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By: Brian Evans

Over the past few years, since President Trump announced his Presidency, the Mainstream Media has completely fallen off its hinges.

Newsweek compares Trump to Charles Manson, Other MSM Networks, and even Barack Obama (leader of the Progressive-Socialist movement himself), compared our President to Hitler, Hollywood and MSM Network anchors promote President Trump’s assassination, MSNBC says Trump Administration ‘Doesn’t appear to be human beings,’ CNN stated that the United States is ‘becoming irrelevant under Trump’, and that Trump is ‘unfit for command,’ and went on to compare him to ‘Mussolini.’Thousands of examples over the past year can be seen throughout the mainstream media outlets.

Then,  mainstream Media outlets like CNN blame the Conservative Media for causing a ‘distrust in the media.’ Exactly what is the endgame of the Mainstream Media and Progressives. CNN went on to compare the President to ‘White Nationalists,’ simply because he was fighting to stop the dangerous illegal alien MS-13 Gang Members who have been terrorizing and killing American citizens. They call Trump a racist because he fights to stop illegal aliens from crossing the border. A move that would save the lives of countless American citizens who get killed by Mexican and South American gang members, drug traffickers, and criminals. They have called President Trump a racist despite the fact that he has numerous blacks who work for him, and despite the reality that his policies have brought black unemployment to the lowest point in history. They call the President a xenophobe (racist against foreigners), simply because he created travel restrictions to stop terrorists problems that exist in Europe from coming to the United States. Another move that protects the people that he was elected to serve. The Mainstream Media has called him anti-Feminist, but he has done more for women than any President in history. The Mainstream Media and Progressives have pushed to demonize the male figure in America by creating and embracing the ‘Meetoo’ movement. A movement that doesn’t utilize the American ideal of ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ but instead fire by media accusation. A movement to empower the media to not simply report the news anymore, but a mouthpiece to accuse American citizens, regardless of innocence or guilt, condemn those citizens, and execute punishment on the air, regardless of facts. A movement that backfired and has only proven that the left has more sexual bias, and more sexual predators than anywhere.  Has the Progressive Left become so empowered that it believes that it is the judge, jury, and executioner in our country. Do they truly believe that there are no boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed. Obviously not, since the media attacks anyone who supports not just the President, but especially his agenda regardless of age, race, color, or ideology. In fact, in July Press Secretary Sanders read a letter from a boy in Stockton, California. It was from a boy named Dylan Harbin, and because it was positive towards President Trump, the Mainstream Media began attacking the boy. Media outlets like Mediate, Washington Post, Buzzfeed, and the UK Mirror. It got so bad at one point, the Washington Post sent out Monica Hess to hunt down the boy and question him. Has our mainstream media become so unhinged, so incensed, so out of touch that they cannot speak the truth if they wanted to, or is there a much deeper problem running through our national media.

Now, Michael Wolf, the author of the book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”, has re-ignited the Fabian Progressive-Socialists war on the Trump White House. With millions of tax dollars already spent by the Progressive-Socialist led Mueller investigation, Wolf is trying to re-invigorate the Trump derangement syndrome. In fact, the book is being promoted by the mainstream media, despite the fact that the author Michael Wolff says that he cannot be sure if parts of his book are even true. For instance, the L.A. Times columnist Virginia Heffernan says:

while she concedes that Fire & Fury author Michael Wolff  “has been faulted for making stuff up” in his past work, she wants to believe his new book’s narrative “because, for now, this stuff is too good not to.”

The Mainstream Media, Progressive-Socialists, and their Fabian-Socialist counterparts all have been looking for more fuel to put on their Anti-Trump hysteria fire. They don’t seem to care about facts, or sources. In fact, they prefer not to even verify sources, or check facts since it would only sink their ultimate goal of overturning the election results of ‘We the People’.

Unfortunately, now it appears that their latest attempt to overturn the election results of a duly elected President may be endangering our National Security. Michael Wolf’s book says, according to the South China Morning Post:

An “all-encompassing” war with China was one of the earliest objectives of President Donald Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, according to Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, a controversial, behind-the-scenes-account of the US leader’s first year in office.

They went on to say that Bannon went on to say that “China was the first front in a new cold war’. The say that the book claims that “China is where Nazi Germany was in 1929 to 1930”, and that “the chinese, like the Germans, are the most rational people in the world, until they’re not. And they’re gonna flip like Germany in the thirties. You’re going to have a hypernationalist state, and once that happens, you can’t put the genie back in the bottle”.

As a result of these statements by Wolff, Channel News Asia:

is reporting that China’s Leader Xi Jinping is suddenly ramping up his military. President Xi Jinping has issued a blunt call for China’s military to be ready for war and unafraid to die defending the country, as geopolitical tensions mount in Asia.

Xi’s exhortation to the world’s largest fighting force, parts of which were revealed only late Thursday, came during what state media characterized as a rare address by the Chinese leader to the country’s entire military.

Xi cemented his status as China’s most powerful leader in decades during an October Communist Party congress, and this week’s rhetoric and images of massed soldiers and tanks seemed designed to back up his new strongman image.

China’s military personnel should “neither fear hardship nor death,” Xi told thousands of military personnel during an inspection visit Wednesday to the People’s Liberation Army’s Central Theater Command in northern Hebei province, according to the official Xinhua news agency.

Now, as a result of the Mainstream Media and Progressive-Socialist’s attempt to bring down the Trump Administration, they are causing increased tensions with a foreign country. They are willing to go to such an extreme, as to push ‘Fake News’, with unconfirmed sources, and no verified facts in order to try to re-establish a movement forward for the Progressive-Socialist agenda. They are willing to do anything necessary to stop President Trump from implementing the agenda that he was elected to advance. A movement so full of hate, that they will ruin anyone who stands in their way, violate constitutional laws and principles, and put America in danger. Has the Progressive-Socialist movement strayed so far from American pride, that they cannot see it in their hearts to embrace democratic principles anymore? Unfortunately, it has become ever-increasingly apparent that they have. They don’t look to the constitution anymore for direction. They don’t look to our Founding Fathers for guidance. They don’t look to compromise on anything anymore.  It is an all or nothing game for the Mainstream Media and Progressive-left. They will stop at nothing to push forward towards a socialist America. They will stop at nothing to end the rule of ‘We the People’. They will do anything to end our Constitutional Republic. After all, so long as ‘We the People’ have the power, the Progressive-Socialists their Fabian-Socialist counterparts must take the power from the people, in order to fully implement a socialist government. A move that would end our great country as we know it, and implement a socialist state. A move that would officially put a knife to the back of our Founding Fathers back. A move that would demean the blood shed by our fellow American’s who have bled and died to protect the freedoms and liberty we all seem to take for granted.

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