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By: Brian Evans

As the world becomes witness to one of the most insane and evil communist dictatorships in the world, America and the United Nations has, in the past, taken a back seat to reigning in North Korea’s ruthless leadership. Former President Clinton made a deal with North Korea in 1994, that was touted by Clinton and his Administration that it “would make the world safer.”  Clinton decided to an agreed framework, and promised billions of dollars in aid if North Korean would freeze their nuclear arsenal. Clinton said “This is a good deal for the United States.” Clinton went on to say that “North Korea will freeze and than dismantle its nuclear program. South Korea and our other allies will be better protected. The entire world will be safer as we slow the spread of nuclear weapons.” As the years followed, Clinton’s successors simply continued to funnel billions of American dollars in exchange for a promise by North Korea to dismantle their nuclear arsenal. Everyone knew that North Korea had continued to develop not only nuclear development, but they also defied the world as they launched rockets capable of delivering a nuclear payload to enemies abroad. However, after decades of North Korean appeasement, America elected a President unlike any other. American’s elected a leader who would do what needed to be done to protect American’s from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

With the election of Donald Trump in 2016, the North Korean policy changed drastically. Instead of payoffs, talks that led to nowhere, or embracing a United Nations who refused to do what was necessary to ensure that North Korea stayed nuclear free, President Trump took a hardline approach to the  rogue state. He has attacked North Korea from every angle. Trump has attacked North Korea with fiery rhetoric, and he has made North Korea America’s top national security issue. In effect, President Trump has reversed course, and caught the North Korean dictator off guard, just like many Establishment Elitist Democrats and Republicans. Despite the fact that Kim Jung Un has refused to halt his missile launch tests, President Trump has responded with even greater threats of “fire and fury.”

President Trump’s second wave of attacks involved sending massive military forces to South Korea, Japan, and the surrounding countries. The President’s show of “American military might,” along with arming of South Korea, Japan, and other countries with anti-missile systems, further created a fear throughout North Korea that any attempt by Kim Jung Un to launch any form of missile with the intent to attack the United States, or our allies would be met with “fire and fury,” and would wipe North Korea off of the map. Then in November, the President stood in front of the United Nations and threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea if it became necessary. It was a move that none of his predecessors were willing to do, likely for fear of political fallout. However, President Trump is a President unlike any other. He is willing to do ‘whatever necessary,’ to protect America and Americans, despite potential political fallout. In fact, President Trump is one of the few Presidents in modern American history to be willing to risk his position, in order to do what is best for America. Meanwhile, opponents to the President’s show of military muscle, claimed that the President was bringing us to the brink of war.

Ironically, President Trump’s willingness to risk his Presidency is paying off. Although, North Korea has not yet stopped its nuclear program. The International community, has as a result, place severe restrictions on the rogue nation. Trump’s rebuke of the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, and the president’s open flirtation with nuclear war, appear to have pushed the International community toward action. In addition, President Trump has negotiated and put pressure on countries like China, who have in the past, refused to apply pressure on North Korea. Once again, the President’s incredible negotiation skills paid off, and have brought not only North Korea’s enemies to apply immense pressure on the rogue regime, but their biggest ally, China is now pressuring North Korea to end its apocolyptic endeavors. With China being responsible for 90% of its trade, this creates virtually unbearable pressure on the radical North Korean regime, and especially on Kim Jung Un. No President in history has been able to get such incredible cooperation from China.

While the Democrats and Mainstream Media attack the President on his tough talk, and intense swagger, President Trump is an artist at the negotiating table. After all, negotiations take place both inside and outside the board room, and his brash talk is likely not intended to make Kim Jung Un feel angered or threatened. It is likely to let his allies know, that when he shows himself to be cavalier, they should not question his motives. They should not question as to wether he will follow through on his promises. They should embrace his agenda and help to bring North Korea down to its knees. President Trump has proven to America that he is a man of his word, and he is now showing the world, that when he says something, he means it. He won’t use rhetoric or empty talk. He won’t tell you what he thinks you want to hear. He will tell you exactly what he thinks, and what he knows you need to hear. In fact, following President Trump’s harsh talk, several countries have curbed or cut off ties with North Korea. One being China, as they have drastically cut off energy exports to North Korea, resulting in a real energy crisis in the rogue nation.

In addition to North Korea’s problems with other nations, multiple defections have occurred, which have not been seen before. First, in November 2017, a North Korean soldier sped through security checkpoints, and busted through the high-security demilitarized zone, amid gunfire from his fellow soldiers. Severely wounded, he made his way to South Korea. When examined, South Korean surgeons found that the defector’s body was riddled with parasites and Hepatitis B. Both believed to be an indication of the poor state of the North Korean economy. As a result of the defector’s success, Kim Jung Un removed the soldiers who failed to stop the defector, and it is believed that they were either shot, or placed in hard labor camps for painful re-education training. Meanwhile, South Korea had loud speakers across the DMZ announcing the successful defection of the North Korean soldier. On Wednesday, two other North Koreans aboard a non-powered fishing boat defected to South Korea. Then, on Thursday, another North Korean soldier made his own attempt at freedom, but no shots were even fired. The North Korean leadership places their most elite of troops along the demilitarized zone with South Korea, because they want to ensure NOBODY defects alive. As word gets out of these recent defections, it is highly likely that defections could begin occurring by the tens, then hundreds, and then thousands. A serious problem that would endanger the regime’s communist power over it’s people. It would resemble the 1989 defections that occurred in East Germany, when its citizens began defecting into Austria. It led to a fall of Eastern European communist regimes and the Soviet Union. Therefore, with increased defections across the DMZ, in addition to North Korean fishing boats washing ashore, all indications are that International Sanctions forced by President Trump’s ‘tough talk’ and negotiations are starting to take a severe toll on the North Korean leaders regime.

Now, according to Breitbart, and numerous other sources, President Trump has authorized training exercises to prepare for a ground invasion of North Korea in order to secure and disarm the North Korean nukes. This comes as North Korea under Kim Jung Un continues to advance its nuclear arsenal, and as they have threatened to use those nuclear weapons against the United States, Japan, and South Korea. Meanwhile, the U.S. Navy has stated that the USS Michigan, known for carrying special-ops teams, was docked in a “routine port visit.” In addition to the USS Michigan, there appears to be silos for tiny submarines used to transport Navy Seals, which further escalates suspicious of invasion.

Meanwhile, due to defiant missile tests by the North Koreans, the United Nations at the behest of the Trump Administration is implementing even more stringent sanctions against Kim Jung Un’s North Korean communist regime. These sanctions will reduce coal energy being shipped into North Korea by nearly 75%. As a result, North Korea will likely be put into an incredibly difficult situation, combined with Trump’s negotiations with China. In the end, Trump’s North Korean strategy is likely lead to the collapse of North Korea. Many believe that this is why President Trump has the military training for a ground invasion of North Korea. Not just as a pre-emptive strategy in case Kim Jung Un launches a nuclear attack against America or her allies, but as a post collapse strategy in order to prevent North Korea’s nuclear arsenal from falling into the wrong hands. In fact, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said “We are not seeking the collapse of the North Korean regime. We are not seeking regime change. We are not seeking the accelerated reunification of the Korean Peninsula. And we are not seeking an excuse to send our military north of the border.” In the case of a North Korean reime collapse, tillerson said, “The most important thing to us, would be securing those nuclear weapons they’ve already developed and ensuring that they – that nothing falls into the hands of people we would not want to have it.” Although Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the U.S. wants to avoid sending U.S. forces into North Korean territory, he apparently conceded that it might be necessary. Our leaders are unsure of how the regime will react to it’s collapse, but American troops and our allies are preparing for all possible scenarios. Therefore, no matter wether the North Korean leadership collapses, or if they try to lauch  a barage of missiles towards America or our Allies as a final act of desparation, the Trump Administration has our troops prepared to react quickly and take out their ability to cause mass casualties.

In the end, it is difficult to see what is going on inside one of the most secretive and ruthless regimes in the world, but all indications point towards a nation that is fighting for survival. President Trump’s new approach is finally proving to make a difference against a regime who has gone un-hindered, un-challenged, and un-questioned for decades. President Trump is the first Presisdent who has been able get North Korea’s number one ally to clamp down on the ruthless and rogue regime. Therefore, in the coming days and years, historians and politicans will be able to look back and realize that President Trump may be brash in tone, but he is certainly a President who knows how to get results that make America safer again.


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