By: Brian Evans

We live in a tumultuous time, marked by violence and upheaval. I find it unfortunate that my children cannot walk to school with their friends without worrying about the perils that could befall upon them. It saddens me, because I have such fond memories that they will never get to experience. When I let them play outside, I have to demand that they be within my visual sight for fear of murderers, kidnappers, or some sick pervert that would do the unthinkable to my precious innocent children. Yet, the sad reality of things is that those horrific possibilities just scratch the surface, and are not the worst of it all. In today’s America, we live in a time where our government officials, those who we elect to public office, the very men and women whom we place our trust and faith in to protect us from evil, has let us down at every turn. They place their position, stature, and monetary success in the forefront of their agenda, and the needs of the average everyday American, as less than an afterthought.

Today, we have elected leaders who enter the political arena as middle-income American’s, but leave office years later as wealthy Elitist-Aristocrats, who believe that the middle class and poor are ignorant of what they need, and should be led like cattle to collect the measly scraps left over by the Progressive-Socialist Elitist Class in America. It is like a cancer that has grown in our government over the years until it has metastasized into a lethal life-threatening tumor for our once great nation. They have whittled away at the very fabric of our Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, because it is what stands in the way of their success in implementing their socialist agenda, and eventually implementing a full-fledged communist government with the Elitist-Class ruling over what they consider the ignorant peasant class in America.

Fortunately, most American’s are beginning to wake up to the reality of what is going on in America. Not only have they infiltrated our government, but our schools, media, Chamber of Commerce, NFL, NBA, MLB, colleges, corporations, and many other institutions within our great country. The ‘Trump Effect’ has caused the hidden to become blatantly visible to the world. President Trump and his ‘Make America Great Again Agenda’, known as his ‘Contract With America’, is in conflict with everything that the closet Socialists and Communists who call themselves ‘Progressives’ stand for. They have become publicly un-glued, and are mounting a full frontal assault on not only President Trump and his agenda, but anyone who stands in the way of what they call ‘Progress’, which is code for communism. It can be seen visibly in the Washington D.C. swamp, N.Y. City, other coastal Progressive States, Cities nationwide, and ESPECIALLY CALIFORNIA.

In reality, California has been ground zero for the infiltration of the communist ideology in America. Truly, you can go back for decades and see how the seeds of Marxist ideology were sown in California. Fear of marxist ideology first caught the attention of the House of Representatives (HUAC) House on Un-American Activities Committee in the early 1930’s when the fear of a spread of communism was on the minds of government officials and American’s nationwide. However, the McCarthy Hearings are one of the most widely known investigations in American history, but Senator Joseph McCarthy was not actually part of or connected to the HUAC. He investigated Hollywood Elites for suspected communist ideological ties in the 1950’s. As the investigation spread through Hollywood, the Senate decided to censure McCarthy by a vote of 67–22, making him one of the few senators ever to be disciplined in such fashion, and as a result, McCarthy’s support faded quickly thereafter. In hind-sight, McCarthy was truly onto something big, but his methods proved to be questionable and un-constitutional. Over the following years, California’s communist seeds continued to grow and flourish. However, most Pro-Communist American’s during subsequent years became closet-communists, while a new means of overthrowing the government was being realized.

Over the past 60 years, our nation’s enemies, both foreign and domestic devised a new plan to overthrow our government, trample on the Constitution of the United States, and diminish our basic inalienable rights to dust. They have infiltrated all three branches of government with Progressive-Socialist Ideologues that are intent on implementing a communist government with a socialist economic system. We have reached a precipice, and miraculously one man alone has been able to inspire countless millions to believe in the power of ‘We the People’, and the idea that we CAN ‘Make America Great Again’. He has inspired a movement that has not only backed us up off of the edge of a cliff, but given our Republic real hope. Now, we need brave American Patriots to stand against the immense barrage of insults, accusations, lies, distortions, and threats. American’s who will not only run against the Establishment Elitists, Progressive-Socialists, and Communists, but brave American’s who will stand up for and support those courageous Patriots who will defy those who are intent on bringing down our Constitutional Republic. We cannot believe the Progressive lies and misconceptions that we have to support the Establishment candidate, or the safe candidate. Instead, WE MUST SUPPORT the Patriot.

Our Founding Fathers were genius in making sure that it would be difficult for any person, or group of people, to trample on the basic human rights and needs of ALL AMERICAN’s. Embodied in the Constitution of the United States, they implemented checks and balances between the three branches, made it next to impossible to change the Constitution without support from not only a majority of our Congressional leaders, but a majority of the States. They balanced power in such a way that it made it virtually impossible for anyone to overthrow our government from not only outside, but from within. However, our country has reached a tipping point where Progressive-Socialist and Communist ideologues have infiltrated every branch of government, and virtually all major organizations, unions, and corporations. To make matters worse, those communist ‘sleeper cells’ are now being activated and attacking their greatest threat; President Trump, the ‘MAGA’ agenda, Conservatives, Christians, and anyone else who dares to defy them and stand in the way of their so-called ‘progress’. These attacks and infiltrations have now lead our country to what is now bordering on a Constitutional Crisis.

Today, California has become the petri-dish of the disease-ridden communist ideology. The University of California, Berkeley was one of the first academic institutions to publicly promote Anti-Christian, Anti-American, Pro-Socialist, Pro-Communist ideology. It gave birth to a generation of Anti-American, hate-filled, violent Americans who despise the very basic freedom’s and way of life that they often take for granted. California has produced Senators like Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris who openly lie and deceive their constituents, while pushing socialist objectives with the desire to create a large communist style government of elitist have’s and peasant have-nots. California has produced Congressional leaders like Nancy Pelosi who purport to have the best intentions for her constituents, but behind the scenes pushes for government take over of healthcare and every other sector of America’s vast economy. Her endgame is quite obvious! California pushes for open borders, puts foreigners before Americans, illegal aliens before American’s public safety, ‘GOVERNMENT before THE PEOPLE’, Radical Islamic Jihadists before those they intend to kill, and their own political interests before the needs of the people they claim to fight for and represent.

To be fair, California is not the only State to have become rampant with Socialist and Communist Ideologues, but it was one of the first. And over the past few years, it has exemplified everything that our Founding Fathers fought to protect us from. In fact, recently they have passed resolutions creating Muslim registry safeguards, instituted climate-change censorship, made California a “Sanctuary State”, gave illegal-aliens rights over landlords, protected illegal aliens from workplace raids, provided illegal alien ‘dreamers’ protections, ended illegal alien detention centers, gave illegal aliens Title IX protections, tried to keep President Trump off of the 2020 Presidential Election ballot, censured President Trump for condemning Antifa terrorists, and have blocked the Trump Administration from uncovering voter fraud.

In the end, California is a bastion of Anti-American corruption and communist ideologues. It is full of Hollywood and other Sociolite-Elitists who fancy their status over what is best for America. The state has been infected with a communist disease that has spread throughout cities across our great nation, but finally we have a leader who is daring enough to call them out. We have a leader who has inspired millions of Americans to believe that there are enough of us out there who believe in the nation our Founding Fathers established and enough power to stop the Progressive-Socialist, Communist, and Establishment political machine. He has enlightened American’s to the reality, that there are enough of us to save our way of life for ourselves and our posterity. He has inspired us to believe in the power of our vote and the power of the ‘MAGA’ movement, so that we can bring down the corrupt within our government, defeat not only the progressive-socialists and communists that have infected the Democrat Party, but within the Republican Party as well. We have come to a crossroads where we can turn our country around. President Trump went against all odds and defeated the Establishment, the One-World Government Elitists, the UNELECTED Shadow Government, and enemies from every corner of the nation and globe. Now, it is our turn to make our movement spread and flourish. It is our opportunity to weed out the Progressive-Socialists, Communists, and Establishment-Elitists in our government. It will take years to undo the damage already done, but we must reach for and grab onto this opportunity to replace them with Patriots who embrace our Constitutional Republic, and in the end, we will truly be able to ‘Make America Great Again’!

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