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By: Brian Evans

As the ‘Make America Great Again’ movement continues to win against the Progressive-Socialists and RINOS in the majority of elections throughout the nation, there is a large SWAMP REVOLT trying to impede President Trump’s and Steve Bannon’s progress in draining the swamp. Progressive-Socialist Elitists and RINO Establishment Republicans have joined forces in attacking the enemy of their joint fight for a One-World Socialist or Communist Government. They are putting their Propaganda Machine in overdrive in an all-out attempt to derail Trump, Bannon, and other ‘MAGA’ Conservative candidates like  Judge Roy Moore who are fighting to preserve our constitutional Republic, our core principles, and American freedom’s.

Last week, the Washington Post put out an article claiming that Judge Roy Moore had inappropriate relations with four ‘teenage girls’ thirty-eight years ago. They claimed that one of their reporters was working in Alabama and talking to Roy Moore supporters, when he happened to hear about the four girls Moore supposedly made inappropriate advances with, despite nobody previously hearing about the girls over the past 38 years. The four girls claim to have never met each other, but the reporter just so happened to meet someone who knew about all four girls, and had all their contact information at the ready. In addition, the reporter met with all the girls on the same trip, and they quickly handed over all the facts, despite keeping quiet for 38 years, through  multiple elections, and years of political scrutiny in politics. QUITE SUSPICIOUS IN ITSELF… Now new revelations show that one of the girls, Deborah Wesson Gibson worked for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden as an interpreter. Not to mention, she is a well-known and documented supporter of Roy Moore’s opponent, Democrat Doug Jones. Following that information coming to light, she quickly scrubbed the political information off of her Facebook page to apparently hide her tracks. To make matters worse, there have been reports of another woman in Alabama who claims to have been offered thousands of dollars to publicly accuse Roy Moore of inappropriate relations, but she refused the Washington Post’s request.  There are reports that the conversation was taped, and photos of the Washington Post employee (Beth) who offered money has been turned over to the local Alabama District attorney’s office. These allegations are unconfirmed to date, but we are working to confirm the stories authenticity. If true, the Post could be subject to serious legal action as well.

Now, it is becoming apparent that since the Democrats  cannot win elections in the public arena, other than on the East and West coast, they are using their ‘Propaganda MSM Wing’ to bring down opponents in a new and more sinister way. They are utilizing ‘Soviet Union Communist Style Smear Tactics’ implemented by their own Propaganda Ministry. However, Democrats and the Mainstream Media are not the only Elitists who are joining in on the corruption within our government. The Republican RINO Elites are embracing the Progressive global ideals and One-World Government Socialism and Communism in an attempt to hang onto their own power. They are fighting a war that over the past year has seen the tide shift thanks to Donald Trump, Steve Bannon and other brave Conservative and Populist leaders successfully pushing to bring our country back to its Constitutional Republic’s Conservative Christian Core. It has become crystal clear that the Establishment Elitists will not give up power and allow the swamp to be drained without a dirty mud-slinging fight. In fact, Senators Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Jeff Flake, and numerous others have locked arms and are pushing for Roy Moore to step aside so they can re-insert their unelected candidate to replace the duly elected one, despite no evidence being presented against Moore. In fact, it only took them a few hours after the supposed allegations being presented by the Washington Post for them to demand Moore step down, and they did so right on cue. They have placed their faith and trust in one of the most dirty, corrupt, and sinister media organizations in America today.  In addition, they are working in concert with the Progressive-Left, and are fighting for the same Socialist ideals. Republicans are embracing the same organization who tried to spew lies, and slander President Trump prior to the 2016 Presidential election. A good indicator of  just how much they hate not only President Trump, but how much they hate American’s who fight for our Constitutional freedom’s and principles. A good lesson in how much they hate their constituents, and ‘We the People’.

Now, the Republicans are pushing for Luther Strange to be put on the ballot as a write-in candidate, despite losing the Primary Election to Judge Roy Moore.  Polling currently shows that if this happens, Strange would pull only around 12%, and Moore would possibly lose by a few percentage points overall. That is if you can believe in the polling these days. In all, it could propel a Democrat into office in a state that does not look kindly on Progressive ideals, all because the Elitist Republican RINO’s think that American’s are ignorant, and Political Elitists know what is best for us all. Sound familiar? Sounds like the Progressive-Socialist Democrat Elitists.

Currently, the Alabama State Attorney General has said that she would take Roy Moore off of the Republican ticket if requested by the Party, but thankfully she would not take him off of the ballot itself. Besides, under state law, it would be a violation at this point to remove him from the ballot. As a result, Mitch McConnell is now saying that he would likely not seat Moore, even if elected to the Senate by the voters. A move that would be unprecedented in American politics, and would further embolden the American voters to respond with extreme prejudice in the 2018 and 2020 elections. A move that could create wave elections across the country and help reign in the out of control Elitists in power today.

In the end, it has become more and more apparent that a war that has been emerging in Washington and throughout our great nation is now bubbling to the surface. It is a war that will be fought between ‘We the People’, and the ‘Government Elitists’ that think that the American people are far too ignorant and weak to fight back. It is our own ‘Modern Day American Revolution’ that is growing and flourishing from sea to shining sea. It is a war that is becoming more and more visible to the average American. Meanwhile, we have to become ever-more vigilant in making sure that we know exactly who our enemy is, and who we are voting for. We have to stand up for our rights, our country, our family, and our faith. We live in a time that we cannot simply read the headlines streaming across our television sets, smartphones, or newspapers and take it as fact. The Elites have a their own modern-day ‘Ministry of Propaganda’, just like the Soviets did during the Cold War. We as Americans must stand up for those who are willing to stand up for ‘We the People’, and our ‘Constitutional Republic’, like Judge Roy Moore, Steve Bannon, and President Trump. We may not agree with every decision they make, and we may voice our opposition to those decisions, but they are under attack. They are under attack because they stand up for us, and not the Elitist Swamp. They are under attack because they stand up for our Constitution, and not a Progressive-Socialist or Communist government. They are under attack because they refuse to pit black against white, or woman against man. They are under attack because they refuse to sacrifice American’s safety and embrace an open-border One-World Government of have’s and have-nots’. They are under attack because the refuse to embrace Radical-Islamic Terrorists as friends. They are under attack, because they refuse to turn their back on the core values that our Founding Fathers established. They are under attack because they refuse to burn and erase our history and heritage in the name of social justice.  And, they are under attack because they refuse to turn their back on Christians, Christianity,  and God.

It is now up to us, as American’s and Patriots to fight this ‘Modern American Revolution’ and fight for those who fight for us. We must remain steadfast in our determination to win this war against the Progressive-Communist tyrant who strives to break our resolve. We must not tire in our fight to bring our Country back to its founding principles. It will be a long, tiring, and difficult fight, but in the end, we will be able to say that we left this world better than how we found it. We should fight this battle for ourselves, our fellow countrymen, our family, our children, and most importantly, our God.

UPDATE (NOV. 13, 2017)… Yet another fact within the Washington Post story has been proven false and misleading. Breitbart news interviewed the mother of Leigh Corfman, and she has contradicted a key detail of Corfman’s story. Breitbart News reported that:

On Saturday, Corfman’s mother, Nancy Wells, 71, says that her daughter did not have a phone in her bedroom during the period that Moore is reported to have allegedly called Corfman – purportedly on Confman’s bedroom phone – to arrange at least one encounter. In addition, Nancy Wells said that the Washington Post pushed for her daughter to go public with allegations against Roy Moore.

First, this repudiates the fact that Leigh Corfman said that she spoke to Moore on her bedroom phone. This is in direct conflict with what her mother states. Then, the fact that the Washington Post had to pressure Leigh to make the accusations against Moore. In all, between all the conflicting statements, uncorroberated accounts, decades of time that has passed while the Judge having gone through repeated public offices without any such accusations, it appears that this was a political hit job and smear campaign to try to stop the ‘MAGA’ movement that is sweeping the country by storm.

UPDATE: (NOV. 29, 2018)

ONE AMERICA NEWS EXCLUSIVE REPORT: says Moore’s accusers have ties to drug dealers and the Washington Post. The accuser, retired Alabama police officer Faye Gray, claims she was responsible for keeping an eye on Moore at the Gadsden Mall because he would make unwanted sexual advancements on young women.

OAN says its “own research revealed no truth behind the claims against Moore at the mall.”

Gray’s brother, Jimmy Wright, was arrested for distributing controlled substances in 1981. The prosecutor for the case was none other than Roy Moore.

OAN reports Moore made another enemy after ruling against convicted drug dealer Richard Hagedorn, who was brought before Judge Moore over contempt charges stemming from back payments for alimony and child support. Moore ruled against Hagedorn in 1994 and is still making alimony and child support payments.

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