even after the invasion, President Obama never retaliated, or gave them any deterrent to back down. In fact, Real Clear Politics reported in June 2017…

“Why didn’t Obama order retaliation of some kind? Oh, sure, he apparently ordered our cyber forces to plant electronic bombs in critical Russian systems, ready for detonation in the event of war. But in what way is that akin to the kind of attack—and fallout—that the Russians have caused over here?

Like the sanctions imposed on Russia following their unlawful annexation of Crimea, in what way would the placement of electronic bombs in critical Russian systems really prevent Russia from acting aggressively? If anything, given Russian behavior recently, it might just encourage them to act more aggressively; to double down while they still think the West is weak and they could potentially run the table on America.”

 Conversely, President Trump has put pressure on Russia by launching two strategic strikes against Russia’s ally Syria, despite warnings from Russia that there would be dire consequences if they did so. In fact, on Lebanese television, a Russian diplomat threatened to shoot down any missile’s entering Syria. President Trump’s responded by saying…
“You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!” President Trump
Shortly after the exchange, the President gave the order to launch missiles at the air base that was used to gas their own people, and other strategic targets related to chemical weapon manufacturing, storage, and deployment.
Then in late March, after it came to light that Russia allegedly used of a nerve agent to poison a former Russian spy living in the United Kingdom, President Trump ordered the closure of the Russian consulate in Seattle, Washington, and the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats that were identified as intelligence agents. Forty-eight of those Russians worked at the Russian embassy in Washington D.C., and twelve at the United Nations in New York. Also, President Trump has been working to stifle the Russian military’s expansion across the globe, while working to increase America’s readiness against Russian hacking into the U.S. technological infrastructure, and putting America in a better position to compete with Russia, China, and other nations who wish to do our country harm in the economic, diplomatic, and even space technological race.
Therefore, after years of weak and failing diplomacy against Russia, which led to increased Russian meddling in American politics and the 2016 election, President Trump has ramped up pressure and American military might against the out-of-control Russian nation, as well as other communist and rogue nations.
In addition, President Trump’s has greatly improved relations with China’s Xi, while still clamping down on their currency manipulation, and trade practices that has been hurting the American worker. President Trump’s tariff policies are now providing the leverage that the President needs to renegotiate fair trade practices between the United States and China, yet still, President Trump has been able to develop a great relationship with Xi that has enabled Trump to apply tremendous pressure on North Korea and Kim Jong Un. The kind of pressure that has led up to a potential denuclearization of the Korean continent, and an official end to the Korean war.
In other areas across Asia, President Trump said of Japan’s leader…
“Shinzo and I have developed a very close relationship,” Trump said Tuesday at the beginning of the Mar-a-Lago meetings. “We speak all the time. And our nations, I think, have never been closer than they are right now.”

When the two leaders were set to meet in Mar-a-lago, Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters that…

The two leaders will “reaffirm the United States-Japan alliance as a cornerstone of peace, stability, and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region.”

When visiting President Trump at Mar-a-Lago, Japanese Prime Minister spoke about President Trump with the highest of praise. They met to discuss national security issues, trade, and the ongoing diplomatic process in North Korea when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said

“The background of this change is Donald’s unwavering conviction, as well as the determination that you demonstrated in addressing the issue of North Korea,” Abe told Trump. “So your stance made it possible to achieve this major change.”

The Prime Minister went on to commend Trump’s focus on military strength, and the Presidents profound success in improving  diplomatic relations throughout the region, and especially with Pyeongchang. P.M. Shinzo said…

“I’d like to take this opportunity to express and pay my tribute to your leadership.”

Meanwhile back in China, President Trump’s visit last fall was highly successful. During his visit to the North Korean ally, Trump received incredible praise from the people of China. Prior to the Presidents visit to China, Trump made it clear that it was the previous Administration’s fault for creating a $347 billion U.S. trade deficit with China in 2016. The President said that he gave China credit for “taking advantage” of America while Obama was in office. He did assure China that those days would be over, stating

“We have to fix this because it just doesn’t work for our great American companies and it doesn’t work for our great American workers.”

Interestingly, regardless of President Trump’s tough trade relations policies with China, theNew York Times  even reported how Trump’s visit gained wide-spread admiration of the Chinese citizens. The Chinese people referred to President Trump as “Donald the Strong,” “Uncle Trump,” and “Grand Commander.” The NY Times quoted Dai Xiang as saying…

“He’s true to himself,” and “He’s real, unlike other politicians.”

Despite the fact that the Presidents critics in the United States call him egotistical, erratic, and a war-monger, those around the globe, including his Chinese fans, praise his irrepressible style, his skill as an entertainer, and his willingness to say exactly what he thinks. Also, they appreciate the fact that the President acknowledges China as a superpower, and an equal in his negotiations with Xi. In fact, after years of American Presidents talking down to China on political issues, President Trump is taking a different, and more receptive approach. He has changed the tone, and is focusing on making deals, rather than idealism. Consequently, as the Chinese people have applauded President Trump’s efforts, the Chinese government has been working cooperatively on North Korea, and warming to trade negotiations. In fact, Xu Qinduo, a political commentator for Bejing’s  China Radio International said…
“People are sort of tired of listening to that criticism, now we can talk to each other.”
In the end, President Trump’s ‘Fire and Fury’ comments brought about immense ‘Fire and Fury’ from the Mainstream Media in the United States. Here is just a miniscule number of headlines from the MSM:

However, regardless of what the Mainstream Media touts, President Trump’s ‘Strength through Peach’ policy has not simply advanced the ‘America First’ agenda, but it has led to possible denuclearization and peace talks in North Korea, Russia backtracking in their expansion through the Middle East, and Syria and Russia realizing that when the President draws a ‘red line’, he actually means it! Additionally, China is beginning to draw back their out-of-control economic policies that stifle American manufacturing, jobs, and our economic prosperity. Meanwhile, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia, and other nations around the globe are lining up to make deals with the President in order to avert tariffs on their exports to the United States. As a result, President Trump is renegotiating trade deals that bring balance to America’s trading partners, return manufacturing plants to the United States, is increasing American exports, expanding American job opportunities, and strengthening America’s economy. In fact, CNBC reported that the United States trade deficit dropped sharply in March, as American exports hit a record high. The Commerce Department said last Thursday that the trade gap dropped a whopping 15.2% to $49 billion.

Regardless of the President’s success in strengthening America’s prosperity, and creating ‘Peace through Strength’, Progressive Socialists and the Mainstream Media Propaganda Wing of their party, refuse to concede his success. For example, the Mainstream Media cited Aaron David Miller, a former United States diplomat  who stated…

“It’s surreal in the sense that it’s clearly premature to be talking about giving anybody a Nobel Peace Prize”

But what they don’t reveal, is that Aaron David Miller is a One-World Progressive-Socialist who has criticized almost every aspect of Trump’s policy, including his friendship with Israel, and the move of the American Embassy to Jerusalem.

The mainstream media went on the attack against the idea of President Trump even being considered for the Nobel Peace Prize by stating…

“18 Members of the U.S. House of Representatives, all Republicans, have formally offered the name of the 45th president as a worthy recipient of the prize usually reserved for leaders of a more peaceful disposition.” New York Mag

Ironically, the Mainstream Media celebrated when former President Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize during the first year of his Administration in 2009, despite the fact that he hadn’t actually accomplished anything. The Norwegian Nobel Committee pointed to his

“extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” and “attached special importance to Obama’s vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons.”

Therefore, Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize for simply wanting and talking about peace.

Also, Al Gore was heralded for his work on ‘Global Warming’, and now ‘Climate Change’ works. As a result, the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded Gore the Nobel Peace Prize for works that have now been proven to be false, and unsoundly based on lies and misrepresentations.

Regardless, as President Trump proves to be more strategic, cunning, and calculating in his approach towards peace, Progressive’s will refuse to acknowledge his successes. Despite President Trump being able to brings our world closer than any previous Administration towards peace, Progressive’s will continue to slam the President and his agenda. Not because he hasn’t been successful in creating ‘Peace through Strength’. Not because he hasn’t been successful in increasing America’s economic prosperity. Not because he hasn’t fought for American unity, but instead for one simple reason. They oppose him in every way, because he has been, and continues to be fighting for the prosperity of America. Prosperity and Peace that disenchanted and brings down their Progressive Socialist agenda. Prosperity and Peace that demonstrates the lies and distortions of the Progressive-Socialist and communist agenda. Prosperity and Peace that unifies rather than divides nation against nation, blacks against whites, women against men, hispanics against non-hispanics, and American against American. Yes, the Progressive-Socialist Democrats in America have fought  with the idea of ‘Divide and Conquer’ in their quest to re-organize the world under a One-World Socialist System with a World Communist Party at the helm. However, Trump has chosen to take a much different path and approach. He has deviated from the ‘Divide and Conquer’ approach that has pitted human against human, and adopted and implemented his ‘Peace through Strength’ approach that is bringing not only our nation towards prosperity and peace, but is bringing the world to the precipice of peace that mankind has long been searching for.

However, regardless of who gets the Nobel Peace Prize in the end, President Trump said

“The prize I want is victory for the world.”