By: Brian Evans

Over the years, the Koch brothers have been known to be the GOP mega-doner’s that provided financial support, to Republican Party leadership in Washington D.C.. However, that support has since vanished when Donald Trump ran for President of the United States. That is because, just as the Democrats corporate and Hollywood mega-donors, the Koch Brothers support the same cause, and the same elitists, but do so while claiming a false-narrative of conservatism. Left-wing corporate and Hollywood donors support the Democrat Elitists, because they fight for the Progressive-Socialist, One-World ideology. The Koch Brothers support the Establishment Republican Rino’s because they fight for Fabian-Economic Socialism and One-World ideology. Therefore, left-wing corporate donors, Hollywood elitists, and the Koch brothers all fight for different groups, but they fight for the same goals. They fight for the same outcome. They fight for a socialist economy with a One-World communist government at the helm. One that creates two classes of people… The Elitists, and everybody else. Therefore, President Trump stands for everything that the Koch Brothers are against. He fights for the common working men and women in America. He fights against the corruption in Washington and throughout the political world. He fights against the suppression of free speech. He fights against the suppression of a free press. He fights against the One-World Globalist Elites. Now, the GOP mega-donor Koch brothers are attacking President Trump’s economic nationalist agenda.

The Koch Brothers are calling Trump’s recent tariffs that favor the American worker, “crony capitalism.” Instead, David and Charles Koch are pressing for the same multinational trade agreements that the Obama Administration was enacting. In fact, the Koch brothers fight against the tariffs, despite the fact that Trump’s tariffs are fighting for the American worker over cheap foreign imports. In addition, President Trump’s tariffs are designed to help protect national security in three ways. First, the national defense base where the U.S. is able to build war-fighting equipment without relying on a foreign country for steel and aluminum imports. Second, they are designed to maintain a domestic infrastructure for steel and aluminum. Third, the are designed to help retain a strong, growing steel and aluminum workforce of Americans. In the past, the Koch brothers and other progressive corporate leadership ignored how these international deals made by Elitists in Washington cost American jobs due to trade that favored foreign workers over American workers. In addition, the Koch brothers supported free trade agreements like NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement) and KORUS (U.S. Korea Free Trade Agreement), which helped multi-national companies to outsource American jobs overseas. The result was massive trade deficits with foreign governments like China, Mexico, and countless other nations. The cost was innumerable, as auto manufacturers abandoned United States cities and moved to other nations around the globe. The American worker was the ultimate casualty of the trade wars that had been lost due to America’s globalist elites. NAFTA’s cost to the American worker included more than 700,000 jobs displaced just to Mexico. The cost world-wide was astronomic with hundreds of thousands of American’s out-of-work and displaced. Cities like Detroit became ghost towns with million dollar homes left virtually worthless. Factories left abandoned and decaying. Workers were left unemployed and penniless.

detroit blight

Detroit auto manufacturing plant left anbandoned and decaying after outsourcing of jobs.

In one former West Virginia,steel town they lost 94% of their steel jobs because of NAFTA, with nearly 10,000 workers in the town being displaced. In addition, 2.4 million American manufacturing jobs have been lost, with a total of 3.2 million American jobs lost to China since 2001, after they joined the Globalist World Trade Organization (WTO).

Despite the evidence, the Koch Brothers continue to fight against President Trump’s pro-American, ‘America First’ trade agenda. In fact, the majority of American’s support the President’s trade agenda, which was shown in the latest Morning Consult poll. It revealed that nearly 60 percent of Americans say tariffs on imported Chinese steel and aluminum were necessary for the U.S.-China economic relationship. (shown below)

Meanwhile, Rasmussen Reports found that Americans are increasingly supportive of tariffs, in an effort to stop the outsourcing of American jobs, and put the American worker first. (shown below)

Still, the Koch Brothers continue to fight against the President, fight against Americans, and fight against America’s interests.

Another area that the Koch brothers have been fighting against President Trump, is on immigration. They are fighting for an open-borders policy like Obama implemented. Meanwhile, they are fighting against President Trump move to secure our national borders. The Koch brothers have been fighting for the amnesty of millions of illegals across the country, and put out a pro-open border advertisement campaign through the LIBRE Initiative organization, which is backed and financed by the Koch brothers themselves. They have released two ads, both portraying DACA illegal aliens as the ‘defenders of American patriotism’. It includes statements, read by DACA illegal aliens that say: “We love our country, our way of life, and we sacrifice and fight to defend it,” and “we work hard, put food on the table, care for our families, and we pledge allegiance to this flag. We are patriots. We are DREAMers. We believe America’s best days are yet to come. And we want to be a part of it.” Here are the two ads

The Koch brothers’ DACA amnesty push comes after the billionaire, avid free trade, low-wage-seeking, open borders defenders announced that they would oppose Trump’s popular pro-American immigration agenda that seeks to reduce legal immigration levels by ending “chain migration” to raise the wages and quality of life of America’s working and middle class. Furthermore, combine their pro-mass migration ad campaign, with calling illegal aliens ‘patriots’, and are now talking about running anti-Trump advertisements that target tariffs and his economic nationalist agenda, the Koch Brothers show their true globalist, anti-America agenda.

Why have the Koch Brothers abandoned America First values? The answer lies much deeper, as with many Fabian-Economic Rino’s. Interestingly, the answer is one that is far more simple that most would think, and it goes to show how deeply rooted the Anti-Trump movement has become in both the Democrat and Republican Party. They have all been brought up believing in an ideology called Fabian Economics, which is a group whose radical ties run deep through the Elitist Political Class and the Elitist Wealthy Class in America, and around the world. It is a sinister group that derived its name from a Roman general who was known for delay tactics called Fabius Maximus. And it is a group that believes in two classes of people. An educated elitist political ruling class and everyone else.

This new society became known as Fabians, who established the goal of utilizing the democratic framework of a nation to gradually convert democratic societies into socialist states. It says its early goals were to reorganize society by the emancipation of land and industrial capital from individual ownership, and redistributing that property to class or societal ownership. It aimed to vest the property into the community for the overall benefit of the society rather than the individual. In the end, it sets a goal of the extinction of private land ownership, home ownership, and an end to private property. As a result, American’s or any nation under Fabian rule would be required to pay rent to live in a dwelling of the government’s choosing, and pay rent for the use of land they once owned to grow crops.The more money you are willing to pay the government, the better the soil for growing. Therefore, much like Feudal society with society divided into classes, Fabians believe that the higher up in education and class, the better off you and your family will live. Therefore, the Koch Brothers are a member of an Elitist group that shares close ties to the Progressives. After all, while their final goal is the same, their means to that end is where their ideology diverges from the Progressive strategy.

Therefore, the Koch brothers currently enjoy cheap illegal alien labor pools that are enabled, encouraged, and imposed by the Progressive’s and Fabian-Rino’s in Washington D.C.. Meanwhile, illegals have helped out their bottom line, while the average American workers’ wages have become stagnant. Furthermore, as their globalist model relies on the mass immigration of 1.5 million illegals each year to drive down American wages. Then corporations move their manufacturing overseas, and consequently causing Americans’ wages to be driven down, and jobs lost. A stance that goes against the belief of nearly 70% of American’s. In fact the Rasmussen Reports polling shows that 68% percent of likely voters said it is more important to keep manufacturing jobs in the United States than keeping prices on products low for consumers. Interestingly, only 20 percent of likely voters said it was more important to keep product prices low than to have a booming U.S. manufacturing base. Meanwhile, Republican voters were more likely than Democrat voters to support keeping manufacturing jobs in the U.S., as 80 percent of Republicans said it is more important to have a strong U.S. manufacturing base, while 66 percent of Democrats said the same. Interestingly, the traditionally Democrat group of blue-collar workers who helped Trump slide into victory in 2016, are the most supportive of the President’s economic agenda. Breitbart reported that blue-collar workers are supportive of a strong U.S. manufacturing base, with between 70 to 76 percent supporting keeping manufacturing jobs in the United States, rather than enjoying cheap products. Interestingly, the most wealthy in America, like the Koch Brothers, are the key constituency that believe that keeping United States manufacturing jobs in America is less important than low product prices.

Regardless, open borders, multinational free trade agreements, and mass immigration, legal and illegal, have caused a forty-year stagnation of wage growth for blue-collar jobs, and massive job losses due to companies moving overseas and exporting those products back into the United States. Consequently, the middle class and lower classes have paid the steepest price in jobs, and self-sustainability.

In the end, the Koch Brothers are a far cry from the conservative values that some claim that they embrace. Progressive’s cite the Republican Party as the Party of the rich, but the rich Hollywood elitists, wealthy corporate leadership, millionaire musicians and athletes, and majority of the rich are the ones that fund, endorse, and promote the Progressive-Socialists and Democrat Party agenda. Even Republican millionaire donors refuse to support the true conservative agenda. Yes, millionaires like the Koch Brothers donate to the Republican Party, but it is not the Republican Party of Lincoln that they donate to. They donate to the Establishment Republican Elitists who embrace Fabian-Socialist Economic policies, and not the Republican’s conservative agenda of yesteryear.

As a result, regardless of what President Trump says or does, he will find no friend in the Koch Brothers or any Progressive, Fabian, Establishment, or Elitist. They will not be satisfied unless he abandons his America First agenda, and the will of the people. That is because they  no longer hold the same values that our Founding Fathers held. They no longer look at America as a beacon of light or hope for the world. They no longer fight for ‘We the People’. Instead, they fight for a One-World, socialist, and communist agenda. Consequently, they will continue to fight against the M.A.G.A agenda, regardless of what the American voter wants. They will continue to try to remove a duly elected President, regardless of what the American people want or believe. However, in the coming months and years, as President Trump continues to be extraordinarily successful in implementing the agenda that he was elected to put into action, he will steadily gain support and popularity. Furthermore, that popularity is exactly why Progressive Socialists and Fabian-Socialists in Congress and throughout our nation will fight to impeach and remove him from office. After-all, if they cannot manipulate the voters into removing him from office, the anti-Constitutional Elitists will try to use any means necessary, to do just that, and place America back on the socialist and communist track that we were headed down, long before President Trump was elected President, and certainly before he took office.