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By: Brian Evans

As President Trump has ramped up his push to round-up illegal aliens who commit crimes in the United States, some Progressive-Socialist politicians have been fighting back. They have chosen to put illegal alien and criminal interests, over the interests of American citizens and law-abiding immigrants. One such politician is Mayor Libby Schaaf, of Oakland California.

Mayor Schaaf of Oakland, has stepped up the escalating fight between the Trump Administration over the right of the Federal Government to enforce illegal immigration. She warned illegal immigrants this week hours before ICE immigration enforcement officers launched an imminent sweep that gave criminal illegal aliens and illegal alien MS-13 gang members notice, so they could evade Federal capture and deportation. As a result, Homeland Security’s deportation chief accused her of endangering her city’s population, and his enforcement officers lives.

Mayor Schaaf sent out the following tweet, just hours before the ICE raids were initiated in Oakland:

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 9.14.05 PM

Analysts have reported that this was new and unprecedented,  in the fight between the Federal Immigration Enforcement (ICE) and local and state government. In fact, California’s political leaders have sued, passed legislation, made nefarious social media postings, and vowed to resist the law, and stymie the Trump Administration and their enforcement of illegal immigration.

ICE Deputy Director Thomas Homan compared Mayor Shaaf to:

a gang snitch on the lookout for police, and said more than 800 criminal migrants escaped the sweep. Some of them almost certainly alerted by Ms. Schaaf’s warning.

Oakland Mayor Libby Shaaf went even further, when she called the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement “racist, for doing their job and enforcing federal immigration laws.

The illegal alien sweep operation, which began on Saturday evening, has arrested 150 illegal immigrants thus far, but Homan says that there are another 800 that they have been unable to locate due to Mayor Schaff’s warning.

 ICE Deputy Director Homan added that the warning by Mayor Schaff

“is no better than a gang lookout yelling ‘police’ when a police cruiser comes in the neighborhood, except she did it to the entire community.”

Deputy Director Homan went on to say,

“I’ll say this to the mayor and every other politician that wants to vilify the men and women of ICE. We are not going away, we are going to keep enforcing the law”

In response to his statements, Mayor Schaff responded by saying that she learned about the raids from confidential sources, and she was yelling:

 “racism! I hope we take this moment to recognize that we have to fight against the racist myth that the Trump administration is trying to perpetuate… that immigrants are dangerous criminals. There is nothing further from the truth. This is racist and it is false. Ample evidence shows that American-born citizens are actually more likely to commit crimes than immigrants.

Accusations of racism, for enforcing America’s borders, laws, penal codes and statues, is far from racism. Progressive’s are trying to demonize the enforcement of laws, simply because they hate the President, and the fact that they need the illegals to booste their voting numbers in future election cycles. As far as the criminal makeup of the illegals being rounded up for deportation, roughly 50% of those arrested during the sweep had criminal records, including crimes such as assault with a deadly weapon.

According to Pew research, there were around 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. in 2015, in comparison to the total population of around 323 million overall legal citizens. A report published by the Trump administration shows that 92 percent of foreign nationals in federal prisons are in the U.S. illegally. In addition, the report shows that the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, found that more than one in five individuals imprisoned were not born in the United States. Also, 94 percent of foreign nationals in the custody of either the Federal Bureau of Prisons or the U.S. Marshals Service entered the U.S. illegally. Now, AG Sessions, made the statement that Americans

 “are being victimized by illegal aliens who commit crimes… The simple fact is that any offense committed by a criminal alien is ultimately preventable. One victim is too many.”

Sessions went on to say that:

“non-citizens commit a substantially disproportionate number of drug-related offenses, which contributes to our national drug abuse crisis.”

In addition, liberal cities and states like California are fighting against not only immigration enforcement, but against securing the border with a solid barrier, like President Trump’s proposed border wall.  A border wall along the Mexican border was one of the key promises that President Trump was elected on, but Progressive’s have vowed to do anything and everything to block his progress towards his immigration promises. In fact, Progressive cities like Chicago, and states like California, have declared themselves ‘Sanctuary States,’ and vowed to harbor illegal aliens in a blatant attempt to block the President’s agenda, despite intentionally violating a multitude of state and federal laws,  endangering the lives and property of American citizens, and the Constitution of the United States itself.

Now, according to Fox News, the Department of Justice is now looking into possible obstruction charges against the activist mayor. Following news of possible charges, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf tweeted:


Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 9.15.19 PM

Schaaf, in an apparent attempt to cover her illegal actions, tweeted an announcement that her actions were just, and Oakland has a legal right to be a sanctuary city, and that she has not broken any laws. However, denying criminal actions, does not shield you from criminal prosecution. In fact, under California Penal Code (Crimes and Punishments), it states:


(a) Every person who maliciously, and with the intent to obstruct justice or the due administration of the laws, or with the intent or threat to inflict imminent physical harm in retaliation for the due administration of the laws, publishes, disseminates, or otherwise discloses the residence address or telephone number of any peace officer, nonsworn police dispatcher, employee of a city police department or county sheriff’s office, or public safety official, or that of the spouse or children of these persons who reside with them, while designating the peace officer, nonsworn police dispatcher, employee of a city police department or county sheriff’s office, or public safety official, or relative of these persons as such, without the authorization of the employing agency, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

(b) A violation of subdivision (a) with regard to any peace officer, employee of a city police department or county sheriff’s office, or public safety official, or the spouse or children of these persons, that results in bodily injury to the peace officer, employee of the city police department or county sheriff’s office, or public safety official, or the spouse or children of these persons, is a felony punishable by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170.

(c) For purposes of this section, “public safety official” is defined in Section 6254.24 of the Government Code.

(Amended by Stats. 2011, Ch. 15, Sec. 257. (AB 109) Effective April 4, 2011. Operative October 1, 2011, by Sec. 636 of Ch. 15, as amended by Stats. 2011, Ch. 39, Sec. 68.)

148. (a) (1) Every person who willfully resists, delays, or obstructs any public officer, peace officer, or an emergency medical technician, as defined in Division 2.5 (commencing with Section 1797) of the Health and Safety Code, in the discharge or attempt to discharge any duty of his or her office or employment, when no other punishment is prescribed, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by imprisonment in a county jail not to exceed one year, or by both that fine and imprisonment.

According to Federation for American Immigration Reform,

Following a spike in jurisdictions refusing to cooperate with the federal government in 2014, ICE analyzed the effect of noncooperation nationally. A Center for Immigration Studies review of these ICE records revealed that roughly 340 jurisdictions across the nation have some form of sanctuary policy (i.e. refused to honor ICE detainer requests or otherwise obstructed federal immigration officials). The ICE data further revealed:

  • Between January 1, 2014 and September 30, 2014, sanctuary jurisdictions released 9,295 aliens that ICE had sought to remove;
  • Of those 9,295 aliens, nearly 6,000 had significant prior criminal histories or other public safety concerns;
  • Of those with a prior history of concern, 58 percent had prior felony charges or convictions; and
  • 2,320 of the total number of released offenders were re-arrested within that 10 month period, and ICE has not been able to re-apprehend those individuals.

Additionally, in De Canas v. Bica the Supreme Court held that any state law or policy related to immigration will be per se preempted if it is a regulation of immigration because the “power to regulate immigration is unquestionably exclusively a federal power.” A state law or policy is a “regulation of immigration” when it determines who should or should not be admitted into the country, and under what conditions they may remain. Sanctuary laws, ordinances, or policies regulate immigration because they essentially decide who may remain in the United States. In particular, state and local governments that ignore the federal government’s request to hold an alien for pick-up or for notification of release regulate immigration because they take away the decision over who can remain in the country by shielding them from federal prosecution. As a result, such laws, ordinances, and policies should be per se preempted by federal law.

Additionally, federal law at 8 U.S.C. § 1373 prohibits policies that impede cooperation between federal, state, and local officials when it comes to the sending, requesting, maintaining, or exchanging of information regarding immigration status. Under that provision, any federal, state, or local government entity or official may not prohibit, or in any way restrict, any government entity or official from sending to, or receiving from the federal government, information regarding the citizenship or immigration status, lawful or unlawful, of any individual. Congress enacted this law in 1996 with the intent to block state and local leaders from obstructing the INA’s carefully crafted scheme because of pressure from special interests and partisan politics. Thus, because sanctuary laws, ordinances, and policies inherently restrict such communication, they are in direct conflict with federal law and should be deemed invalid.

Also, they have found that the cost of illegal immigration on the American taxpayer’s back is hefty. In 2013, the estimated costs of illegal immigration nationally totaled over $113 billion, with $84 billion being absorbed by state and local taxpayers.

In the ‘Real American Dreamers’ published by ENR, it detailed how we have leadership in Washington that is more concerned about increasing and padding their party’s voting base, than protecting the DREAM’s of the true AMERICAN DREAMers. Our children used to be the priority of our political leadership in Washington, but as Progressive-Socialism has taken root in our Capital and throughout the most left-wing parts of our country; mass immigration, both legal and illegal, has taken priority over the well-being of our children.

At the State of the Union, President Trump stated it best when he said:

“”My duty… is to defend Americans,” he said. “Because Americans are dreamers too.”

In recent years, Democrats have done quite the contrary. They have pushed for the rights of illegal aliens over the rights of American citizens. Meanwhile, President Trump has been working with Congress to ‘Make America Great Again’, but he is also trying to ‘Make America Safe Again.’ In addition we need to put ‘American’s needs first,’ and fight to make our country a place where our own American children can live the American dream. An America where they can roam our streets safely. An America where they have all the chances to learn, grow, and become anything that their heart desires. An America where they can not only dream, but dream big. Because, President Trump was right when he said “American’s are DREAMers too.”

Despite the President’s best efforts, Progressive’s have vowed to fight law enforcement, even if it means breaking the law. As a result, Oakland Mayor Libby Shaaf has gone from an elected political leader whose job it is to enforce the law, to a radical political activist, who has made it her mission to defy the laws of her state, the laws of our country, and the Constitution of the United States. A choice that has not only created an unsafe environment for American citizens, cost taxpayers billions in dollars, but it could also lead to criminal charges, which should be an obvious consequence to someone who is supposed to be executing the laws of California, and the Constitution of the United States of America. A responsibility that it seems many of our political leaders have either forgotten, or chosen to ignore, especially on the Progressive-Socialist end of the political spectrum.

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