By: Brian Evans

Questions and staff absolutely must answer: Were they aware of this? Did they coordinate/work with Jones and Fusion? And if yes, why did they not disclose conflict to rest of the Grassley committee? Fusion was under committee investigation!

Now, as questions for Feinstein have begun to arise, investigators are beginning to ask how many other Senators are connected to the now, proven to be, salacious and false ‘Trump Dossier’? A ‘dossier’ that was written by a company that simultaneously was hired by, and working for, individuals within the Russian Kremlin. A company that was charged by the United States for money laundering, and evading United States sanctions against Russia.

Fox News reported that:

Simpson has done substantial investigative work on the case of Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian lawyer who was imprisoned after reporting a massive tax fraud scheme. Magnitsky died in prison, and the U.S. enacted the Magnitsky Act, which imposes sanctions on certain Russian officials. Fusion GPS also did work as a firm related to the Magnitsky Act.

Now, the fact that we have not only a sitting United States Senator, but an entire political party (DNC), and an opposing candidate for President (Hillary Rodham Clinton) all tied to the dossier and a company that collaborates with Russia, is not only alarming, but threatens the very fabric of our Constitutional Republic. Therefore, as America begins to realize the magnitude of the corruption within the confines of our own government, it is time to not simply drain the swamp, but to do much more. It is high time to prosecute those who fight against the very fabric of our nation, for their efforts to implement a Progressive/Socialist, One-World Government, while under the guise of liberty and progress. Only then, can we safeguard our nation for not only our children of today, but  for the many generations to come.