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By: Brian Evans

Last Tuesday night, President Trump gave the performance of a lifetime. His State of the Union Speech was one that will go down in the record books. Despite the constant threats and insults hurled by the Progressive-Socialist Left, President Trump stood on the side of American virtue and honor. He spoke of a North Korean inspiration, Seong-ho who had his legs cut off by a train after collapsing from exhaustion while smuggling rice from China to feed his family. Then, only to be tortured by the tyranical North Korean communist nation. Yet despite all odds, in 2006, with just a simple pair of homeade crutches, “traveled thousands of miles across China and Southeast Asia to Freedom.” Trump said:

“Most of his family followed. His father was caught trying to escape, and was tortured to death.”

At the SOTU, Seong-ho had tears streaming down his eyes, and hoisted the hand-made crutches his father made, to the thunderous applause at the State of the Union. A moment that touched the heart of virtually every American. Trump called the story
“a testament to the yearning of every human soul to live in freedom.”
But unfortunately, not all American’s applauded, or even stood. Democrats chose to defy honor and remain seated as the President talked of showing respect to our flag and country. President Trump talked of showing respect for our country, family, and God. Democrats shocked many in the nation as they chose to sit on their hands, frown, and many playing on their smartphones. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called the President’s speech ‘dangerous’, and on MSNBC, Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) said Trump used “ugly” fear-mongering on immigration, religion and patriotism to “divide.” Also, Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) walked out of the SOTU address amid chants of “USA!” “USA!” “USA,” and a majority of the Democrats dishonored their office by booing the President’s speech several times throughout his address. In fact, at one moment President Trump was talking to the parents of a murdered child by an illegal alien MS-13 gang member, and the Democrats quickly stopped booing, but they refused to stand out of respect. Robert Mickens, the father of Nisa Mickens, said that he was disappointed with the Democrat Party’s response to his tragedy. He stated:
“I thought it was very disrespectful. For the simple fact that the Democrats who were there and did not stand up, they were African-Americans. So that hurt me a lot… Regardless of how they feel about the president, they should show the respect, because I would show them the respect if that was their loved one.”
Unreal. In addition, the Congressional Black Caucus members refused to stand or applaud when President Trump announced the the huge drop and record low unemployment rates for black Americans. Then to make matters worse, the Mainstream media attacked the President’s speech. For example Joy Reid said:
“Church … family … police … military … the national anthem … Trump trying to call on all the tropes of 1950s-era nationalism. The goal of this speech appears to be to force the normalization of Trump on the terms of the bygone era his supporters are nostalgic for. #SOTU”
She went on to say that ‘family values’ were “backward looking. Has the Progressive-Left gone so far off of its hinges that it thinks that something so important as the family is an outdated and nationalistic trope? If so, it shows just how far out of touch Joy Reid, the Mainstream Media, and the Democratic party has become. NBC’s Chuck Todd said that Trump’s speech “set things back,” and that he “offended a lot of Democrats.” Not really a surprise since they openly are claiming to be fighting against christian and family, and American values. Media Research Center President Brent Bozell said:
“The media’s overwrought, liberal bias was on full display Tuesday night in their reaction to President Trump’s State of the Union address. The President delivered a promising, powerful speech that resonated with most of America. 75% of Americans approved of his address yet ABC, NBC, CNN and MSNBC’s coverage was overwhelming critical. This is more evidence of how out of touch the media have become. These “journalists” live in their own elitist bubble and the public sees right through it.”
Now, the ACLU has joined in with the Progressive-Resistance and is attacking Tuesday’s State of the Union speech. Obviously, the ACLU believes President Trump used the word “America” too often during Tuesday’s State of the Union. In a written response to Trump’s speech, Faiz Shakir, the ACLU’s national political director, said:

“‘Tonight, President Trump said the word “America” more than 80 times in his speech. Yet, after a divisive first year, we hear and feel how exclusionary that “America” is, with policies that have harmed so many vulnerable American communities. The ACLU stands ready to protect these communities, both in the courts and at the polls.

“‘In particular, the immigration plan put forth by Trump would hold Dreamers hostage to his demands for a harmful border wall and an even larger mass deportation force. We are at this crossroads because of the President’s deeply destructive ideas fomented by his nativist allies and divisive rhetoric. We will continue to stand up for these young immigrants and ensure they continue to contribute to our country. We cannot let America’s Dreamers be deported.’”

Not really a complete surprise, since the ACLU has been fighting to decimate the civil liberties of anyone who opposes the Democrats Progressive-Socialist agenda. In fact, the ACLU has fought against Christian freedoms by trying to remove all remnants of Christianity that our forefathers instilled in our great nation.

The Capital Research Center exposed the ACLU’s anti-christian agenda and said:

No one doubts the effectiveness of the American Civil Liberties Union. But the ACLU has a clear agenda. In First Amendment cases involving freedom of religion the ACLU would rather curtail than uphold the rights of those who profess religious faith.

The Washington Post reported that the American Civil Liberties Union formally reversed its support for the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, signaling that the organization is no longer interested in mounting an ideologically consistent defense of all people of faith. Louise Melling, the ACLU’s deputy legal director, announced the change in policy.

Therefore, the ACLU has launched an all out war on ‘Christians, Christianity, and God’ himself. It is described in NYT bestselling author Jerome Corsi’s book, and talks about ‘a scheme born from the group’s foundation, steeped in Progressive-communist goals’. Corsi’s book, “Bad Samaritans: The ACLU’s Relentless Campaign to Erase Faith from the Public Square,” digs up what the ACLU doesn’t want you to know or remember.

Corsi told World Net Daily (WND) that “the book exposes the roots of ACLU in the 1920s among socialists and communists who were opposing World War I,” Corsi told WND this of the ACLU:
“It’s founder, Roger Baldwin, was a draft resister in 1917 who went to prison. Among the early board members were outright communists, including William Foster, who was at one time the general secretary of the Communist Party USA and wrote the book ‘Toward Soviet America.’
Corsi went on to say that
“the initial impulse of the ACLU was to fight for a definition of civil liberties that lined up with atheist, communist ideals,” and “Primary among the objectives was to eliminate God. [Communist philosopher Karl] Marx’s idea was that religion was the ‘opiate of the people,’ so the idea of God had to be broken down to establish the basis for communism, namely scientific materialism, which clashed with the religious conviction of America’s Founding Fathers, who believed our rights were inalienable, granted by God, and chief among those was freedom of religion.”
Therefore, the ACLU may claim to fight for America’s civil rights and the Bill of Rights, but the true aims of the organization is to actually to destroy the very rights that they claim to be defending.
Corsi told WND.
“Most people don’t know its real history, haven’t studied the cases it championed, don’t understand the extent to which it has advanced not civil liberties, but an extreme leftist agenda.”

Examples of cases that the ACLU has fought in court include the Scopes “monkey” trial of 1925: This was one of the ACLU’s first cases, where they defended John Scopes, accused of illegally teaching evolution at a Tennessee high school. Their goal was to ‘pit evolutionary science as knowledge and reason against the intellectual ‘prejudice’ of the Bible. Therefore, they wanted to make the case only stupid people believe in the Bible,” He went on to say that the ACLU wanted to eliminate the religious belief in God and replace it with a belief in science and human innovation. The ACLU’s goal was to ban God from educational institutions, and replace it with scientific human concepts like evolution.

The ACLU’s has worked hard to give the appearance that they have been fighting for American’s civil liberties, but actually they have used their power to fight for the elimination of Christianity. They fought to ban anything related to religious freedoms and promoted evolution as a better prescribed approach to the birth of mankind. For example, in March 2013, the ACLU challenged a portrait of Jesus Christ at a middle school in Ohio, and North Carolina county have been sued by the ACLU over its traditional Christian invocations at meetings. They also, challenged Mississippi’s school prayer law .

The ACLU has fought for atheism in schools, while targeting for elimination any semblance of Christianity. They have fought for transgendered bathrooms in schools, while ignoring sexual abuse and hate crimes against women. They have fought for illegal aliens, while ignoring the rights of American citizen’s own children. They have fought for Muslim’s rights despite violating Constitutional law, and all while ignoring Christian rights under the Constitution. Ultimately, the ACLU has become so financially powerful, they typically never lose a case, despite merit.

In fact, since the ACLU was founded in 1920, virtually no cases have been lost by the organization, leading most of their opposition to settle and give into the ACLU’s demands before the cases even reach the court system. A power that has led the ACLU to be one of the Progressive-Socialists main weapons in erasing any semblance of Christianity in America. A move carefully designed to strip constitutional freedom’s silently and carefully from ‘We the People.’ Therefore, leading our Constitutional Republic one step closer to becoming a communist nation.

Now, the ACLU is joining the Progressive-Socialist Democrats and exposing themselves as Social Justice Warriors. They are proving to be fighting against America’s constitutional principles. They are fighting against our civil liberties. They are fighting against our constitutional republic in an effort to implement a communist state. In doing so, they are fighting for open border, illegal immigration, and for radical islamic laws called Sharia-law. A law that not only violates our constitutional laws and principles, but risks the security and civil liberties of America’s women and young girls.

In all, the ACLU has become a lethal weapon that is being used against our Constitutional Republic and endangering the very freedoms that American’s take for granted. We have reached a critical moment, and one that will require Americans to stand up against both the corruption within the Progressive-Socialist Democrat Party, and against the Fabian-Socialist Rino Republicans, but now the ACLU and other organizations that have targeted our constitutional freedoms and our Republic, in their bid for a communist one-world government.

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