By: Brian Evans
Over the past few years, Democrats have exposed their belief that they are part of an Elitist Class while their opposition is a part of a group of Deplorables. Now, it is becoming more and more apparent that the Elitists in both the Democrat and Republican Party believe themselves to be better, smarter, and more priviledged than ‘We the People.”
One example was seen on Tuesday. On Hardball with Chris Matthews, Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) said  “You know, Chris, I think there’s a little thing we talk about a lot and it’s already been mentioned on the show. It’s one thing to have a base of support. It’s something else to have a base of supporters. Those are totally two different things. I beg to differ with those who say that this president is doing things to appeal to his base of support. No, he’s doing things to appeal to his base voters. Those people who are ignoble in their pursuit of stuff. And I would ask any of your listeners to look it up and you see a base voter is totally different from a base of voters. And that is what’s going on here. And so every time I hear them saying his base supporters, I think of the real meaning of a base supporter and the word, the best word I can think of is ignoble voters.”
When you look up ignoble in the Websters dictionary, it defines ‘ignoble’ as not of noble birth. It goes on to say that ‘ignoble’ is of low birth or common origin plebeian. Therefore, Democrats are truly showing their true opinion of ‘We the People,’ and they don’t hold American’s in high regard. Instead, they look at us as simply common folk, or ones to be ruled over. Meanwhile, they believe that they are part of the Elitist or Ruling Class. All of which is contradictory to what our Founding Fathers envisioned, and in direct contradiction to the Constitution of the United States. As a result, that is likely the reason that Progressive-Socialists and Fabian-Socialist Elitists are working so hard to diminish and eventually end the Constitution of the United States, and the rule of ‘We the People.”
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