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By: Brian Evans

Over the years, the Mainstream Media has attacked Conservatives repeatedly, however, it has become more and more apparent in recent years. Despite their disgust and hatred for those who oppose Democrats, and especially those who fight against Progressive-Socialists, the Mainstream Media maintained only slightly apparent bias. However, in 2016 the Progressive-Socialist Democrat Party and especially Mainstream Media witnessed the shocking defeat of Hillary Clinton. A move that nobody on the left expected. As a result, President Trump has been working to undo their Socialist policies, and root out the Deep State plants that former President Obama had imbedded throughout all sectors of our government. A move that has the Progressive-Socialists and Progressive-Communists, who’s aim is to bring our Democratic Republic to an end, infurated and scared.

Since President Trump’s election, the Democrats have shed their cover, and slowly American’s are beginning to see the true nature of the Democrat Party and its Progressive-Socialist aims. Additionally, the Mainstream Media is beginning to operate under new rules. They are using new guidelines that were once used by the former communist Soviet Union. Several examples can be seen in the Mainstream Media today. For example, on November 27, 2017 Project Veritas released an undercover video that exposed the Washington Post’s blatant bias and propaganda perpotrated on the public in order to mis-inform and sway public opinion. In fact, the Washington Post National Security Correspondent Dan Lamothe and Director of Product Jeoy Marburger spoke about the papers hidden agenda. They attested to the Washington Post promoting FAKE NEWS for various reasons. First, they claim that promoting Fake News about President Trump is profitable; thus, it is good business. In fact, Marburger admits that

“It’s hard to get away from him [Trump], and people find it draining, but we think about that. If Trump just disappeared tomorrow, our traffic would drop by thirty percent. So we think about that.”

Dan Lamothe, corroborates Marburger’s comments, and referred to the papers blatant bias by saying:

“They definitely don’t like Trump. I mean here’s the thing though. There’s the news side that’s just trying to critically call bullshit when there’s bullshit, but also give him credit where there’s credit, you know? When something is good, and he’s doing more things bad, but he’s doing some of the things good.”

Lamothe went on to say that the Washington Post receives continual criticism for their reporting on President Trump. He said:

“Yeah, that would be a criticism. You’re spending a ton of time on this thing that’s sensational, versus… Some sort of policy thing that would affect everybody.”

Marburger went on to confirm that Jeff Bezos, who owns both Amazon and the Washington Post, has influenced the Post’s vision. He even credited Bezos with coining the Washington Post’s new motto “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

Frightenly, Bezos is completely correct in saying that our Democracy has been ‘dying in darkness’ in recent years. We have been witness to a Political Elite Class shoving Progressive-Socialism upon the American People. American’s have witnessed the Obama Administration stripping our freedoms, illegally confinscating federal lands, turning over major control of our internet and economy to foreign enemies, and their throwing away our Constitution like it is meaningless and insignificant. Meanwhile, Progressive-Socialist Democrats have utilized the Mainstream Media as their own ‘Ministry of Propaganda’. In fact, the Mainstream Media has been used as ‘Information Warfare Units’, designed to seek out, target, and take down any voice that dares to defy their communist goals. Methods that were utilized in not only the Soviet Union, but in Nazi Germany as well. In fact, despite a large portion of their articles and stories being proven to be false, slanderous, and malicious, these IWU’s (Information Warfare Unites) have sought to pump out these FAKE stories at an unprecidented rate. Meanwhile, they attack, smear, and call anyone who questions their stories or intent as ‘FAKE NEWS’. Recently, they have targeted some of the most successful Anti-Propaganda Media News Organizations like Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, Drudge Report, WND, Conservative Review, and others. In addition to blaming others for their actions, the Mainstream Media’s ‘Information Warfare Units’ take Progressive Democrat talking points, and spread them in an attempt to further their Progressive-Socialist agenda. Other times they create the talking points to take down opponents by manufacturing so-called ‘FAKE NEWS’. They do so in an attempt to diminish the reputation of their target, and strategically take out political candidates or news sites or anchors who oppose their agenda.. They attack Conservative news sites, Conservative Politicians, Conservative Nationalists, and at this time, their biggest target… President Trump and anyone who dares to support him and embrace his ‘America First’ Agenda.

In fact, over the past year, the Washington Post has been utilized by the Progressive-Socialists to smear President Trump on multiple occasions, and on any candidate who strives to preserve the Constitution of the United States. One example is Alabama Senate Candidate Judge Roy Moore. A man who has proven himself to be a man with an impecible reputation, and years of dedicated and respected service to our country and to the people of Alabama. Despite his record, he is a threat to not only the Progressive-Socialist Democrats, but to the Elitist RINO-Establishment Republicans as well. As a result, he has become a target, similar to President Trump. He fights against the Establishment Republicans and Democrats, Mainstream Media, George Soros and all of his communist radical tenticles.

In the end, the Mainstream Media has been corrupted and twisted, just like the Democrat Party has been over the years. They have both become saturated with Progressive-Socialists and Communists, who’s ultimate aim is to ‘fundamentally transform not only the United States, but every country across the globe. It is for this reason, that the Mainstream Media has become a dangerous weapon in the war for the hearts and minds of the American people. As American’s fight to retake our country from the power-hungry Political Elitists, we must slowly irradicate this tumor from our country. We must elect politicians who will not only defend President Trump and his agenda, but will fight against the Political Class. We must vote the Elitists out of our government. We must put men and women in power that will root out and end the Deep State’s control on our country. We have to fight for the very future of our children, grandchildren, and future genearations ahead. Then, and only then, will we retake our country from the Political Elitists who put personal gain and power over America and American’s interests.

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