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By: Brian Evans

Now that the American government has reached the point of a government shutdown once again, Americans are beginning to ask WHY! Republican Mitch McConnell said on Friday morning “Extreme elements of their base want illegal immigration to crowd out every other priority,” As it has become blatantly obvious that the Democrats believe that putting illegal immigrants before the needs of the American people. Now, our government has begun the process of shutting down some of the services, and cutting pay to our military, border security, and other heroic American Patriots. Fortunately, White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said Friday that if the government shuts down, it won’t be as bad as 2013 because the Obama administration did things that exacerbated the shutdown. Mulvaney said “the Obama administration weaponized the shutdown in 2013” for political purposes by closing popular attractions like national parks. He claimed the Trump administration isn’t planning to do the same.  He went on to say “We’re going to manage the shutdown differently. We’re not going to weaponize it,” the budget director told reporters at the White House. “We’re not going to try to hurt people, especially people who work for the federal government.” Unfortunately, the Administration is limited in how much it can soften the impact of the lack of paychecks to those who serve our country.

Democrats tried to blame the shutdown on the Republicans and blame President Trump on Friday. For example, Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) tweeted out:

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However, with Democrats trying to claim that the Republicans should be able to pass the continuing resolution without the democrats is far from the truth. Congressional House members passed the Continuing Resolution on Friday morming that funded the government, and President Trump said he was ready and awaiting the Continuing Resolution to reach his desk so he could sign it. The area that the Continuing Resolution failed was in the Senate, where it requires a 60 vote supermajority to pass. Therefore, if all Republican Senators voted to fund the government, it would still require 9 Democrats to pass. In the end, four Republicans voted against the bill including Lindsey Graham (R-SC) , Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Mike Lee (R-UT), and Rand Paul (R-KY).Sens. Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee voted against funding the government due to concerns about the adequacy of another CR to fund the government. Sen. Rand Paul also voted against the bill because of its addition to the national debt. Jeff Flake also voted no, because he believes illegal immigrants protected under Obama’s DACA, should be granted amnesty. Then, Democrat’s Claire McCaskill (D-MO), Joe Manchin III (D-WV), Doug Jones (D-AL), Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), and Joe Donnelly (D-IN) sided with Republicans in the last hour before the vote. As a result, the Senate couldn’t cross the 60 votes required to have a supermajority, and the shutdown became inevitable.

Democrats once again blamed the Republicans and demanded that in order for them to fund the government, they wanted DACA illegals to be granted amnesty, chain migration to continue, little to no money be awarded to build the border wall, and they made other open border demands. They went on to say that the Republicans were the ones holding the funding hostage, despite the fact that they were the ones making the demands.

Ironically, earlier in the week, President Trump and Congressional Republicans offered to pass DACA during live negotiations, but on Thursday afternoon, a bipartisan ‘Gang of Six’ emerged, claiming to have reached a ‘DACA Amnesty Agreement’. The Gang of Six included three Fabian Anti-Trump Rino Republicans Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, Corey Gardner, and Progressive Democrats Dick Durbin, Michael Bennet, and Robert Menendez. They presented the President with a new more Left-Wing Progressive DACA deal that would allow Dreamer illegal aliens to be eligible for citizenship within twelve years with no requirements, so long as they are willing to wait for at least 12 years. The visa lottery wouldn’t truly end for twelve years, despite the fact that it has resulted in multiple terrorist attacks on the United States, and chain migration would continue at the same rate as it had during the Obama Administration. The agreement wouldn’t make illegals pay any back taxes if they worked illegally, and would allow for the ‘waiving’ of criminal convictions. It wouldn’t fund ICE or interior enforcement, expand E-Verify, nor address our broken asylum system, sanctuary cities, or the influx of illegal families and minors from Central America. It didn’t address the issue of visa overstays, entry-exit system, or the backlogged immigration court, illegal employment, or any of the other immigration needs. It did not even fund but a small fraction of the border wall. Not enough to even start building the wall along our southern border. Obviously, an intentional sabotage against the President’s negotiations between the two parties. Then, Dick Durbin (D-IL) claimed that President Trump used the term ‘s***hole’ when shown the Gang-of Six’s DACA Amnesty plan. Durbin’s accusation was latched onto by the Mainstream Media and his fellow Democrats and derailed the negotiations for DACA. Ironically, it was Durbin who had previously made up a story about a private White House meeting in 2013. It was during the negotiations over the debt ceiling, where Durbin said that one GOP House leader told then-President Obama, “‘I cannot even stand to look at you.” There was only one problem: it never happened. The Obama White House even denied  that such an exchange ever took place.

On Friday morning, President Trump nicknamed the government shutdown the since it was Schumer and Democrats who were demanding DACA amnesty or else they would shut down the government. As a result, Senate Majority leader McConnell said that the American voters “will see which Senators vote to shove aside veterans, military families, and vulnerable children to hold the entire country hostage until we pass an immigration bill they have not even written yet,’ He went on to say that “this is completely unfair and un-compassionate.”

To make matters worse for the Democrats, the Washington Post reported on January 18 that they had polling data which show the Democrats lose if the public blames the shutdown on the Democrats’ push for amnesty. Their results showed that the public view shifts if voters think the government is shuttering because of the immigration issue, particularly in five states that Trump won in 2018 by overwhelming margins and where Democratic senators face reelection in November: Indiana, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota and West Virginia. In those five states, voters split the shutdown blame evenly between Trump and Democrats. That result shifts, 48 percent to 39 percent, onto Democratic shoulders if the DACA issue is what led to the shutdown.

Therefore, since Chuck Schumer pinned the DACA Amnesty onto the Continuing Resolution as reason to shut down the government, it appears likely that this shutdown will have dire consequences on the Senatorial campaigns in the fall of 2018. Likely a reason that the Senators from those states changed their votes to fund the government in the final hours prior to the vote.


Another poll that was put out by CNN showed that a shutdown over DACA is highly unpopular to everyone, except the Democrats. 

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According to CNN polling, the majority of Americans hold the Democrats responsible for a government shutdown. Not to mention, they believe that it is far more important to avoid a government shutdown over continuing DACA Amnesty.

Meanwhile, Pulse Opinion Research polling reported that President Trump’s American-first immigration policy is very popular. A December poll of likely 2018 voters shows two-to-one voter support for Trump’s pro-American immigration policies. It showed that in order to legalize DACA illegal immigrants, it would need to be tied to an end of chain migration, with the exception for allowing their spouse and minor children. It also revealed a four-to-one opposition against the cheap-labor, mass-immigration, and economic policy pushed by bipartisan establishment-backed D.C. interest-groups.

Now as a result of the Democrats Illegal Immigrant Amnesty push, they have imposed a severe burden on the American worker. They have encouraged illegal immigration that has resulted in flooding the market with foreign labor, which has resulted in fewer jobs for American workers, lower wages, and increases tax burdens on legally working Americans. The Americans who it hurts the most is the minority and lower income communities who have to fight against illegal immigrants for jobs. Cheap labor practices have also reduced investment and job creation, especially in our interior states due to the coastal cities having surplus labor that has been imported from other countries.

According to Breitbart, these successful cheap-labor strategies have caused the wages for men to remain flat since 1973, and a large percentage of the nation’s annual income has shifted to investors and away from employees.

As a result, Progressive’s or Democrats, and Fabian-Socialist or Rino-Republicans, they all want to fight for the very thing that is hurting not just America itself, but the American worker. Schumer and his Democrat Party want to fight for not only DACA, but Chain-Migration, and increased illegal immigration. It is a way to gain a new pool of voters, so they can develop an unbeatable base of voters. However, they are playing with fire, and it is a battle that they are likely going to lose.

With the upcoming 2018 election, early indications are showing the Republicans gaining momentum. Democrats have touted President Trumps horrendous approval rating, and according to CNN, Trump’s overall approval rating of 40% which is the worst for any elected president in recent years. However, Ronald Reagan’s had a 47% approval rating in January of 1982, which was during the same time of his first term. Also, Reagan had similar policies and shifts in voter sentiment, and Ronald Reagan won his second term by carrying every state except Minnesota and Washington D.C. In addition, CNN’s polling showed Trump’s approval rating to be gaining momentum and rising 5 points overall in the past month, and gaining 7 points amongst Independents. In addition, President Trump’s approval ratings are more than double Congress’ approval. Signs that should be very concerning to both Democratic leadership and the Party itself.

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Despite these truths, Democrats are taking a long shot gamble by putting the roughly 670,000 ‘DACA’ illegals and the roughly 3.25 million ‘dreamer’ illegals above the needs of the American people. They have voted against CHIP Insurance for children in the Continuing Resolution bill, and voted to keep their own salaries, while cutting-off salaries to our military soldiers, border security, and other government officials. They have voted to cease surveillance and co-vert operations that watch over our enemies abroad, and created a stale-mate that could have been averted. In the end, Democrats could have joined in with the Republicans, passed the Continuing Resolution, and worked with the Republicans and President Trump to negotiate DACA over the next month, but instead the Democrats have created an artificial timeline, and now the men and women who put their lives on the line for America will pay the price of their stubborness and arrogance. However, in the end, the Democrats in Congress will likely be the ones who pay the price, not in salary, but most certainly in the November elections due to their stubborn arrogance and unwillingness to compromise.

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