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By: Brian Evans

As reported by multiple sources like NPR, Fox News, Us News, and others last May, the Democrat-contolled State Assembly voted to end a long-standing ban on communists in key government positions throughout the state. Meanwhile, over half of all Americans continue to remain in  the dark that communism even exists in the United States. However, it is alive and well, living within our borders. Communism is a malignant tumor, that has been growing exponentially over the years in the states. It started off small and un-noticed, but as it has metasticized, it has infected our schools, then spread to corporate executive leadership, social media and google leadership, and now government. It has already spread into the democrat party, through and through, and even the Republican Party as well. Both parties follow the Fabian-Economic Socialism model for converting a free-democratic or constitutional-republic society into a communist one. The difference… Democrats called themselves Progressive’s, and pro-communist Republicans call themselves moderate, but most like to call them Rino’s. America even has a declared communist party that goes by the title CPUSA (Communist Party USA).

What a large number of American’s don’t understand about communism, due to misinformation being spoon-fed to them in colleges and universities, is that communism and America’s Constitutional Republic cannot co-exist. As communism grows and flourishes in the States, through organizations and groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Media Matters, left-wing Mainstream Media organizations like CNN, Progressive’s, and Fabian-Rino Socialists, our Constitutional Republic withers and dies a slow death. In fact, communism is the antithises of a free constitutional republic. Consequently, both ideologies cannot live harmoniously together. That is one of the reasons that Progressive-Democrats loath President Trump so much. That is why Fabian-Rino Republican Elitists have joined in with the Progressive Democrats to stop President Trump, who has turned out to be everything that is loathed and despised by pro-big government, anti-state rights, anti-constitution, and pro-communist Elitists.

Now, the most anti-Trump, anti-constitution, anti-liberty state in the Union is not only controlled by a communist infiltrated State-Democrat Party, but it is still not satisfied with it’s own leadership, because they are not Progressive (aka communist) enough. One of the most Progressive Senators in America, Diane Feinstein has lost the endorsement of her own California Democrat Party for her fifth term. In only receiving 37% of the votes in her Party, one might wonder why? Was she becoming soft and not pushing the Progressive-communist agenda hard enough. Feinstein fought for the largest government take-over of America’s healthcare industry. Feinstein fought for open borders. She fought for exorbent tax burden’s on American’s. Feinstein fought for the abortion of millions of babies, and much more. In all, Feinstein has been a golden child for the communist cause. However, now State Senator Kevin de Leo’n has challenged her for the Senate seat, and the California Democrat Party declined to endorse her. In fact, Kevin de Leo’n received 54% of the vote, compared to Feinstein who only secured 37%.

De Leo’n was short of the 60% to secure the party’s official endorsement, but a tremendous rebuke of Feinstein, who has proven to be a loyal comrade in the fight against our Constitutional Republic. The rebuke of 25 year incumbent Diane Feinstein by the party delegates comes even though she has received broad support from state party luminaries like Sen. Kamala Harris and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Also, surprising is how Kamala Harris threw her support behind Feinstein, being her anti-Constitutional Republic and pro-Communist leanings that the Progressive-Socialist darling of the Democrat Party has.

California Democrat voters have expressed their dissapointment in Feinstein, for what they call her lack of will, to challenge President Trump and his policies. Also, California Democrat voters like de Leo’n’s strong connections to their party’s Progressive-Socialist and Communist flank. Feinstein’s campaign still has a huge financial advantage over de León, as well as the advantages of incumbency.

What does De Leo’n stand for on the issues? He is calling for undoing President Trump’s tax cuts, and increased taxes on Americans. He is calling for increased taxes on cigarettes by the amount of a $2 dollars per pack more than currently on the books. He is calling for gun control, and indications point towards his intentions of an eventual gun confinscation. He is calling for loosened restrictions on abortion, and increased funding for Planned Parenthood, who has been recently caught in the sale of body parts following abortions. He is also in favor of ‘affirmative consent,’ or a contract between two individuals before engaging in any form or act of sex. He has pushed for increased workers compensation taxes on individuals in order to have better workers compensations paid for by employers (aka higher taxes on workers = lower wages). He has also pushed for a $15 minimum wage, which has been a failure in places like Seattle, who it hurt the economy, raised prices for goods and services, and caused a severe drop in the number of jobs.

In all, California has become the petri-dish of Communism in America. It has been the social experiment that has led to exorbent taxes, high unemployment, tent cities, businesses fleeing the state for more sane tax structures, high crime, out-of-control illegal immigration, MS-13 gangs, and a state so in debt that it hangs on the edge of a financial cliff by a mere thread.

Now, that thread wants to spin a lifeline to Washington D.C. in order to pull our Constitutional Republic to that very same financial cliff. Although Feinstein has been their poster child for Progressive-socialism in America, now they seek a full blown communist duo from California. With a Kamala Harris and Kevin de Leo’n duo, California would be one Senator closer to forcing their Marxist ideology upon the whole of America. With Antifa as their more militaristic wing of the Marxist push, the communist duo would be able to further their goals and try to undo the progress that America has made under President Trump. And in the end, America’s Constitutional Republic would be one step closer to it’s imminent demise

Evans News Report: evansnewsreport.comevansnewsreport.wordpress.com