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By: Brian Evans 
In December 2017, Evans News Report published an article titled ‘As The World Readies For War, New Indications Show President Trump’s Hardline Approach Is Bringing North Korea Toward Collapse‘. It discussed how the election of Donald Trump in 2016, resulted in a drastic North Korean policy change. Instead of payoffs, talks that led to nowhere, or embracing a United Nations who refused to do what was necessary to ensure that North Korea stayed nuclear free, President Trump took a hardline approach to the  rogue state. He attacked North Korea from every angle. Trump has attacked North Korea with fiery rhetoric, and he has made North Korea, America’s top national security issue. In effect, President Trump has reversed course, and caught the North Korean dictator off guard, just like he has with so many Establishment Elitist Democrats and Republicans. Despite the fact that Kim Jung Un has refused to halt his missile launch tests, President Trump has responded with even greater threats of “fire and fury.”

President Trump’s second wave of attacks involved sending massive military forces to South Korea, Japan, and the surrounding countries. The President’s show of “American military might,” along with America’s arming of South Korea, Japan, and other countries with anti-missile systems, further created a fear throughout North Korea that any attempt by Kim Jong Un, to launch any form of missile with the intent to attack the United States, or our allies, would be met with “fire and fury,” and would wipe North Korea off of the map. Then in November, the President stood in front of the United Nations and threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea if it became necessary. It was a move that none of his predecessors were willing to do, likely for fear of political fallout. However, President Trump is a President unlike any other. He is willing to do ‘whatever necessary,’ to protect America and Americans, despite potential political fallout. In fact, President Trump is one of the few Presidents in modern American history to be willing to risk his position, in order to do what is best for America. Meanwhile, opponents to the President’s show of military muscle, claimed that the President was bringing us to the brink of war.

Now, it appears that President Trump’s unique strategy and tough stance is paying off in unprecedented ways. Trump’s rebuke of the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, and the President’s open flirtation with nuclear war, appear to have not only pushed the International community toward action over the past year, but as we predicted, Kim Jong Un is near the breaking point. With China being responsible for 90% of its trade, and Trump pressuring the Chinese to cooperate in full sanctions against the rogue nation, it has this created unbearable pressure on the radical North Korean regime, and especially on Kim Jong Un. These sanctions reduced coal energy being shipped into North Korea by nearly 75%. As a result, North Korea has been put into an incredibly difficult situation, and appears to be leading to the collapse of North Korea. Now, North Korea is doing the unprecedented. They are requesting direct talks with Washington and specifically with the Trump’s Administration.

Certainly a blow to the Democrat’s and Mainstream Media’s attacks against the President on his tough talk, and intense swagger. President Trump is an artist at the negotiating table. After all, negotiations take place both inside and outside the board room, and his brash talk is likely not intended to make Kim Jong Un feel angered or threatened. It is Trump’s strategy to let his allies know, that when he shows himself to be cavalier, they should not question his motives. They should not question as to whether he will follow through on his promises. They should embrace his agenda and help to bring North Korea down to its knees. President Trump has proven to America that he is a man of his word, and he is now showing the world, that when he says something, he means it. He won’t use rhetoric or empty talk. He won’t tell you what he thinks you want to hear. He will tell you exactly what he thinks, and what he knows you need to hear.

With the increased sanctions from the United States and our allies, combined with the President showing himself to be a man of his word, Trump has created such immeasurable pressure on the out of control regime, that Kim Jong Un appears to be growing increasingly desperate. We have seen unprecedented defections coming across the DMZ (De-Militarized-Zone) into South Korea, and now the North Korean leader requesting direct talks with Washington appear to be the fruits of a President who will do what needs to be done to get results.

It is difficult to see what is going on inside one of the most secretive and ruthless regimes in the world, but all indications point towards a nation that is fighting for survival. President Trump’s new approach is finally proving to make a difference against a regime who has gone un-hindered, un-challenged, and un-questioned for decades. President Trump is the first President who has been able get North Korea’s number one ally to clamp down on the ruthless and rogue regime, and now he is the first President to secure direct talks with the regime.  In fact, it is quite remarkable that within a few short months, North Korea has shifted from what seemed to be an inevitable military war, to being on the verge of an unprecedented meeting between U.S. and North Korean leaders. Furthermore, Kim Jong Un and North Korean leadership have vowed to reverse their country’s long-standing resistance to abandoning their nuclear arsenal.

Following Kim Jong Un’s request for a meeting with the White House, President Trump swiftly accepted. A move that won’t come without conditions for the brutal North Korean leader. A development that is welcomed in the United States, and around the globe. Especially since the North Korean regime has consistently threatened to use nuclear weapons against American targets like Seoul, Japan, New York, San Francisco, Hawaii, and many other locations around the world.

So far, President Trump’s tactics appears to have worked. According to a report in South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo, the sanctions are hurting Kim’s regime in an “unprecedented” way, particularly stalling North Korea’s ability to export goods for cash.

In addition to Kim’s meeting with Trump, he has agreed to meet with South Korean President Moon. Another unprecedented move, as it would make him the first North Korean dictator to visit South Korea in history.

Now over the weekend, new details have emerged concerning the peace summit between President Trump and Kim. Business Times reports:

‘North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un wants to sign a peace treaty and establish diplomatic relations with the US, including allowing an embassy in Pyongyang, according to the Seoul-based Dong-A Ilbo newspaper, which cited an unidentified senior official with South Korea’s presidential office.

Mr Kim is likely to raise the possibility of a peace treaty as well as denuclearizing his country during a meeting with US President Donald Trump, the newspaper said, citing an official in the office of South Korean leader Moon Jae-in. […]

In a separate summit between Mr Kim and Mr Moon scheduled for next month, the North Korean leader is also expected to raise resuming cultural exchanges and reuniting separated families.’

Kim Jong Un appears to be trying to save face, and is reportedly claiming that denuclearization was his father’s “dying wish.” Ironically, his father, Kim Jong-il was firmly committed to the utilization of North Korean resources to build nuclear weapons, and not for humanitarian efforts to feed the millions of starving civilians throughout his country.

If precedent says anything to President Trump, North Korea is known to be fraught with lies, deceptions, and broken promises. They are known to issue threats to the United States and the global community. And in the end, they typically go back on their promises, and then make even greater demands. However, President Trump has proven to be a leader who is not easily manipulated. He is cunning and strategic, and this meeting is not like any that have come before. President Trump’s stubbornness and his ‘art of the deal’, have to make Kim Jong Un and Pyongyang leadership extremely nervous, in their wait to meet with Trump. History shows him to be skilled in his negotiations, and it is extremely likely, that President Trump may prove to do the impossible. And that is to finally take the reins from North Korea, and return some sense of peace and tranquility to a region of the world that has been on edge for numerous decades before.

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