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By: Brian Evans

The New York Times over the years has had a gradual shifted from a newsworthy organization to a propaganda news site that emphatically promotes racism, bigotry, socialism, and even communism. They have evolved from utilizing journalistic standards and ideals, to using every resource in promoting the so-called ‘People’s Party’. They have joined in with Progressive-Socialists and Communists to create greater divisions between blacks and whites, women and men, and children and parents. They have tried to paint a picture of Capitalism as evil, the Constitution as a fluid ever-changing document that has become outdated and obsolete, and the Electoral College and State’s Rights as unimportant compared to the ever-growing and power-hungry Federal Government.

Unfortunately, the NY Times as many of their communist predecessors fail to paint a true picture of the horrors of this flawed ideology. They call it the ‘People’s Party’, but in reality, the only ‘People’ it serves are the Political Elitists who impose hardship and even death upon the so-called ‘People’ they claim to benefit. In reality, under Communist Government’s, millions of humans have been effectively exterminated in the name of so-called equality.

The NY Times has written articles like:


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 The New York Times has been effectively promoting communism as a world that is better than America’s Constitutional Republic because they claim it embraces protecting the environment, champions women’s rights, fights for equality, eliminates racial discrimination, and overall creates a world of wonder. However, does the New York Times paint an accurate picture of the So-Called Communist Utopia?
In reality, the facts don’t match up to the Times’ hype. In fact, there are multiple forms of Socialism, including Fascism. For example, Fascism was a splinter ideology that broke off from Karl Marx Communist dream. As a matter of fact, NAZI stands for (National Socialist German Worker’s Party). Furthermore, Adolph Hitler and the NAZI Party may have committed unspeakable acts of genocide, but there have been far greater atrocities committed under Fascism’s Father, also known as Communism. In fact, between the years of 1917 and 1987, Lenin, Stalin, and other leaders in the USSR were responsible for more than 62 million murders. In Communist China, Mao Zedong and those who followed his rule slaughtered more than 76 million human beings.
Therefore, as the NY Times and other Progressive publications in the Mainstream Media, along with Progressive groups push to implement Socialism with the ultimate goal of a Communist United States and World, think about the realities of what that truly means. In reality, women and minorities will be treated as equals to the rest of the working class have-nots, that are left starving to death and eating the table scraps that are allocated to them by the Communist Elite Political Class. The same Political Class will dictate where you live, what job you will have, what schooling you will get, how many hours you will work, and every other aspect of your life. You will not have to make many choices in your life, because they will make them for you. The only choice that will be allotted to you would be the ability to obey or not. And, if you choose to defy their authority and disobey, you will end up making history, as yet another human life that has been snuffed out in the name of So-Called Equality and a Communist Utopia.
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