By: Brian Evans

On Friday April 20 2018, the Democratic National Committee filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Trump campaign, Russia and WikiLeaks. The DNC is accusing them of plotting to tilt the outcome of the 2016 presidential election in favor of President Trump, and against Hillary Clinton. The Washington Post first broke the story, and they reported that the lawsuit claims that the the trio worked together to “prop up” President Trump,  while hurting the Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

The lawsuit claims that Russia’s intelligence agencies hacked DNC computers, worked alongside WikiLeaks, and then distributed the information to sources in their attempt to disrupt the election. The DNC goes on to claim that the Trump campaign knowingly was aware of the Russian hacking, and as the DNC claims…

“gleefully welcomed Russia’s help.”

They went on to say…

“Indeed, the Trump campaign solicited Russia’s illegal assistance, and maintained secret communications with individuals tied to the Russian government, including one of the intelligence agencies responsible for attacking the DNC.”

They added that…

“Through these communications, the Trump Campaign, Trump’s closest advisors, and Russian agents formed an agreement to promote Donald Trump’s candidacy through illegal means.”

The lawsuit goes on to say that Wikileaks, primarily Julian Assange, has shared aspirations in that he had the

“goal of damaging the Democratic party in advance of the election.”

They say that Assange leaked out the stolen DNC information, and Trump applauded his efforts. Furthermore, the Washington Post reported that DNC Chairman Tom Perez released a statement that…

“Russia launched an all-out assault on our democracy, and it found a willing and active partner in Donald Trump’s campaign.”

But now the Daily Wire also is reporting that CNN and others Mainstream Media appear to have not only been willing participants in orchestrating the setup of Donald Trump during the 2016 election, but the FBI and DNC as well. Interestingly, the Comey memos, written by the former FBI Director James Comey reveal a great deal.

According to multiple published reports, the memos indicate that a meeting Comey had with Trump was prompted under pressure by CNN, and then it was used to launch the media frenzy over the anti-Trump dossier. A Dossier that has now been proven to be funded by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist wrote:

In multiple memos, Comey specifically mentioned that CNN had the dossier and wanted a “news hook” that would enable the network to report on its most salacious allegations even though they had not been verified.

Writing on the conversation he had with Trump, Comey wrote in a classified memo: “I said the Russians allegedly had tapes involving him and prostitutes at the Presidential Suite at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow from about 2013.”

Interestingly, that puts CNN, James Comey, and the Steel Dossier together, in the same room. A major problem, since the James Comey memos contradict James Comey’s testimony, indicating that he is lying under oath. Also, there is the Steele Dossier that was paid for by the same Democratic National Committee that is filing suit against President Trump, and a dossier that has been proven to be false, misleading, and salacious.

What does all this mean? Ultimately, it means that the DNC, Mainstream Media, and departments within our own government like the FBI leadership have become so corrupt, so infiltrated by Deep State plants, so malicious, and so un-American, that it is leading us towards a constitutional crisis. America is at a point in time, where we have the opportunity to save our country as a society, or America as we know it, will fall. We have an evil and anti-constitutional element in our country that will do anything to bring down our nation, and if American’s continue to remain complacent, it will fall, and everything that we take for granted, will cease to exist. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that American’s flood the ballot boxes this fall, and cast our vote to support President Trump’s agenda. We must fight for our right to exist as a nation. We must fight to keep the American dream alive for not only our own sake, but for future generations to come.