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By: Brian Evans

As Democrats and Republicans wind up for the 2018 mid-term elections, incoming polling is showing some unusual trends in the political arena. In fact, Democrats have been steadily loosing ground in virtually every level of government including the House, Senate, Presidency, Governorships, and State Houses. Democrats have lost political clout and ultimately power across the board. Over the past year their popularity has been sinking drastically among moderate Democrats and Independent Voters. In fact, over the past six years, Democrats have lost ten Senate seats, sixty-three House seats, thirteen Governorships, and nine-hundred and fifty-three state legislative seats. The Democrats are in the worst state of affairs since the American Civil War.

After Trump’s victory, Democrats have ramped up attacks against the Real Estate Mogul in the hopes of making some sort of dent in his and the Republican Party’s armor, but President Trump has repeatedly shown himself to be virtually impervious to their constant barrage of insults, accusations, and many times down-right mean antics. President Trump represents everything that the Progressive Democrats, and Establishment RINO’s despise. He represents a return to Constitutional Law. He represents our Countries return to national pride. Trump represents a return to family values, rights of the unborn, and Christian principles. In a nutshell, President Trump represents a shift away from their Communist One-World Ideology, and back to our Founding Principles. As a result, over President Trump’s first year, Democrats have launched a constant barrage of attacks on not only Trump, but on Republican’s as well. Ironically, it has not had the impact that the Democrats had hoped. Amidst the Democrats sinking approval, Republican’s have continued to see a surge in support. However, it is not all roses and daisies for the Party. Establishment “RINO” Republican’s are faring a much different fate. In recent years, the American voters have been disgusted with the leadership of not only the Democrat Party, but they have also become disillusioned by the promises and leadership of the Republican Elitists. However, unlike the Democrats, they are not upset with the entire Party, but instead are infuriated primarily with the Establishment RINO Republican’s. President Trump, and now Steve Bannon have brought the FAKE Conservatives out of hiding, and exposed the Progressive Democrats as the Socialist and Communists that they truly are. They are no longer hiding behind their FAKE Democratic Facade, and are more willing to push the radical agenda that they have been slowly infiltrating throughout our government and society.

Moderate’s and Conservative Republicans have become more and more angry with the Republicans in recent years due to their repeated false promises, and constantly saying that they should support the Establishment Candidates, despite the fact that they are not true Conservative’s. They tell the voters that they have to either vote for the Establishment, or they would in essence be putting a Democrat into the House, Senate, or Presidency. Over and over, year after year, we hear the same rhetoric, the same empty promises, and the same ultimatums. As a result, we have ended up with not only a Democrat Party controlled by the Progressive-Socialist agenda, but a Republican Party that has become saturated with Progressive-Socialist Elitists as well. That is until Donald J. Trump entered the political fray and opened American’s minds to the reality that the United States isn’t saturated with Progressive-Socialist voters. He showed us that we are not alone in our battle with the political elite. Ultimately, he made us realize that we don’t have to settle for the Establishment candidate, and we can elect a Conservative-Nationalist into office.

Today, we have been witness to the birth and growth of a movement that has both the Progressive-Socialist Democrats, and the Republican RINO Establishment terrified of what is to become of their fate. They are scared that President Trump has set off a series of events that spells doom to the Establishment on both sides of the aisle. In fact, during the election, the New York Times wrote an article saying “Donald Trump Was Essentially a Third Party Candidate on a GOP Ticket.” Since his election, many Americans agree that President Trump is acting more like a third-party candidate, than a Republican. That is the reason that the President is enjoying such a devoted following during his first year in office. For example, Trump has gone against Establishment Republicans on virtually every item across the board. He fought them on immigration, healthcare, national security, and so much more. Likewise, Trump’s Republican critics like Tennessee Senator Bob Corker and Arizona Senator Jeff Flake were facing a backlash from not only President Trump, but from Conservative-Nationalist Steve Bannon. Both candidates faced re-election campaigns against true Conservatives who the Establishment said could never win in a Primary, let alone in a General Election against a Democrat. Early in their campaigns, both candidates withdrew their re-election bid and announced their retirement. It was obvious to both Senators, that they would lose their primary re-election bid against the Conservative Candidates, especially with the support of both Steve Bannon and President Trump behind their challengers. In Alabama, it has proven to be quite the same as well. When a strong conservative, backed by Steve Bannon ran against the devout Establishment Candidate Luther Strange, Roy Moore was able to defeat Strange in the Primary Election by over 12 points. In fact, President Trump endorsed the Establishment Candidate, against his base. Many thought that it would spell doom for Moore, but the voters went with the Anti-Establishment Candidate, despite Trump’s Endorsement. It proved that the voters are no longer voting based on endorsements, they are not looking at the polling, and they are no longer allowing the biased and misleading media to influence their vote. They are finally looking at the facts, the history of the candidates, and the precedent that the candidates have established. Ultimately, they are voting with their hearts and minds.

Today, the American voters are dealing with a new plan of attack. As Alabama Senate Candidate Judge Roy Moore edges closer to a general election victory, Democrats and Establishment Republicans have adopted a more sinister and nasty line of attack. Since they cannot win on merit alone, they have chosen to use a smear campaign to bring down Moore, and likely any candidate who gets in the way of their path to victory. As a result, six women have come out accusing Judge Roy Moore of inappropriate sexual allegations that happened nearly 40 years ago. It was all exposed approximately one month prior to the Alabama general election. As a result, Democrats, Mainstream Media, Establishment Republicans, and sadly some Conservative Republicans have withdrawn their support. Also, the RNC has dropped fundraising for the Moore campaign. In the meantime, evidence has been brought forward, disproving the allegations. Still, Moore has lost his endorsements. However, it appears that the Alabama voters disagree with those who are pulling support. Most polling shows him with 6-12 points up, with about 3 weeks to go until the general election. Democrats and Establishment Republicans are afraid that a win by Moore would set off a chain reaction nationwide. In the end, they fear the possibility that Bannon with his Conservative-Nationalist candidates could take down Democrat and Republican Elitists in House and Senate Seats. As a result, the RNC became desperate and made a deal with Bannon.

The RNC reached out to Bannon in the hopes to slow his steady march against them. In the end, the RNC made a deal to allow Bannon’s candidates to take open Senate seats in 2018 if Bannon agreed not to challenge House Establishment candidates in 2018. They both agreed, giving Bannon some serious advantages next year. Bannon’s conservative powerhouse could ultimately take a number of Democrat and Republican Senate seats, and a number of Democrat-controlled House seats. A move that would empower Trump’s agenda, as well as, the MAGA movement. As a result, the Senate could become a strong Trump ally in 2018, thus setting up Bannon’s ability to take aim at House seats in 2020. A move that would propel America away from the socialist and communist ideological track that it has been heading in, and back towards our countries conservative-nationalist roots.

As the Establishment Republicans and Democrats fight to “RESIST” the return to America’s founding roots, American citizens have a different plan. American’s are sick and tired of the Progressive lies. They are tired of the Elitists thinking that they can tell Americans what to think, what to feel, what they should say, and how they should live their lives. They are tired of the Elitists fighting to educate our children in such a way that our youth become Progressive-Socialists, Communists, Anti-Christian, and Anti-Family. They are tired of our educational system teaching them that it is alright to disrespect and dishonor not only their parents, but our country, and the Almighty God.

Now, the Establishment swamp has seen the writing on the wall. They realize that they have lost the respect of the  American people. They have lost the people’s trust and confidence. In fact, we are witnessing an ongoing war between ‘We the People” and the “Establishment Swamp.” It was evident in the 2016 Presidential Election, with the Election of Donald Trump. The tide is turning from the Progressive Socialist Agenda, to the ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda that returns our country to its core American values. We have seen evidence of the beginning of the end of the RINO Establishment Swamp as Senator’s Flake and Corker drop their re-election bids due to plummeting popularity. Meanwhile, there is Judge Roy Moore who is currently leading the Establishment Candidate Luther Strange despite sexual allegations being thrown at him by the pro-establishment media, RNC, DNC, and by the Establishment themselves.

With the 2018 election just around the corner, Democrats and Republicans are terrified of what is to come. Polling is showing both the Progressive-Democrats and Establishment-Republicans are extremely unpopular, while the Bannon Conservative-Nationalists are gaining in popularity nationwide. In fact, 2018 is setting up to be an election to remember. One that will go down in the history books with a number of Democrat and Republican seats falling to Bannon’s candidates. Candidates who aim to build a border wall, protect our citizens from terror threats, protect the lives of the unborn, cut taxes on Americans, slash regulations, and put America first. A shift that is likely to continue into the coming elections as it has become apparent that both parties have demonstrated their unwillingness to embrace true American values rather than the Progressive-Socialist One-World Government ideology that they so incessantly embrace.

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