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By: Brian Evans
Since the inception of the Robert Mueller Special Council probe, the investigation has been wrought with scandal, corruption, and underhanded dealings. In practice, Special Counsel’s are supposed to be commissioned to investigate a specific crime committed by a government official, but in the case of Mueller, he was commissioned not to investigate a crime, but instead, he was instructed to investigate the “Russia collusion Matter.” This means that he was given broad reaching powers to investigate American’s without any boundaries or oversight, unlike previous Special Counsels. As a result, it has placed American’s civil liberties and Constitutional Rights in immanent danger, and it implements a communist style, Anti-American persecution of anyone who stands in the prosecutors path. In fact, despite the known laws that bind Federal prosecutors to identify specific crimes that are committed before pursuing charges, Mueller and his team have done just the opposite. They have not identified any statute or statutes being investigated, but instead are searching anyone associated with President Trump, and trying to exploit any weaknesses to unseat a duly elected President by ‘We The People” of the United States. Mueller and his team are investigating any and all people who remotely associate with the Trump Administration in order to find a crime that they can pursue, instead of investigating a known crime to prosecute the assailant.
Over the course of Mueller’s investigation, Progressive-Socialist Political Elitists have thrown anything that they can think of at the President. They have accused his campaign of collaborating with a foreign government to gain information to help elect their candidate, but truthfully, that is not a crime. In fact, it is a strategy that has been utilized by campaigns, on both side of the aisle. However, until the Progressive-Left and Elitist-Right lost the election to Donald Trump, nobody called it a crime, and they definitely didn’t call for a Special Counsel Investigation over the ‘matter’. However, with President Trump disrupting the political swamp, Mueller and the Political Elite’s have accused Trump of a multitude of supposed crimes,  searched for evidence of treason, and accused the President and his Administration of obstruction of justice.
In the past, Federal prosecutors were not given unlimited roving commissions to investigate “evil or wrongdoing”, but were allowed only to investigate violations to federal criminal statutes. However, now we live in a time where we have Political Elitists who will do anything to further their agenda, and protect their power, even if it means undermining our country’s Foundational Principles. They will twist any law, investigate American’s without cause, condemn anyone without trial or evidence of wrongdoing, and they will violate the Constitution or American’s Bill of Rights without thought or reason if it suits their goals and end game of ending the Constitution, and implementing its ‘One World’, ‘Progressive-Socialist, and Communist ideological goals’.
 In fact, when you look at the Communist Soviet Union, Stalin said “Show me the man and I will show you the crime.” Has our Political Class fallen so far, that they are willing to embrace such an over-reaching violation of our ‘Constitutional Principles and Rights”? Have they move so far left that they can’t see how much in common they have with the Communist Soviet Empire or Nazi Germany’s Third Reich, when it comes to lacking human rights, fairness, or equality? They have embraced an approach to criminal justice that wreaks of overreach and prosecution that is based on difference of ideology and thought, not on right and wrong.
In fact, just this past week, it was reported that Mueller and his team had illegally obtained emails and documents from the General Services Administration (GSA), which is the government agency that hosted the transition team’s “ptt.gov” emails. This is a violation of the United States Constitution’s Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure. More frightening, is that the emails contained information where the ‘Trump Transition Team’ discussed possible appointments, foreign policy plans, views on particular Senators involved in the confirmation process, possible vulnerabilities that President Trump’s nominees faced, press statement strategization, war planning, and tax planning. All of which, have been collected and apparently leaked to the Mainstream Media as a tool for the left to attack and undermine his Presidency. It has also risked our National Security, and placed our country in a position where we have reached a ‘Constitutional Crisis’. Furthermore, Mueller’s team utilized these emails to confirm suspicions, get new leads, and in interrogating targets in an attempt to scare and turn witnesses against the President. As a result, Kory Langhofer, counsel for the Trump Transition Team, wrote to Congressional Committees on Saturday that “career staff at the General Services Administration (GSA) have unlawfully produced private materials, including privileged communications, to the Special Counsel’s Office.” In a nutshell, the Mueller Special Counsel, with the blessing of Progressive Elites on the right and left have committed criminal acts against the President and his team, in an effort to bring down a duly elected President, who has not personally or through any action of his team, committed any crimes.
Today, the Progressive-Socialist and Communist Elitists have set their sights set on President Trump and anyone who supports his agenda. Tomorrow, it will be any American who dares question their government. Anyone who dares to stand up for what our God-given rights, or anyone who expresses free speech that defies government authority. We will live in a new America. An America that resembles one that would leave our parent’s, grandparents, ashamed of what our once great country has become. An America that will leave our children angry that we have imprisoned them, and shut them out, from the once grand American dream. An America that would leave our Founding Fathers ashamed of how we have cared for our carefully crafted and wonderful Constitutional Republic. And most importantly, an America that would leave God saddened, by what we have done with the once perfect world he created. An America that had such promise, but fell because our American Citizenry turned a blind eye, while our power-hungry Elitist leaders greed, American’s moral decay and lack of political engagement, returned our people from a state of freedom, to enslavement once again.
Fortunately, it is not over for our nation. Americans still have the ability to fight back. We still have President Trump fighting for our “Constitution, and Constitutional Rights that many have taken for granted in recent years. Now, is the time that ‘We The People’  must demand that our government end the ‘Mueller Witch Hunt’. It is time for us to demand that our government stops trampling on OUR Constitution and OUR Bill of Rights. We need to DEMAND that Congress establishes new laws that prevent future abuses of power by Special Councils and government officials. We must DEMAND that these hearings would be accessible to the public, and offer counsel to witnesses. Then, we can hope to avert violations of American’s rights by ‘Special Counsel’s’ like Mueller’s, where he has unfettered abilities to break the law and violate the Constitution of the United States. No man, and no govenment should have such power, in so that it circumvent’s the Constitution or the Bill of Rights’. We should not be so blinded by Partisanship, so that it blinds us from the danger of prosecutors who act above the law.


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