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By: Brian Evans

Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll revealed on Tuesday that  50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance, and Forty-eight percent (48%) disapprove. In comparison, President Obama earned 43% approval on this date in the second year of his presidency. The latest figures include 35% who Strongly Approve of the way the president is performing and 39% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -4. (see trends).

President Trump has trended upward in recent months as his tax cuts begin to make their way toward the American taxpayers pocket books. As discussed in 2018 Midterm Elections: ‘The Perfect Storm’, Presidency has proven to be far from the norm, and the politics that surrounded his campaign and now his Presidency, have proven to be one for the history books. With the incessant and non-stop attacks by the Progressive-left, the Mainstream Media pounding the war drums against his Administration, the Mueller Investigation fighting to dismantle and disrupt his agenda, and the ‘Resist’ movement fighting to demonize his every action and tweet. Yet despite their barrage of attacks, his polling numbers remained in the lower to middle forties. Polling numbers that were reminiscent of Ronald Reagan’s first year polling numbers. Interestingly, over the past few weeks, his numbers are trending up in polling conducted by conservative and liberal pollsters. A trend that has the Progressive-Democrats expressing grave concern.

This trend for the President is due to several factors. First, the President has implemented and accomplished hundreds of promises that he made during his campaign which he spelled out in his CONTRACT WITH AMERICA (View His 2016 Campaign Promises).He has fulfilled promises he made concerning women’s reproductive rights, moving towards energy independence, increasing American trade and manufacturing, boosting the economy, eliminated burdensome regulations that have been dogging the economy. He has been helping small business, increasing consumer optimism, fixing America’s infrastructure, renegotiating and increasing trade, and governmental transparency and accountability. In addition, with his tax cuts he has been helping the poor and middle class increase wages, provide apprenticeships, increase jobs, and lower the unemployment rate for all American’s, especially the poor.  In fact, President Trump has been growing in popularity with blacks due to the tax cuts helping them get higher wages, and he has brought the black unemployment rate to the lowest level on record. Then, women have been helped as their wages have increased under his administration as well, and he is now fighting for better maternity leave. President Trump is fighting the Progressive left to not only build the wall to protect America from drugs, gangs, and to end illegal immigration, but he has offered to reach across the aisle to help the DREAMers who came to America illegally, but have spent most, or all of their known lives living in America. He offered twice the number of illegals amnesty that Obama did, but the Democrats have chosen to ‘RESIST’, instead of work with the President. The President’s only request was funding for a wall, and to establish a ‘pathway to citizenship’ that the Democrats said they wanted. President Trump asked that the DREAMers be required to stay out of trouble and not commit any crimes, and meet work and educational requirements over a ten to twelve-year period. In addition, he asked that chain migration be ended, as well as the visa lottery, and a merit based immigration system replace the outdated open border system. In addition, President Trump has followed through in fighting for law enforcement agencies, protecting communities, reforming the Veterans Administration, supporting the military, giving the military the necessary authority and equipment necessary to succeed and do so safely. The President has decimated ISIS with his new approach, worked to increase cyber-security, initiated a new foreign policy that has Syria, Iran, and North Korea isolated and afraid to challenge the might of America. He has China on notice for currency manipulation and unfair trade practices. The President ended the out of control Cuban policy, and isolated Venezuela as the Socialist dictator has ruthlessly starved and beat his own people. President Trump has fought to strengthen our Constitutional rights and freedoms, returned some power back to the states, returned land that Obama seized back to the States, ended the Obamacare mandate, reversed Obama’s ‘gender  neutral’ bathroom and locker room policy, returned captive Americans being held by overseas governments, moved our Embassy to Jerusalem, re-established good relations with Israel, re-instated Guantanamo Bay prison for islamic terrorists, and brought balance back to the Supreme Court and our Judicial System. Trump has even re-instated our space program, so we can compete with China and Russian space warfare, and done all this while donating his entire salary to charity.

Therefore, despite the fact that most Presidential candidates typically fall in the polls after they are elected, President Trump is proving once again to be the exception to the rule. That is because unlike most Presidents, Trump has been not only successful, but he has been accomplishing his agenda at an unprecedented rate. Furthermore, he has done so under the microscope of one of the most corrupt investigations, and while the Mainstream Media and with Progressive Democrat Party constantly hurling insults and accusations endlessly at him. In addition, President Trump has not alienated any of his base, and has helped those who opposed him during the 2016 election. For example, black unemployment has plummeted to one of the lowest rates in history. Likewise, polling shows President Trump has gained in black support over the past year. Also, he has gained in support by women, and Latinos, despite Democrats calling him racist, anti-feminist, and claims he hates immigrants. In fact, it is for these reasons that President Trump’s approval rating has shown to be steady over the past year, and now it is showing an upward trend in recent months.

Due to his accomplishments, and now the tax cuts kicking in, Americans  are beginning to feel the true benefits of President Donald Trump’s Presidency and agenda. They are beginning to realize that they should put their trust in a man who has been working tirelessly to restore our nation to the Constitutional Republic that our Founder’s envisioned. In fact, in the days and months to come, America will likely witness a strengthening base of support for President Trump. However, regardless of his growing support, Republicans must remain steadfast and cautious. After all, Democrats won state legislative contests across the country, marking 39 legislative flips since President Trump’s inauguration. Democrats have now also flipped six, this year alone. A cautionary warning for Republican’s and Anti-Socialists. As a result, Trump’s supporters must remain energized. Republicans must get involved and spread the word. Anti-Socialists must fight as if the mid-term elections were the most important thing in the world, because they are! Not only our country depends on it, but the world needs it as well. America is the beacon of hope for the world. We are the glimmering beacon that is beginning to shine bright. However, if we allow the Progressive-Socialists to take control in the mid-terms. Everything that President Trump has given to us, will surely be stripped away. We must fight in this election, as if it were our last. We have the momentum beginning to swing towards conservatism. We have the pendulum swinging towards freedom! Ultimately, if we embrace the strength and courage that President Trump is exuberating, we will emerge victorious this fall, and in 2020. Then, we truly have a chance to ‘Make America Great Again,’ by restoring our country to the glory that our Founder’s established and envisioned, for ourselves, our children, and many generations to come.

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