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By: Brian Evans

As the years pass, Americans are witnessing the dawn of a new age in our great country. The government has been taking a dominating hand in controlling our everyday lives. Progressive-Socialists have been trying to force Christians to embrace principles that violate their core religious beliefs. They have implemented over-regulation in virtually every corner of our national and worldwide economy. In the end, they will have stripped every bit of control away from ‘We The People’, and redistributed that power to the Political Elite Class in America.

Unfortunately, with each passing year, Americans have continued to suffer the consequences of our government’s increasing control over their personal decisions that affect their everyday lives. We are slowly relinquishing power over our economy to the Elitist Politicians. As a result, we are losing control over how we power our homes, and how, where, and if we purchase health insurance. We are giving up control over being able to decide how we invest our money, and how and if we practice our Christian Faith. This leads to an important question that every Christian should ask. What is our government’s role in not only our lives as American’s, but more importantly in our lives as Christians.

Should Christian’s fight to defend their Christian principles, or give in and support stricter government control over our lives and our faith? Over recent years, Christians have stood by and remained sidelined. They have acted as quiet bystanders while our government seized an ever-increasing control over what we do, how we practice our faith, and what we believe in. Now, as Christians begin to stand up and fight for our right to believe and our right to follow Christian Principles, the Progressive-Socialists and Communist Left have launched an all out war on Christian’s faith! According to God’s Word, it says that the proper role of government involves well-defined Biblical boundaries. It says that the government’s role in our daily lives should be limited, and that a government with over-reaching power is a dangerous weapon that always ends in unbridled control over Christians and forcibly limits a Christian’s right to worship God and follow his commandments. The true purpose of government is to administer justice to those who dare commit violence against their fellow-man. After all, God said: Whoever sheds the blood of a man, by man shall his blood be shed” (Genesis 9:5-6). Therefore, not only shall men be accountable to God for bloodshed, but to one another. As a result of God putting man in charge of the administration of justice, he assured Noah to never again destroy the earth by flood.

In addition, the Progressive-Socialist Left has launched a war on numerous other fronts against ‘We the People’, and especially Christians. Our Founding Fathers based our government on the word of God. They set it up to protect America’s citizens from violence, and tasked American’s with the responsibility to pay taxes in order to fund government’s protection and security. Unfortunately, our government under the leadership of the Progressives has perverted virtually every aspect of our system. They have violated the Constitution and violated the well-defined boundaries set forth in the Constitution of the United States. They have increased the burden of taxation on the poor, deceive American’s to believe that Corporations don’t pay enough, despite Corporate taxes being a tax on the consumer…code for higher taxes on the Middle Class and poorest Americans. Meanwhile, Progressive-Socialists insert tax loopholes to give the Ultra-Wealthy Corporate CEO’s, Hollywood Stars, NFL, Tech leadership, Social Media leadership, and other millionaire’s and billionaires lower tax structures. That is why Socialism and Communism are so despised by the citizen’s within their countries. Our country’s socialist leadership on the left, has placed oppressive tax burden’s on the middle and lower classes, while giving the Ultra-Wealthy the largest tax breaks. Meanwhile, they try to paint Conservatives and Christians as the evil ones who give tax breaks to the rich. It is a shell game that the Progressive-Socialist Democrats have played with Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, Immigration, Taxes, and all other areas of our government’s agenda.

Interestingly, at the inception of America’s birth, our Founding Fathers feared an all-powerful central government. That is why the created checks and balances. It is why our country developed the electoral college. It is why our Founding Fathers gave State’s rights so much more power when compared to the federal government. Unfortunately, the federal government has slowly stripped states rights away, in favor of a large all-powerful centralized government. That is why the Progressive-Socialists have fought so hard to bring down President Trump, and now Senate Candidate Roy Moore of Alabama. Both men stand for the reigning in of federal power, and push for returning that power to the State’s and ‘We the People’. In fact, President Trump has slashed our governments regulation powers drastically. He has been returning our Judicial System to one that is based on our Constitution and its Christian Principles. Also, President Trump has been reversing Obama’s land grab from the States, and has been returning that land back to the States, where it belongs. President Trump is currently bringing the IRS and tax code back to its founding principles of reigning in government taxation on the Middle and Lower Income Americans. In addition, President Trump is pushing to return education back to the State’s, where it belongs. He is freeing American’s from entitlements, strengthening the economy, and ending government control of healthcare.

In fact, we have witnessed the failure of Progressive-Socialist Ideological principles in action within our government. Progressive-Socialist Democrats implemented government controlled healthcare, which failed miserably and cost millions of American’s excellent, affordable healthcare. We have watched the Progressive-Socialist economic policies under Obama stifle job growth, drastically increase unemployment, and stagnate the dollar, and our financial systems. We have watched them swallow up State lands and declare them Federally owned. We have watched Progressive’s take over our children’s education and use their power to create a generation of pro-communist un-educated followers who blindly follow their pro-communist leadership, and have no understanding of American history, world history, or how our country truly became GREAT! We have watched black communities become more dependent on the government under Progressive’s leadership, and Illegal Immigrants take our jobs and money, while demanding that the American taxpayers give even more. We have watched Progressive-Socialist Democrats push for, legalize, and grow the abortion industry to one of the largest machines for the legalized extermination of human beings in the history of mankind. In the meantime, Progressive-Socialists try to stifle free speech by demonizing anyone who opposes their rule. They decry anti-abortion American’s as anti-feminists. They call American’s in favor of border security racist. They call Christians homophobes when they refuse to violate their faith and accept homosexuality as normal and honorable. They truly have a name for anyone who opposes their communization of America and it’s people. They fight for an ideology that has swallowed up cities and nations over the years. No matter what name you choose to embrace; socialism, fascism, Marxism, or Communism, it is a system that has been oppressive to the masses. It has been proclaimed by the Progressive Democrats as a fair type of government that brings equality and peace, but is that the true story? Does it explain the fact that the USSR slaughtered more than 20 million souls, China murdered 65 million, Vietnam more than 1 million, North Korea more than 2 million,Cambodia more than 2 million, 1 million in Eastern Europe, almost 2 million in Africa, 1 1/2 million in Afghanistan, and over 150.000 in Latin America. Does it explain that communist nations have to set up borders not to keep out illegals like President Trump proposes, but instead communist nations build walls to keep their own people in. Does it explain why communist nations silence the majorities and empower the minority Elitist Political Class. For these reasons, we should be grateful for the wisdom of our Founding Fathers. We should be grateful for our separation of powers, the electoral college (which gives power to the smaller states), two-party system (which prevents any one group from amassing too much power), the Constitution of the United States (which secures our physical rights, religious rights, rights to free speech, and so much more), and President Trump. After all, President Trump has become one of the most important and meaningful Presidents in American history. He has been, and continues to be, returning our country to its founding roots. Also, he is fighting against the communist movement that the Elitists swamp is fighting so hard to implement in America and throughout the world.

Now, it is now up to Americans to fight against this socialist and communist takeover of America. It is time for us to fight for our founding principles. It is now time for ‘We the People” to support the President and all those who fight to restore our country to lower taxes, a stronger economy, private healthcare, un-politically motivated State run education,  a Justice System that is based on the Constitution of the United States, and not on Progressive-Socialist motivated ideological rulings. It is time to root out and destroy the Progressive-Socialists and communists in our government who seek to take over and destroy our Constitution and snuff out the light that has guided our nation since it’s founding. With our help, President Trump and Conservative’s in government will truly be able to make America Great Again.

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